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New Class Notes 1945

Nancy Scripture Ashford attended the Golden Circle luncheon in Rindge, N.H. She and Herm Hall went to Washington, D.C., in May for the World War II Memorial dedication. They were impressed with the ceremonies, the beauty of the Memorial, and the appreciation the younger people had for the veterans. A week later Nancy and her daughter Ellie were in the San Francisco area visiting her sister. She and her son Arnie later visited her grandson in San Diego.

Vesta Fenderson Kennedy keeps in touch with former Keene students Carolyn Wynott Goodwill, Blanche St. Amour Loch, Ida Parsons Valla, and Marion Stevens Creighton. She enjoys feeding an opossum that appears daily at her back door looking for a handout of Popcorn or cat food. She wonders whether he's the culprit who ate her rhubarb plant - roots and all!

Since retirement (her second), Stella Nowicki has attended several Elderhostels, one in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she was able to meet a distant relative for the first time. Since 1996, when she suffered a cerebral aneurysm, she has worn a foot brace. More recently, she fell and broke her ankle in three places, was in a nursing home for a while, then received home care and extensive therapy. We're happy to report she is now doing well on her own and is even able to drive.

From Roy and Carolyn Lang Jeffrey came news that their youngest grandson plays slide trombone in the stage band and tuba in the concert band at Exeter (N.H.) High School, as well as tuba in the Phillips Exeter Academy Band and the New England Youth Symphony Band. Their oldest grandson, then a junior at Syracuse University, spent the spring semester studying in Russia.

Priscilla Stevens Hutchison taught in the elementary grades for several years, then taught psychology, history, physical education, and health at the high school level. She retired early, at 55, because her husband, W. Harvey, was in poor health and was no longer farming. They spent 10 delightful years wintering in Phoenix and spending summers in Idaho. Phoenix became her permanent home after his death. Priscilla once won the women's double shuffleboard tournament, volunteered for 10 years at two nursing homes where she helped with the chapel services, and published a book of devotionals. She also published a book, Five Rooms and a Path, about her 34 years on a farm, going from city-schoolteacher-gal to country-farmwife-mother. It was written for her four children and eight grandchildren. Priscilla now lives in a mobile home park in Phoenix. She escapes the summer heat by visiting friends and relatives in Idaho, Utah, and Nevada. She enjoys doing crossword puzzles, reading, and playing Bingo, pinochle, and cribbage. In spite of severe rheumatoid arthritis, replacement of both knees, and hip and leg fractures resulting from a bad fall, she is able to drive.

Grete Meienborn Rule and Mary Kachavos Kallechy met in Manchester for lunch and shared memories of old times, especially the semester at Blake House. Grete and Lou took a cruise along the Maine coast to Halifax and St. John's in Canada. Two special events for them recently were the wedding of their daughter Gretchen and the birth of their first great-granddaughter.
We were saddened to hear that Dorothy Taaffe Kazanas passed away in January.

From Connie Donaghey: Thelma Follansbee Lovell writes that after graduation she moved to Manchester, Conn., where she taught fifth grade. She has spent the last 15 winters in Bradenton, Fla., seven of those years before her husband passed away. Her grandson Ethan graduated from KSC in 2003 and granddaughter Devin graduated in 2005.

IN MEMORIAM: Dorothy Taaffe Kazanas '45 died Jan. 28, 2005, in Keene. She taught in Gilsum, Weathersfield, and Keene for a total of 38 years.


From Peggy Helyar: I was blessed with a few notes and letters last Christmas. I still plead for more.

Shirley Bacon Manna wrote of dealing with hurricanes and fortunately escaping damage. During Ivan they fled to daughter Sherry's home in Massachusetts. Shirley remains active in her park and ran all of the coffee hours and potluck dinners in the summer. Joyce Chickering Jernberg spent Christmas at her place in Florida. On the way down she had a nice two-day visit with KTC roommate, Mary Fisk Thickstun, in Gaithersburg, Md.

I had a call from Barbara Bohuslav in Parkland, Fla. In December she moved to Florida to live with her son Nord. She was planning to attend a KSC reunion in Pompano Beach.

