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IN MEMORIAM: Kenneth P. Marrer '50
July 25, 2007
North Haverhill, New Hampshire


From Norma (Wright) Walker: "Our sympathy goes out to the family of Nathan Lewis, who died on October 31, 2006. He is buried outside of Newport, N.H. It's so nice to see classmates at the Golden Circle luncheons.

Jill (Knight) Wyman, Bill Remick, Margaret Harrigan, Joan (Greeley) Simpson, Nina (Krochmal) Witham, Charles Plimpton, James McShane, Richard Rogers, Pauline (Bullard) Brown, Barbara (Sullivan) Brooks, and I hope more will join us next summer. Pauline and her husband spent time in Maine this past summer. This winter they will once again travel to Florida, where they manage a park. It sounds like the best of two worlds. A wonderful article appeared in a local newspaper featuring the work Barbara has done for Fresh Air Children over the years. She was involved in all aspects of the program. We are so proud of her for all the opportunities she has created for so many children. She has since retired and now deals in antiques with her son.
Ruth (Bickford) Peck wrote to say she would be unable to join us at Warren's Lobster House. We missed you 'Bicky.'

It was a pleasure to hear from Shirley (Milnor) Keith, who lives in Bradford, N.H. She has six grandchildren. Several classmates have dealt with serious health issues. I hope they are feeling well now."

IN MEMORIAM: Newton A. Lewis '51
October 31, 2006


Claire (Waterhouse) Simensen writes: "Had a long letter from Anita (Rawchuck) Nestor about her cruise to Antarctica with her sister, but it did include other information. There were many complications before they arrived at the Antarctic Peninsula: There was a lost or stolen passport, missed connections (causing them to miss two days of cruising), and a particularly rough crossing of the Magellan Straight. Her descriptions of stops in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, and the Falkland Islands were beautiful.

As I cannot share all of these, I will just include her description of the Antarctic Peninsula: 'a more unique, magnificently beautiful place on earth cannot be. There was a wonderland of snow-covered mountains, the play of light cloud formations, and penguins and seals frolicking at water's edge and resting on sculptured icebergs. What a beautiful white continent!' Because Anita winters in Puerto Vallarta, she wants you all to know that if you take a cruise on the Mexican Riviera, she would enjoy picking you up at the pier and showing you around. Thanks, Anita, for sharing this wonderful experience with all of us."

From Irene DiMeco Parent: "Memories still linger from our 55th reunion. Claire and I gave out 'newsletter updates,' and received a nice letter from Joyce (Bridgeo) Wick. She had a wonderful time at our reunion and enjoyed visiting with everyone. She married Paul Wick (who is not a KSC alum) in 1962, and they have one stepson, one biological son, three grandsons, and one granddaughter. She volunteers in church-related activities. Her husband's job provided an opportunity to travel in many European countries. Unfortunately, he passed away in March 2006.

We received a note from June (Simpson) and Dick Chambers. They have been married for 47 years and have two sons, Scot, 46, and Tod, 45. They live in Florida in the winter and visit friends in this area on occasion.

We attended a Family Day BBQ in July at the college camp. There was great weather, visiting, and food. There have also been many Golden Circle luncheons, and I hope everyone can attend at some point. Our last luncheon was at Lily's on the Pond in Rindge, N.H. There were six of our '52 classmates: Grace (MacNevin) Chandler, Claire (Waterhouse) Simensen, Murray Ramsey, Don Carle, and Bruce Parent and me. Norma Walker and Kay MacLean were acknowledged with praises and flowers for all the work they do on alumni events. Kudos to them! Grace received a surprise package for her first visit to a luncheon.

We were very sorry to hear of the death of Grace's husband, Gilbert '56. He was 73. Grace and 'Gibby' were married in 1953. They had six children. Gibby taught social studies and physical education for 26 years at Keene Middle School, where he also coached basketball and baseball, which were only a few of his side jobs. Grace taught for 10 years, then she stayed home to care for their six children. Grace's address is P.O. Box 198, Ford Avenue, Walpole, NH 03608. Our love and prayers are with you, Grace.

Winnie Langtry continues husband Bob's ministry. She is working with the Biloxi Crew at church to raise enough money to go back for another year of rehabilitating homes for others. Winnie is ready to go to the Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen, where they still feed 75 to 100 homeless people who still have no permanent homes. She also had a great garden this year and shared her abundance with many people and food pantries. Winnie, thanks for all that you do and share. She has also kept in touch with many of our '52 friends, including Anita, Lila Murphy, Grace, Julia Boras, her sister Mary, and Joyce."

Mary (Moore) Conroy writes: "I enjoyed 21 years of teaching. The last 10 were in Barrington, N.H., as elementary art teacher two and a half days a week. It was the most enjoyable position of all. My professional experience was teaching first grade in Newport, N.H., where I met and married my husband. We soon moved to Concord, and I taught there a year before giving birth to our first son, Marty. I enjoyed being a mom to our three children, Marty, Kerry, and Michael.

I returned to teaching when our youngest was three. We moved to Raymond, N.H., where I taught first grade, then I co-taught in an open classroom. I was asked by the State Department of Education to conduct workshops on open-concept teaching. That was a great experience.

Reluctantly, I retired from teaching in 1973 to partner with my husband in our newly acquired hardware store. Extremely high rent forced us to sell out in the 1980s, and we then moved to Rochester, N.H., to the house that my dad built in the neighborhood where I grew up. Our kids were grown by then, all college graduates - two engineers and a business major - married, and out on their own.

