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Ed Stevens retired in Simsbury, Conn., after 30 years teaching overseas with the Department of Defense Dependent Schools in Japan and Germany. His sons Jason and Travis are both KSC grads, and he has four grandchildren.

IN MEMORIAM: Gertrude "Trudy" Pearson '60, M'70 passed away Feb. 27, 2005, in Keene. She served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and was in the Naval Reserve. She taught English at Keene High School for 20 years and was elected to the N.H. House of Representatives.

IN MEMORIAM: Ruth M. Wade '70 died Feb. 10, 2005, in Burlington, Vt. She began her career in radio at WKNE in Keene in 1942 with weekday programs until 1970. She earned a degree at KSC in 1970 and spent a year at the Sorbonne in Paris. She taught French for 12 years at Colebrook Academy and was a teacher's aide at Franklin School in Keene for six years.


Judith McKinley Hale of Fort Meyers, Fla., writes: I lost my computer to Charlie in last summer's hurricane attacks on Florida. I've been down since August 2004. Each time I think the computer rebuilding is complete, something else shows up. But now that just about all parts are new I should be up again. I lost all e-mail addresses with the Charlie crash, so, dear friends, you need to e-mail me first:

Herb Czarnosz wrote to me from Florida and had the following news: "After 24 years on active duty with the N.H. Army National Guard, I retired on August 1, 2004. Gloria and I moved to Venice, Florida, just in time to catch all four hurricanes. This is a wonderful choice of a retirement home. Our daughter, Robin, works at Sea World in Orlando, which makes it nice to keep in touch with her. Robin was a 2002 graduate of UNH. My son, Chris, is a Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force, stationed in Oahu. Also nice. He and his wife Liz are expecting their first child next June. So now I'm going to be a grandfather on top of being a retired beach bum. Not bad at all." Herb and I went to high school together and it was so nice to be in touch.

Bill Lekebusch wrote to me initially searching for the whereabouts of Betsy Kazakis Vinciguerra and Jim Vinciguerra. The last known address of the Vinciguerr's was in North Carolina. So, where are you two?? If anyone knows the whereabouts of these two missing classmates, please contact me through my e-mail address. Bill would be so happy to get this information. Bill gave the details of his life and here it is. "I suppose you could write that for the past four years I have been living in the small town of Rapidan, Virginia, in the middle of Virginia's horse country, about 70 miles too close to Washington, D.C. (In fact, twice a day, I go by the very spot where Christopher Reeve was thrown from his horse.). It's been a great place to live and reminds me of a lot of N.H. small towns, except lately my next-door neighbor has been buzzing my house with his CIA helicopters every weekend. Oh yeah, his name is Porter Goss, the new Director. I have a 15-year-old daughter who came back from her annual summer vacation in Albany, N.H. with dark purple hair instead of her natural blonde only because "they didn't have dark blue, Daddy" (that was a shock). I work as the purchasing manager for a world-leading aerospace composites manufacturer at the other end of Culpeper County. Ironically, the plant is actually situated on a Civil War battlefield, about where Colonel Cross and the New Hampshire Fighting Fifth took part in the Battle of Brandy Station."

Linda Waldron Romanello gave an update on her very active life. "I am ashamed to say I have not been good about writing in the past, but with e-mail and being inspired by the number of people writing for the latest issue, here goes. I began teaching in 1971 after graduation from KSC. I got my Master's Degree from Suffolk University in Boston in 1979. I recently retired (June 2004) after 33 years teaching elementary school in Manchester, N.H. I was the cooperating teacher for 11 student teachers. In September 2004, I began working at Southern New Hampshire University as a college supervisor of student teachers. I have been married to John Romanello since 1984 (previous to that married to James Fleming). Our hobbies are traveling, hiking with our dog, and kayaking."

Your class secretary, Maureen, has been enjoying the joys of being a grandmother one more time. Our daughter, Sarah, gave us our third grandchild, Nathan, born in October 2004. It's so much fun for Colin and me to be grandparents and now that he is retired, we can spend just that much more time with them. We also have many travel plans for the year 2005: a Royal Caribbean cruise in March on the Navigator of the Sea, a week in Cape Cod in April, two weeks in Florida for May, and a September trip to California to visit our son, Doug, and other relatives.

Classmates: Please try and find the time to send an e-mail to your class secretary so others will know of your whereabouts. You may be surprised that others DO CARE what you are doing.