Jean Harding Maxwell was given a clean bill of health after months of concern and treatment. She is in remission and we rejoice with her.

Eleanor "Ellie" Smith Butler wrote of another good year for her and her family, and had news of Pearl Merrick Dee and Carolyn "Jo" Turner Davis. Pearl lost her husband Maurice in 2003. They traveled all over the country, to all 50 states, and spent winters in Winter Haven, Fla., or in Tucson, Ariz. She now lives in Nashua. A daughter lives nearby and assists her as needed.
Jo was a school librarian. In the memory book for her 50th reunion, she wrote of her hobby of collecting books by and about Louisa May Alcott and her family. To update this, when Jo moved from Maryland to California in 1999, she donated her collection of more than 300 items to the University of Maryland's Rare Book Collection. What a legacy!


From Ellie Muldoon: When the winter Keene State Today arrived, I saw that Phyllis is on my case, so I'll try to get this in the mail right away. I hope you all noticed (page 4 of the winter magazine) that the Class of '49 was the Number ONE class in Percent of Participation in 2004. We should be very proud of our contribution!

I talked with Nat Smith a couple of times; once while she was still in Meredith and wondering how she was going to get her car to Florida, and then later when she and Mary and the car had all arrived successfully. Nat and Mary were planning for a cruise on the Queen Mary II in January to San Juan and St. Thomas.

Sherm and Marge Lovering are in Beverly Hills, Fla., for the winter. The second time around, Sherm had his pacemaker installed successfully and is his old energetic self.

Faith and Alton Aarmington moved in December to a brand-new continuous living community in Nashua, N.H. The place sounds wonderful and brings them closer to their daughters and families.

Ray and Paula Dundas have moved to South Berwick, Maine, where they have an apartment in their daughter's house.

Lil Hubbard Brigham went to Arkansas, visited some real southern plantations, and saw the Passion play, "Christ of the Ozarks," held outdoors in the rain. I'm nominating her as the "Pickle Queen" since she made 588 jars of pickles this year.

Wanda Hale Brooks has a son and family who live in Sagamore, Mass., just on the other side of the Canal from me. She promised to come visit me one day. She was planning to put her name in for substituting one day a week.

Is there anyone else, besides Ken Swift and Wanda, who still put in time in the classroom? I believe Ken is still volunteering with special needs kids.

Bart is still skiing. Since he lives not far from the foothills of the Adirondacks, he takes advantage of the snowy weather.

Ollie called me in February with the sad news of Sallie Ramsay Hesketh's death. Sallie's sister Carolyn had called Ollie. Sallie and her husband had recently moved from Dover-Foxcroft to Alfred, Maine, to be near their son. Sallie was always so much fun; we really enjoyed her company at our 50th reunion.

Talked again with Eleanor (Sue) Mason, who lives in Springfield, Oregon. She's had phone conversations with Dale Freidman's wife, and with Fred Aldrich, old friends from their days of living in "The Barracks." At 83, Sue thinks she may be the oldest surviving member of our class. If you're older than Sue, please let me know; there must be some sort of award for you. Take note, Bette Berry Manos, I'm looking for the oldest, not the youngest!

I had a real problem; this year's alumni reunion was the same weekend as my 60th high school reunion. I hope others took notes and pictures for me. Keep me posted. It's been wonderful talking with some of you, either through e-mail or the phone. Let's not lose touch.

Phyllis Curtiss sent me a newspaper clipping with a picture of Ollie and George Dorr, who were honored for having sung in their church choir for more than 100 combined years! They're in their New London condo for the winter and their home on the backside of Mount Sunapee in Goshen is up for sale. They're building a new home near their current condo. Phyllis and Zeke are very loyal; they attend most every alumni function. Even though Zeke has severe arthritis, you can always count on him to be there.

I had a nice chat with Betty and John Burkhardt last winter. Soon after alumni reunion last year, John started having trouble with his leg; he ended up in the hospital with cellulitis, then spending most of the summer recuperating. In November they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, with children and grandchildren coming from all over the U.S. and British Columbia.

Clarice Martin Hinson's son David has retired from the Air Force. Clarice had a wonderful tour of Egypt while David was stationed there. She's recently had laser surgery on her eyes.

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