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I was pleased to get several responses from classmates who had received my letter asking what was going on in their lives.

Tom Sheehan, my roommate in Alpha House and still a good friend, and his wife, Carolyn, are living in Sun City, Fla., just south of Tampa. They lead an active life. Carolyn is in pottery classes and plays bridge. Tom also does the bridge thing, but plays softball and tennis and bikes, too. (Watch out if you ever play tennis against Tom. He switches hands depending on which side the ball is hit to him so he is always hitting a forehand shot. I learned that the hard way. I've never been able to beat him.) Tom had a very successful career in the Tampa area as a real estate appraiser and owned his own company during his working years. After he retired, they came back to New Hampshire to live on a couple of occasions, but their hearts seem to be stuck on the Florida landscape and they found their way back there each time.

Priscilla Holmes Roberts wrote to say she was about to join friends on a European river cruise from Vienna to Amsterdam. This is the third year she has cruised with these friends. Last year they did a cruise from Copenhagen to Rome and visited 10 countries en route. In 2000, they toured Italy, the Greek Islands, and Turkey. She was delighted to finally see in person the places she learned about in Ella Keene's geography class over 50 years ago. Priscilla makes several of the Golden Circle luncheons each year and is a pretty regular attendee at Reunion. In addition to all this, she, Pat Cogswell, and Marge Soucy got together this past July for their annual summer visit. At the end of October, Priscilla headed for Delray Beach, Fla. for her winter hibernation. She's a busy lady, and that's the best way to enjoy retirement.

Bob (Clyde) Lavine and his wife Ruth (Lake '51) live in Norway, Maine, where he served for several years as principal. Ruth is still teaching reading at the Poland Community School in Portland. They had six children, four of whom are still living. Two children met violent deaths (one murdered, the other by suicide). As a consequence, both have become very active in Parents of Murdered Children, Inc. and attend national conferences held throughout the country. (The murderer was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment – little solace, but it helped in their grieving process.) Clyde and Ruth have vacationed in the British Isles and have toured this country extensively.

Mark Rines and his wife, Shirley, live in Wolfeboro. They are not snow bunnies, but they have a son living in Florida, so they have had a chance to visit the sunshine state occasionally. Mark keeps in touch with Paul Hewitt who lives in Albuquerque, N.M., and Dick Lamson, who lives in Springfield, Vt. Mark asked if I remembered the time in the dining hall that someone bet me that I couldn't hold a pitcher of water at arm's length for three minutes. In true macho form, I took the bet and got the table very wet after about two minutes. (Gee! It would be nice if someone would remember something brilliant I did.)

Ken MacPherson sent me an email from his home in Kensington, Md., where he and wife Dorothy (Zekos '51) keep busy looking after their grandchildren who live in the area. At the behest of his daughters, Ken began writing his memoirs, which include some great and some not so great moments, he says. Ken and Dorothy also visit residents of a nearby nursing home. Next summer, if the world is not at war, they plan to take two of their granddaughters on a combined schooner and hiking trip in Denmark. How does that sounds for a fun trip?!

Another email I received was a total surprise. It was from Dan Butler '51, who wanted to say hello and best wishes. Dan was always my idea of a great athlete. He moved like a cat with great grace and coordination. You may remember he was an outstanding guard on the KTC basketball team in our day. Dan taught school in Peterborough for a couple of years after graduation and then left for other pursuits. He is now living in Florida.

That's it folks. There would have been news about you too, but you have to get on the ball and write me.

Mary Kiley writes, "I still summer on Cape Cod and spend Oct. to May in Naples, Fla., keeping active and involved in many areas. Glad I'm in good health to enjoy my retirement."


Now that our class belongs to the KSC Golden Circle, it is nice that several of us have attended the gatherings held around the state. Pauline Bullard Brown, Barbara Sullivan Brooks, Joan Greeley Simpson, and James McShane joined Norma Wright Walker at the Cat 'n' Fiddle in Concord, N.H., for lunch with nearly 80 other alumni and guests in June.

Rita Hayes Evans had a busy winter caring for two grandchildren, ages 4 and 7, two nights a week while their dad attended classes for his master's degree. Grandparents do come in handy and are a blessing to their children and grandchildren. Rita and Arnold enjoyed several camping trips over the summer.