From June Donegan of Keene: Late bloomer that I am, I decided to pursue my master's degree in education leadership at age 53 and finished it this year. Neil is retired. Daughter Mary graduated from Wellesley College and is now pursuing her master's degree in urban planning at UNC-Chapel Hill. Hello to Howard, Jim, and Dave.


Sheilah Conway of North Hills, Calif., writes: I taught physical education for 10 years in Haverhill, Mass., and then briefly changed careers with a move to Los Angeles. I'm back teaching and coaching golf at San Fernando High School.


Judith B. O'Donnell writes that her daughter Cailyn is a junior at KSC, majoring in management.

Susan Jean Marcotte '74 died April 19, 2005, in Berlin, Vt. After earning a bachelor's degree in music at KSC, she later received her master's degree in elementary education at the University of Vermont. She taught at the Williamstown (Vt.) Elementary School for more than 25 years.

IN MEMORIAM: Susan Jean Marcotte '74 died April 19, 2005, in Berlin, Vt. She earned a master's degree in elementary education at UVM and taught in Williamstown, Vt., for more than 25 years.


From Wendy Bentley Bly: Our daughter Kristy, 25, is married and has purchased our home. Our son James, 20, is in the Army stationed in Germany and due to go to the "sand box," as they call it - Iraq - in September. My husband Ken and I have purchased a motor home and will spend the next one or two years traveling the country. We are starting with a 50-day caravan through Alaska with 15 other "vagabonds." We will then work ourselves around the country with a combination of touring and working, before we settle down to "earn" our way to retirement. Why wait! Greetings to all those old "pinochle" buddies from the student union days.

From James T. Raby: Thanks to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, I married my partner, Billy McGowan, last June 9, the date of our 25th anniversary. We currently live and work in Worcester. I'm at Clark University, and he's at WPI.

Sue Brown Sampson of Plymouth, N.H., works at Plymouth Regional High School. She has two children - a son, 21, a senior at Colby Sawyer College, and a daughter, 18, a senior at Holderness School, who will attend Bates in the fall. She has been married to Jeffrey Sampson for 24 years and has lived in Plymouth for 28 years.


Sister Joan Marie Messier of Bedford, N.H. writes: "After teaching for 25 years, K-8, and ending 25 years as principal of St. Christopher School in Nashua this June, my years at KSC prepared me well for the 50 years I have spent in education. So thanks to the wonderful professors who contributed to my successful and happy years!"

Sherilyn Welch Phillips of Hampton Falls, N.H., has been married 25 years and has two sons, Jefferson, 20, and Jamie, 17.

Peter Olesen Lund of Manchester, N.H. writes: "Greetings to all. I am currently on a sabbatical leave from Exeter Regional Cooperative Middle School and am at Ohio State University, beginning Ph.D. studies in the College of Education. Any other classmates in Columbus right now? Would love to hear from someone out here. Warm regards, 'Lief.' "

Bob Lister is new superintendent in Portsmouth, N.H. Bob is a 29-year veteran of the school system and was assistant principal of Portsmouth High School from 1989 to 2000. "I'm overwhelmed by the support I received from teachers, administrators, and parents," Lister said. "I'm looking forward to working with everyone for the betterment of the City of Portsmouth. We have some challenges ahead of us. The only way we're going to address these challenges if we all work together."


Nora Gay Larsen
, outpatient lab services coordinator, spent a week in Haiti as part of a medical mission from Cheshire Medical Center, Dartmouth Hitchcock-Keene. "Conditions have improved under the UN," she says, "but much more help is needed."


Deborah Roy Jackson of Fitzwilliam, N.H., is the new principal of Toy Town Elementary School in Winchendon, Mass. She has taught preschool through sixth grade and has been an adjunct professor at KSC, Franklin Pierce, and Antioch New England Graduate School. She has a master's degree from Antioch and was recipient of the 1998 Presidential Award for Elementary School Science Teacher. "I am energetic and I find that Toy Town offers me a chance to use my energy and move forward in a district that has made great progress," Deb says.

Dianne Glaser-Gilrein was named 2004 Volunteer of the Year for Dream Day on Cape Cod, a nonprofit organization that helps children with life-threatening illnesses. She has been involved with DDOCC since 1993, on several fundraising committees, as chair of the annual Cape Cod Bass and Bluefish Tournament for five years, running arts and crafts programs at the summer camp, and serving on the board of directors.


Congratulations to Roger Memos, who won a Daytime Emmy for producing on Starting Over in a ceremony in Hollywood in May.

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