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Richard Joy of North Beach, Md., writes: "Life is good. I'm doing a lot of volunteer work for my church and for the county food pantry. Also enjoying my three grandchildren who live in the area."

From Gail: "When you read this, our 45th reunion will have occurred. Currently your committee is working to reach each class member. If you weren't contacted at least once, please let me know. This summer I will try to send those who did not attend a current class update."


From Richard Doyle: By now everybody has received class directories and questionnaires about our 40th reunion. My apologies to Mike Emond of Granville, N.Y., for really fouling up his info. His e-mail address is He has re-roofed and re-sided his garage, as well as built an addition. He left the bagpipe band, but plays baritone sax in a marching band, plays guitar and sings in church, and coaches cross country. Mike says he keeps busy and reads a lot!

From Richard Doyle: Personally this has been a big year. I continued to improve in my art lessons and was Artist of the Month for the Seacoast Artist Association in May 2004. For six months, I worked as an interpreter at Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth, N.H., and continued to volunteer twice a month at the District Court in Newburyport, Mass. In late August, Barbara and I took a two-week trip to England, France, and Ireland, and we sailed back across the Atlantic for five peaceful days! Retirement is certainly a wonderful time of one's life.

By now everybody should have received our class directory in commemoration of our 40th anniversary since graduation from KSC. It was published in hopes of drumming up support for a 40th reunion sometime in 2005. Thanks to all who contributed to it. I thoroughly enjoyed working on it and bringing it to you with the help of the KSC Alumni Office, especially Alumni Director Mike Maher '72. Let's all really make a serious attempt to return to campus and enjoy each other's company one more time for the good of ol' KSC! Please return your questionnaire to me ASAP so I can decide what to do regarding a 40th class reunion.

George Korn of Kinston writes that he is a business owner of school transportation. He goes to Florida each spring and does deep-sea fishing from Portsmouth. George's e-mail is

Clayton Smith of Yuma, Ariz., writes that he has been retired for six years and goes fly-fishing and plays golf. He has traveled to New England, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho. His e-mail address is Good to hear from you after all these years, Clayton.

Judy Stroncer of Englewood, Fla., writes that she is working as a licensed massage therapist after retiring from teaching. She has traveled to California, New England, and Florida. Judy likes the beach, biking, walking, reading, and staying healthy.

Jim Plaisted of Rochester, N.H., writes that he retired from teaching two years ago after being in the classroom for more than 38 years! He has traveled to Minnesota and North Carolina. Jim likes home schooling, subbing, reading, vacationing, as well as helping his wife with her gourmet bakery business. He also likes going to the gym, walking, and babysitting his new granddaughter. His e-mail address is

Dave and Laurie Greene of Auburn, N.H., write that they are both retired after 32 years each as assistant principal and teacher, respectively. They have traveled to Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and spent this winter in Mesa, Ariz. The Greenes enjoy their grandchildren and traveling. Their e-mail address is

Annabelle Pike of Chesterfield, N.H., writes that she is semi-retired as a project manager of billing and estimating in typesetting. She says that with two dogs and four cats, most of the trips she takes are to the vet and store. Annabelle reads, knits, and gardens. Great to hear from you after all these years!


Carol Hobbs Parkhurst '65 and I have two grown children and three wonderful grandchildren, and are enjoying being empty nesters. We'd also enjoy hearing from one and all as to how you have been through the years.

John Parkhurst writes: Hello 66ers! I've retired from administrative positions in both Massachusetts and Connecticut and have taken a "retirement" principalship at a small school in New Hampshire.


From Barbara Hamilton: Hi, folks. I sit here in the New England deep freeze of January looking forward to the warmer weather we will be experiencing when you read this in the KSC magazine. We are in the middle of mid-term exams, which is a busy time and also one that allows for more down time than the rest of the year. I am hoping to retire in June after 36 years in the classroom. There is still a slight chance I will go back in the fall since special education is one of the shortage areas in Connecticut.

I heard from Joanie Baker Benedetto over the holidays. She and her husband, Bill, have recently purchased a new home on one level and somewhat smaller for their retirement years. (The address is 145 Brook Lane, Cheshire, CT 06410 for your records. Joanie is still teaching fifth grade and enjoying her classes in Cheshire. Bill has retired and paints houses in the warmer weather.

Ray and Marty Smith reported they are enjoying retirement in Missouri, somewhat closer to one of their children. Gosh, what a move from Keene to Missouri! (1310 Kimberly Dr., Warrensburg, MO 64093) Keep us posted on your activities and adjustment to a different part of the country.

Jocelyn McDowell Davis reports on her continued busy life in and around her home in Georgia. Both of her children are gainfully employed so she and Jeff continue to renovate their home, travel to see family and friends, work at long-time jobs, and participate in bell choir at their church.

Bruce Cloutier of Keene is now an engineer on the Green Mountain Railroad running both freight and passenger trains.

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