Once again our class outnumbered the other classes at Hart's Turkey Farm with Jim McShane, Stan White, Charlie Plimpton, Elaine Schmidt Chesley, Joan Greeley Simpson, Jill Knight Wyman, Margaret Harrigan and Norma Wright Walker present. They were among the 54 KSC alums and guests who enjoyed a delicious turkey buffet – Thanksgiving in July. Many alums went to the summer theater to see Chorus Line. It was a perfect way to spend a very hot afternoon.

Ruth Bickford Peck will remember her trip to the KSC campus for lunch with other alumni. She had an auto accident as she was leaving Keene. Luckily, she was only shaken up, but her car was totaled. Also at the gathering were Cecil Nash, Del Langille, and Norma.

Barbara Garland Woods enjoyed a visit with daughter and granddaughter from Texas. Barbara's daughter is a teacher.

Marjorie McLaughlin visited relatives in New York. She was looking forward to spending time at the cottage on a lake. Margie's husband has a small vegetable stand and sells the most delicious tomatoes. Often he puts out small bouquets of beautiful flowers.

Jill Knight Wyman, Ruby LaPointe Brannen, and Joan Greeley Simpson are in constant contact with Winnie and Nelson Edoff's children as Winnie recuperates from the injuries she received in an accident while in Sweden.


From Irene: Great news from our Reunion! Several of our classmates who were there wrote brief summaries about their previous activities. Rachel Osborne Kidder writes that she took a trip to Israel with a group from Concord, N.H. and had a wonderful time. She also visited with her sisters, Mary Kolodziej '49 and Priscilla Bechok '53 in Carlsbad, Calif. While there, they met up with Ruth Sakovich and had a good time talking about their latest happenings.

Winnie and Bob Langtry are happily retired to Contoocook, N.H. They enjoyed our '52 Reunion, visiting with so many friends. Irene Dunbar writes from Ossipee, N.H., that she has been retired since 1986. Her husband, Richard Dunbar '51, died in 2000. They have four children and one grandchild.

Mary Moore Conroy and husband enjoy their four grandchildren and volunteer their music activities in churches, schools, and nursing homes. Mary enjoys keeping in touch with former classmates by email. (Send us some news, Mary.)

Marion Brown Leavitt resides in Sunapee, N.H., in the summer and heads south to Barefoot Bay, Fla., for the winter. She says, "Claude and I have the best of both worlds." Their three daughters and husbands and four grandchildren live in New Hampshire, all close to them. Their oldest granddaughter is considering KSC.

Several '52 classmates wrote brief notes just telling us that they had a wonderful time at our Reunion. It really was a weekend to remember! Hello from Rebecca Brusie (Swanzey, N.H.); Evelyn Bruce Quimby; June and Dick Chambers; Barbara McNally, heading to Florida in the fall; and Virginia Brown Leach.

Anita Rawchuck Nestor (Oceanside, Calif.) writes of her travels with husband Alex. They have just returned from a month in eastern Asia, cruising from Japan to Singapore, and touring northern China and Thailand. They headed to Hawaii in September, with a final destination of Puerto Vallarta, where they will spend the winter. They have also been in touch with Priscilla Osborne '53, Ruth Sakovich, and Joyce Bridgeo.

Morton Bradley writes that he and wife Mable have returned from an Elderhostel program in Canada on the history and culture of Quebec and the Gaspe. They recommend it highly.

Bruce and I had dinner with Don and Charlotte Carle '53 this fall. They have a lovely cottage on Fort Pond in Lancaster, Mass. Don is quite the gardener and Charlotte a great cook. Bruce and I also had lunch and a nice visit with Claire Waterhouse Simensen and discussed sharing write-ups for Keene State Today.

I assume you all received the beautiful class photograph with all of us looking just great! Hope to see you at the Golden Circle gatherings. Thanks to everyone for the great news. Keep it coming!

From Claire: First of all, thanks to Irene for volunteering to help with our class notes. Remember, it can't be done without your cooperation.
Mort and Mable Bradley enjoyed a cruise on the Seine River from Paris to Honfleur. The cruise focused on the French Impressionists. They also made stops at the Normandy beaches.

Annette Kimball Royal still resides in North Andover, Mass. All five children are married and live locally, except for one daughter in Tampa, Fla. Her husband passed away six years ago. He was still teaching at Merrimack College at the time. Ann keeps busy with senior activities, including trips to the canyons out west and to Holland, Mich., this past year. Gardening and flowers are still her passion, and she keeps up all her grounds herself. (I have seen Ann's picture in our local paper about her participation in garden club activities.)

