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Dorothy Young Carruthers
P.O. Box 344
Contoocook, NH 03229-0344

From Dorothy Young Carruthers: The Class of 1940 held its 65th reunion on June 4 at the College. We attended the Golden Circle meeting and had a short class meeting of our own. Those in attendance were: Betty Pillsbury Robenhymer, Thelma Shallow Streeter, Marion Wagner Andros, Marion Dennis Thorell, Effie Winn Torrey, and Dot Young Carruthers.

Letters or phone calls were received from: Betty Baird Brown, Bertha Owen Duval, Shirley Mayhew Montgomery, Esther Perry Warren, Ruth Jenisch Wivagg, William Wolffer, Carroll Beane, Phyllis Sherman Clukay, Lillian Rock Congdon, Edith Sanborn Ingalls, Hazel Nutting, Gertrude Clark Putnam, and Beryle Thompson Thyng.

That leaves 15 of our class unaccounted for. Will some of you please get in touch with us? We'd like to know what you've been doing these last 65 years. We enjoyed our day on campus, the visit to the recently completed Science Center, the rides from one place to another on the shuttles and our bus trip to the school camp.

We have a celebrity in our class according to a news item that was recently give to me. Ruth Frohock Harris received the Beta Alpha State Founders' Award for 2005. Ruth taught for many years in the North Country, mostly in the Whitefield area. She has been active in the church, school, and community affairs all her adult life, including co-founding the Whitefield Historical Society. She welcomes the public to its weekly exhibits and belongs to the North Country hospitality group, "Sisters of the Skillet," welcoming newcomers to town.

Carlson Barrett '70, son of Rose Dempsey Barrett, retired from the Keene Middle School after 30 years as music director. As a retirement surprise, he was given a trip to Disney World.

IN MEMORIAM: James B. Saunders '40 passed away in December 2004.


Virginia Rollins Flint
799 Milan Rd.
Milan, NH 03588

Ginny Flint is looking for volunteers to help in planning for their 65th reunion next year (2006). Their special coordinator (Norma Walker '51) can meet with us in Concord.

Barbara Stimson lost the use of her legs last fall but through treatments and exercise, good spirit, and persistence is gaining and improving. She keeps in touch by writing and by telephone.

Barbara and Elese Wright Tarris talked on the phone and decided there is still life in us old girls as several still go dancing Saturday nights with dates. Elese had elbow surgery and is bouncing back. She lives in her own quarters with a daughter and says she is ready to go dancing. Elese writes, "I have now moved and am living in Loudon, N.H. I have two rooms in my granddaughter's house. They didn't want me living alone after I fell and broke my arm. Still quite healthy, otherwise."

Jo Ann Svietek Stillings is in California near her daughter.

Barb Stimson and Sylvia Koski Marchand conversed on the phone. Sylvia lives in an assisted living complex in Wallingford, Conn., and enjoys companionship, activities, and friends there.

We understand there are several KSC grads living at Heritage Heights in Concord, N.H. We'd enjoy hearing from you.

John '42 and Barbara Rowe Freese are in Concord and they have a grandson who is bicycling in Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand - an incredible adventure!

Jessie Dutrizac Lombard, who has settled permanently in Florida, has had some uncomfortable skin cancers. She says her four years at Keene State were the best years of her life.

Arlene Starkey Rich has also moved to Florida permanently.

Irene Nelson Koski was honored at the Cheshire County Retired Educators 40th anniversary for 16 years as a faithful recording secretary.

Our old faithful Neal and Harriet Thompson Perkins '43 have moved to Tennessee to be nearer their children. I had a chat with Neal a few weeks ago. They are coming north for a grandson's wedding in Vermont in July. Hope to see them at reunion time.

A questionnaire will be coming out soon for your ideas on how to celebrate our 65th.

Get in touch with Ginny or Barb with your news to help fill this column.

IN MEMORIAM: Elizabeth Janetos Drouin passed away in August 2005.