I then applied for the position as art teacher in Barrington after taking art lessons at UNH. During this period, my husband and I did some traveling to Canada, Florida, Arizona, and Europe.

Then the grandchildren began arriving and, again, our lives changed. We were hands-on grandparents and enjoyed every minute of it. Our happiness turned into a horrible nightmare in 1995 and 1996 when we lost our two sons to terminal illnesses. Our only surviving child, Kerry, was and is, our strength. We were broken and our grandkids were devastated, to say the least. However, we managed to get through.

These days, I enjoy many creative activities, including photography. I use a digital camera, and I create cards with the pictures. I took up playing the violin as therapy after the loss of our sons. My husband plays the drums, and we play for nursing homes, churches, and schools, and enjoy music group get-togethers. We try to enjoy each day and everyone in our lives, especially our family and friends. We are blessed."

IN MEMORIAM: Frederick G. Farley '52
October 29, 2007
Kittery, Maine

IN MEMORIAM: Alan B. Stevens '52
January 1, 2008
Contoocook, New Hampshire


IN MEMORIAM: Harold E. Milton '53
October 18, 2007
Essex Junction, Vermont


June (Hesse) Haymon is grateful to Jesse Evangelou for taking the time to send an e-mail. She encourages other classmates to e-mail as well and to identify themselves as a member of the class, so she will know to open it.

Jesse's note says, "not too much news from the state of Maine. A couple of weeks ago, Harold Hapgood and I took a trip up to see Neal Gadwah. Paul Allen '55 joined us for lunch. Neal lives in the family homestead in Colebrook. Paul retired as the superintendent of schools in Colebrook. As you may recall, Harold was the manager of the KTC basketball team and his assistant was Paul Allen, who eventually took over after we graduated in 1954. Paul grew up in Groveton along with Paul Bushey, who, this past February, was inducted into the KSC Hall of Fame. A lot of North Country nostalgia and old KTC stories took place.

June also received a letter from Norma (Wright) Walker '51, who is the Golden Circle coordinator. You will be receiving a letter regarding the 55th reunion in 2009. It's a big year since it also will be the 100th anniversary of the College. Norma said she talked with Lois Plimpton, Pat Clark, Pee Wee Tooney, Rudy Werninger, Jim Carion, Mary Clark, Sal Grasso, Bev Slocumm, Lola Burns, Joy Falkenham, and Rod Bovin at the Golden Circle luncheons. June's not sure when and where they are held so she hasn't attended any. June would love to see as many as possible at the big reunion!

IN MEMORIAM: Lucien E. Bergeron Sr. '54
November 9, 2007
Westmoreland, New Hampshire


Minot Parker says life is good. Parker has done a lot of traveling - China in December 2006, Argentina in January 2007, Puerto Vallarta in March 2007 - several charity auctions, and occasional consulting for NASA education outreach.

IN MEMORIAM: Gilbert L. Chandler '56
September 29, 2007
Walpole, New Hampshire

IN MEMORIAM: Charles A. Gilman '56
July 14, 2007
Keene, New Hampshire


In August, Cynthia and John Faust attended the 50th wedding anniversary of Joanne (Doten) and John Goodrich. It was held at Bistro Nouveau at Eastman in Grantham, N.H. Many friends from different phases of their married life were in attendance, including, Marge and Ed Briggs, Lois Manor and her husband, June (Drowne) McNally and her husband, Mary Lou LaCoste, Betty (Brock) and Jim McGuire, Maggie (Griswold) and Paul Potter, and John and Carol Tucker. Cynthia asks that you please send in your news as she looks forward to hearing from you.

From Dorothy (Crosby) Bresciano: "Our 50th college reunion weekend was wonderful. The College has grown so much, but it seems like yesterday that we were the students. I remember the Campus Club and Fiske Hall Dining Room, where we all gathered between classes and for meals, with fond memories. Being in Zorn Dining Commons makes me realize how times change. Being able to choose what you want to eat - who would have thought? Thank you to the class of '57 members who made the reunion such an enjoyable time.

I have been making quilts for the soldiers who are wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's for a program called Quilts of Valor (QOV). The mission of QOV is to cover all wounded service members, whether they are physical or psychological wounds, with wartime quilts. It's a very rewarding project and makes me think of what the soldiers are giving up while they are protecting our country against terrorism. Most of the completed quilts are being sent to Fargo, N.D., for the units that are returning. Anyone interested in participating can visit"

Elaine Chesley is back in New Hampshire and is busy at the lake with her garden. She is involved in some community volunteering.


IN MEMORIAM: Judith Goss Shontell '58
March 17, 2007
Canaan, New Hampshire


Larry Cole ran in the Brooks Adrenaline While Running for Harwich Selectman race. He also won for his age group of 70 and over in the Andrea Holden 5K and the Johnny Kelley 10K. He is now running in the Mizuna Wave Rider after his recent win for Harwich Selectman. This summer he finished first in four consecutive weeks in the age 70 and over division at races in Cambridge, Dennis, Osterville, and Falmouth, Mass.

We regret the passing of Thomas Sawyer, who died of a stroke on October 4, 2007. Thomas taught science subjects in Alstead and Exeter, N.H., and in Readington, N.J. He spent the last 35 years at Delaware Valley Regional High School, where he was also the science department supervisor. He and his wife, Betty (Hair) '60, were married for 47 years and have two sons. Our thoughts are with you, Betty.

IN MEMORIAM: Thomas Sawyer '59
October 4, 2007
Bloomsbury, New Jersey

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