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Lee McMahon writes to remind the class that our 50th anniversary class gift is a scholarship fund that has been established. Class members are urged to direct their annual giving into that fund, so that the gift, when presented, will have a balance adequate for its intended purpose. The fund must have a minimum of $20,000 before the Keene Endowment Association will administer it.


From Dorothy Bean Simpson: "Our 45th Reunion was fantastic. We hugged, laughed, told stories, ate delicious KSC food, and enjoyed each other's company. Some of us stayed on campus, others of us stayed in a local hotel. We were so proud of the beautiful KSC campus and staff. Throughout the weekend we managed to catch up on where we have been and what we are doing now. We found it very easy to be together. It seemed as though our 45 years of experience helped us to have even more in common. A fabulous reunion!

"A big thank you to the hard-working committee: Nancy Hancock Cross, Priscilla Canney Dutile, Nancy Andrews Fessenden, Charles and Jackie Hayward Jepson, KSC alumni personnel, Judy Kalich, Fred Morgan, Lucien and Judy Amodeo St. Cyr, Bob Saulnier, Don Sutherland, and Dotti Bean Simpson.

"Our class was proud of author Ruth Doan MacDougall for receiving the KSC Alumni Achievement Award at the luncheon meeting on Saturday. If you want to read any of her many books, look up Congratulations Ruth!

"There were 50 questionnaires returned to the Alumni Office, where they were compiled into a beautiful booklet. If you attended the reunion, you got one in the registration packets. Others who mailed a questionnaire to the office will receive a booklet in the mail. Thanks, again, for participating.

"Bob Saulnier, chairman, along with classmates and the Alumni Office, has helped us set up a Class of l961 scholarship to be started after our 50th Reunion. When you donate to KSC, please remember to include on your check 'KSC Class of 1961.'

"Please let us hear from you. Write or e-mail to KSC Alumni Office directly or to me. Reserve the 50th Class of 1961 reunion date now - most likely, the first weekend of June in 2011. Plan ahead and join us!"

IN MEMORIAM: Robert W. Ferry '61 died February 27, 2006. He served in the U.S. Navy in WWII and as a naval reservist in the Korean War. He was a production engineer at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft for 25 years.


Patricia A. Belanger has been retired for 10 years and, since Roger retired, they are spending more time in Deerfield Beach, Fla., enjoying tennis, golf, and warmth.

Robert McGettigan '64 sent some of the numerous newspaper articles and clippings in tribute to Elias "Lou" Korcoulis, who died in March. Robert wrote, "I lost a friend, while Hollis/Brookline (N.H.) High School lost a legend. Lou graduated from Keene State College in 1962. He taught and coached track in Hollis for all his teaching career of 44 years. No teacher has ever been more loved. I thought Keene State should know the impact he had on a community."

IN MEMORIAM: Elias "Lou" Korcoulis '62 passed away March 4, 2006, in Hollis, N.H. At KSC, he was a member of Alpha Pi Tau. He was an educator and coach at Hollis Brookline High School, instituting the school's track and cross-country programs. His honors include 1989 NH Outdoor Track Coach of the Year, Nashua Telegraph Coach of the Decade, NH Coaches Hall of Fame, 2000 Girls Indoor Track Coach of the Year, and New England Coaches Hall of Fame.


Marion and Albert '64 Lake of Sandown, N.H., celebrated their 40th anniversary August 21, 2005.


Kathy M. Roy of Salem, Mass., retired in October 2001 from teaching in Salem and supervising for Salem State College. She writes: "Love retirement."

Gloria Sweeney of Winchendon, Mass., is coauthor of a CD, "The Paper Police, The Writer's Handbook on a Toolbar." It is a step-by-step guide to writing essays and research papers, with templates and automatic citations in MLA and APA formats. Even if this sounds like your English composition class, you can find out more at


Elinor Scannell Torello writes from Orange, Conn.: "My husband and I still enjoy skiing in Vermont and in the West with our grown children who live in Colorado and Utah."


From Nancy Coutts: "Dear '66ers, I'm not sure when these will appear, but chances are it will be after our 40th Reunion, so some news may be anti-climactic.

"I have been in regular contact with Joyce and Don Lebrun, who are living the American dream traveling the country in an RV. Most recently they were in Mississippi visiting Civil War sites. Unfortunately, they were not able to attend the reunion, but were with us in spirit and wished us all well.

"In February, I received an update from Corrine Currier Brown and her husband, Keith. They live in Alton, N.H., and Corrine is a professional seamstress. Her husband and two grown children are involved with Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, N.H.

"Henry Parkhurst is working very hard for all of us in New Hampshire as a representative to the state legislature from Winchester. We continue to keep close contact with each other.

"As for me, retirement from KSC after 30 years teaching speech and theatre continues to be busier than I expected - this board and that board, so I am never bored!

"Write! Call! (603-876-3338) I want to hear from you!

"Arthur 'Joe' Giovannangeli received the Theodore William Richards Award for excellence in teaching secondary school chemistry May 11 at a ceremony held at Northeastern University. The award is sponsored by the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society. Joe retired after 40 years of teaching from ConVal High School in Peterborough, N.H., in June."

John Parkhurst and Carol Hobbs Parkhurst '65 celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on February 18.


Nancy Cram Ives lives in Cherryfield, Maine, and is teaching art at two elementary schools. Bruce '67 is assistant superintendent for S.U. 76 and superintendent for Monhegan Island.


From Everett V. Blodgett: "This is a rare visit, but it doesn't mean that I don't think of and remember the many great times we all had at KSC. Wow! That was 37 years ago. I think of writing after each Keene State Today arrives but with a busy enjoyment of retirement since June '04, I just keep putting it off. I fill my time working around our old house, volunteering at our local historic Parker Tavern museum, and traveling. Last summer Ginny and I spent three weeks in Italy and found the highlight was a week stay with the family of a former foreign exchange student in Sardigna.

"We are empty-nesters as our three boys are grown. We are waiting for Ginny to finish her teaching career at Wilmington High School. Then nobody may ever see us again - we really enjoy traveling and although we have visited a lot of places, there are many still on the list.

"I enjoyed my teaching for 35 years and feel KSC did a great job in preparing me. I even went back to Reading Memorial High School to help some new teachers and help the chemistry department move into a new building. It was kind of nice having my student teacher fill my shoes. It all helped with my transition to retirement. But I found it was easy to let go and settle into retirement. So I spend some of my home time researching and writing on history interests. A few years back, I chaired a group and we team-wrote a book for our town's 350th celebration. It ended up being a 340-page success and I have been lucky to help a couple of other towns get started on their publications. Currently I am working on a Reading family/Civil War project. Happy planting your seeds for retirement."

Donald R. Nelson of Manchester, N.H., retired in June 2005, spent the summer in North Truro on Cape Cod, and now enjoys traveling.

Janet M. Ouellette of Ashby, Mass., writes: "I have retired after 35 years of teaching, mainly as a reading specialist. During the last three years, I was a Title I teacher in the Winchendon Public Schools."

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