From Jan Clark: "I'm writing on behalf of my mother-in-law, Virginia Coburn Clark. The Spring 2005 issue of Keene State Today listed her as deceased November 2004. I'm writing to happily report that 'rumors of her death have been greatly exaggerated.' November 2004 found Gini residing contentedly at the Mark Wentworth Home, 346 Pleasant Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801. I believe November might have been the month in which I notified KSC of her change of address. In any case, I'm sure she would love to hear from friends and classmates from Keene. At the urging of her elder son, Don, and myself, she moved from Havenwood to Mark Wentworth in September of 2004. We live 15 minutes from Portsmouth and having her closer to us has enabled us to provide more assistance to her. Although she misses Concord and her old friends, she has adjusted beautifully to living in a new environment. Her favorite activities, other than enjoying a meal out with us, are playing bingo and visiting with the other residents."

IN MEMORIAM: Irene Cusano Duprey '42 died April 5, 2005, in Concord, N.H. She worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield and then taught fourth grade at Walker School in Concord for 21 years.


Secretary needed.

IN MEMORIAM: Edna Lord Kennard '43 passed away April 11, 2005, in Wolfeboro, N.H. She taught elementary school in Freedom, Ossipee, Alton, and Wolfeboro, and was principal of Ossipee Elementary School and McClelland School in Rochester, N.H.


From Carolyn Wynott Goodwill: Our 60th reunion on June 3 was so special for us. In attendance were: Pauline Fisher Bailey, Vesta Fenderson Kennedy, guest Leah Gray (Plymouth University), Carolyn Wynott Goodwill, Myrtie Flanders Kullgren, Lois Stevens Howe, Nancy Scripture Ashford, and Connie Donaghey Swain. We missed those who couldn't make the reunion.

Polly Fisher Bailey stated that Thelma Follansbee Lowell's granddaughter was a member of the KSC 2005 graduating class. Thelma returned from Florida in time for the ceremony. Polly also mentioned that Jean Palumbo Hunt is now home and still recovering from a broken hip and heart surgery. Polly said a football stadium near them has just been completed in East Hartford, Conn. Now they can attend the rock concerts. (Ha ha!)

An interesting letter was received from Lois Stevens Howe. Sadly, she says she has macular degeneration and now enjoys listening to talking books. Lois has two small grandchildren, Amanda and Elijah. A trip to Portland, Ore., was a highlight for her when she visited the family for a week. Another granddaughter in Portland is in business related to grand pianos.

Blanche St. Amour Loch reports that her husband, Joe, is recuperating from knee surgery.


Barbara Lawrence Marshall writes, "Doesn't seem possible I've lived in Miami 40 years. Do lots of volunteer work at my church. Enjoy my pool every morning. This is the first year that I didn't get to New England."


Ruth Blodgett Washburn of Ormond Beach, Fla., writes, "We have installed storm shutters on our home in Florida after having an inch of water on our hardwood floors from the hurricanes last year. Came north in May to open up the cottage in Massachusetts and continued on to Whitehorse, Yukon, for six days of sightseeing and attending a family wedding. Then to Memphis, Tenn., in September for Don's WWII 379th Bomb Group reunion and a return to Florida in November."


From Margaret "Peggy" Clark Helyar: I attended the 2005 reunion, along with Herwood "Zeke" Curtiss, Jean Harding Maxwell with husband Reg, and Joyce Chickering Jernberg. Joyce was accompanied by her daughter Bonny Jernberg Aho '77, who teaches art in Rindge, N.H. We joined the Golden Circle group with Norma Walker '51 and retiring president Dr. Y. After a nice buffet luncheon, we toured the Science Center. Joyce reported that Marjorie "Maggie" Parker had taken a riverboat trip in Europe. We would like to hear more, Maggie.

A letter from Shirley Bacon Manna told of her terrible winter. She fell off her bike and fractured vertebrae with damage to muscles and nerves. After treatment and therapy she finally recovered. Sal took over the household. A survival story for Shirley!

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