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From Dorothy Young Carruthers: Since I don't hear from any class members, there's not much to report. Marion Dennis Thorell, Effie Winn Torrey, and I attended two of the Golden Circle gatherings this summer - one in Concord and one at Hart's in Meredith, N.H. Bertha Owen Duval joined us. We had a nice visit with her. The four of us live by ourselves amid the frustrations of growing old.

Last June at the awards night at Hopkinton High School, Dorothy Y. Carruthers received the Principal's Award for outstanding service to the school from a member of the community. An engraved plaque and bouquet were given to her.

IN MEMORIAM: Carroll Beane '40 died Feb. 6, 2006, in Seattle, Wash.

IN MEMORIAM: Lillian R. Congdon '40 died Dec. 1, 2006, in Keene, N.H. Her teaching career in the secondary level covered 20 years in area schools, the last 15 of which were spent teaching French and English at Monadnock Regional High School in Swanzey, N.H.


From Ginny, Virginia Rollins Flint: "Hi to all classmates who graduated from Keene Teachers College in 1941. Our 65th reunion on June 1 was attended by: Frances Day Bolles and her husband, Barbara Rowe Freese and John '42, Irene Nelson Koski, and Virginia Rollins Flint and her guest Richard Dundas '39.

It was a rainy Saturday. As soon as we parked our golf cart (with a top), someone met us and took us to the new Zorn Dining Commons, where all the classes were meeting. It's a fabulous building. Take a trip and see the dining commons as they are now, then think back to the good old days (from the late '30s to 1941). It's a beautiful campus.

We received more than 20 responses to the questionnaire and, as you know, the Alumni Office did a great job printing them out for us, with an attractive cover, and mailing them to all of us in a package that contained a booklet of our favorite songs. Our thanks to the Alumni staff and to Virginia McKenney for typing the questionnaires.

Barbara Jeffrey Stimson is confined to a wheelchair and walker, but did a good job calling and tracking down several lost classmates. She recently had a setback when she fell and broke a pelvic bone. However, she is recovering and persevering. She located Eleanor Whitney and also Eleanor Rice Johnson, who started with our class but got married, went out west, came back to the area to live, finished her degree, and taught school. She is pleased to be part of our 1941 class.

Neal Perkins wrote that he and Harriett '43 attended a G. Ed. class in Cleveland, Tenn., where they now live. They told about life in the '40s. The students were interested in what they said, but were most amazed that they had been married for 61 years. The students said that doesn't happen now.

The Perkins planned to attend the KSC reunion but became involved in moving Neal's sister to a senior center. Many thanks to Neal for his printouts for us. He was instrumental in getting others to attend the reunion. Neal and I attended our 69th high school reunion in Franklin, N.H.

On a sad note, our class lost Elizabeth Janetos Drouin. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Our coordinator, Norma Wright Walker '51, is well worthy of praise. She did footwork as well as mailings for us. Thank you, Norma, and Mike Maher '72, too.

Arlene Peltonen and Norma keep in contact regularly. Alice Gates Wright said in her letter that she is not traveling much now. She sends her best to all her classmates.

Lillian Putnam wrote to say she is in a nursing home in Newport, N.H. She wanted to come to the reunion, but didn't have transportation.

Katherine Tibbetts Shepherd is on oxygen, which kept her from joining us. She lives at Good Shepherd Home, Plantation Drive, Jaffrey, NH 03452, and would enjoy hearing from her classmates.

Hopefully, some of us can make the Golden Circle luncheons when they are in our area. I went to the Cat 'n' Fiddle in Concord and saw Barbara Rowe Freese and Frances Day Bolles with their husbands.

IN MEMORIAM: Elizabeth J. Drouin '41 died Aug. 2, 2005.


IN MEMORIAM: Leland W. Collins '43 died Oct. 21, 2006, in Stoneham, Maine. He served in the U.S. Army in WWII and was principal at Inter-Lakes High School in Meredith, N.H.


From Connie Donaghey: Nancy Scripture Ashford relocated to Weare, N.H., where she is now living with her daughter. She writes that they have lots of laughs together and that she enjoys caring for the flower gardens there. The dog, three cats, and daughter Ellie's four horses provide plenty of entertainment. A highlight of the summer was a lovely day spent at the KSC camp where Nancy's 65th high school reunion was held.

Myrtie Flanders Kullgren and her husband, Harold, plan to be in Florida from November to May. She writes that her summer activities were curbed because she required pool therapy and massage treatments. (The 94-degree pool water was delightful.) In spite of this, she still made raspberry jam, zucchini dishes, green bean chowder, and pickles. Myrtie says she will always be a farm girl. Her hobbies are playing the piano, working on scrapbooks and photos, and "just enjoying nature."

Grete Meienborn Rule and Lou attended the Golden Circle picnic at Wadleigh State Park. They also took a bus trip to Canada with the New London Seniors.

Mary Kachavos Kallechey keeps active, going often to a fitness center where she uses the treadmill, bicycle, and other exercise equipment. She has vacationed with her son recently in Manchester, N.H. They took many day trips together, including trips to Lake Winnipesaukee and the White Mountains region. She found it heartbreaking to find the Old Man of the Mountain destroyed. She and her sister went with a senior group to York, Maine, where they had a wonderful lobster dinner. Her comment? "Yum, Yum."


IN MEMORIAM: Clifford H. Perkins Jr. '47 died July 20, 2006, in York, Maine. He served in the U.S. Army, sold life insurance, and taught elementary school in Deerfield, Litchfield, Raymond, North Hampton, and Kingston, N.H.


A note from Emery Chickering expressed sorrow over the loss of Peggy Clark Helyar and other classmates. He and his wife will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this year. As a veteran of World War II, Emery was one whose college years were interrupted by military service. Looking back, he regrets the time away that prevented him from knowing those of us who spent four consecutive years on campus. However, those of us who were there when veterans returned, remember how they energized classes and the campus.

Nick Meleones, in a phone conversation from Charlotte, N.C., where he and his wife moved last year to be near a son, was also looking back. His career in education kept him in touch with a few KSC friends, but he has lost contact with most. Nick and his wife have been married for 52 years this year.

We are probably all like Emery and Nick, looking back and wanting to reconnect or stay in touch as we sort out the memories of different stages in our lives. How about giving me a call or sending an e-mail?

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