Recently Marge Dustin Stapleton entertained some of our classmates at her home. Lila Murphy, June and Dick Chambers, Rachel Osborne Kidder, Peggy Carr Ambrose, Glendle Ashley Kearney, and I enjoyed Marge's hospitality. We had a great time reminiscing. Kind of a show-and-tell session as we each told what had happened in our lives since KSC days, and Murph and Marge had scrapbooks to share. Lots of laughs!

I attended my first "official" Golden Circle meeting in Concord. Winnie and Bob Langtry were there. Winnie told me they were able to attend the next one at Sunapee State Park. They are glad to be back in New Hampshire.
I enjoy thinking about our Reunion. It was great to see so many of you again. Many of us missed Ruth Sakovich this time. We have since heard that she had undergone some serious surgery and was unable to make the trip. Anita Rawchuck Nestor has been in touch with her since then. We all hope that she will be able to join us at another date.


Can it be? If you can't remember, it's been almost 50 years ago we graduated. We hope all who are able will return for our half-century reunion in May. Millie Turner is our delegate to the Reunion committee and expects to see many of her classmates. Dick Waldo, Bud Haywood, and Dick Cobleigh are coming and we need president Dean Corrigan there to preside at our class meeting. We'd love to see Howie Mortenson, Joe Graves, Gloria Jackson, Bruce Kibbee, Bev Jackson, Peg Bullard, Wally Russell, and Mary and Gil Bulley. In fact, we would love to see every member of our illustrious class come back to review together the many years since we graduated.

We should be thinking about a class gift for this historic event. Should we
fund a scholarship, buy some bricks for the library walk, give a weather vane? Your suggestions are welcome. You can start sending your contributions to the Alumni Office. Make your checks out to the Class of '53 Fund.
If you think we should plan a special event (picnic, dinner, party), let Millie or me know, and, even better, volunteer to help. The Class of '52 turned out 35 members for their Reunion last year. We surely can do as well. Let us know your thoughts on how best to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

From Robert W. Morgan of Bow, N.H.: "This fall I happily attended my daughter's wedding in Colorado. Three of my four daughters are now married. I not only gained a great son-in-law, but also a sweet little step-granddaughter. She evens the number to three granddaughters and three grandsons. Having traveled by plane and car on several occasions, I opted this time to ride Amtrak from Boston to Grand Junction, Colo., with only the one change of trains at Chicago. The distance is 2,328 miles. It took almost 55 hours in travel time, but the panorama was spectacular. And those magnificent Rockies! Just the awesome train ride through Glenwood Canyon was worth the whole trip on Amtrak!"


Carol Luscombe Greenwood tells us that she and hubby Del retired to Maine 12 years ago and have a nice home on the Penobscot River in W. Enfield, 20 miles above Bangor. They have a lovely view of the river from their windows. In October they treated Bruce and Irene DiMeco Parent '52 to a day trip around Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, and Cadillac Mountain. Very beautiful scenery heightened by fall foliage. Highly recommended. The sights will surely take your breath away. Carol and Del spend some of their leisure time taking day trips to different places in Maine – Mt. Katahdin, Moosehead Lake, etc., – and they love to go boating up and down the Penobscot River in search of special places. Carol also spends her leisure time volunteering in a nursing home and soup kitchen. She loves taking walks, visiting friends along the way. Del spends much of his time on his realty business, hunting, and fishing.

From Esther Copp: Luther and I have gained another great-granddaughter – Emma Leigh, born Oct. 12. Mom is Katie, dad is Robbie, grandfather is Arthur Charles Copp. This makes 9 greats and 20 grandchildren. Because of Luther's health problems and hospitalizations, we are looking for someone to take over as class secretary.

Lois Flint Plimpton leads REMA (Retired Educators Mentoring Assistance), assisting educators in the Laconia school district. She just received the Douglas Brown Award from New Hampshire Partners in Education for best new program serving multi-schools.

Editor's Note: Class Secretary Luther Copp passed away in December. His obituary will be in the spring issue of Keene State Today.

IN MEMORIAM: Elton E. Beard '54, M'64 died October 30, 2002, in Lempster, N.H. He served with the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division during WWII and taught industrial arts at Sunapee and Monadnock Regional High Schools in New Hampshire and Mt. Desert Island High School in Maine.


Kenneth and Claire Digam Heath had a great time at the 45th Reunion. "Many happy memories of our days at KTC, college camp memories, great food all weekend, classmates and acquaintances."

Richard Enderson of Rockville, M.D., writes, "A new grandson was born in November. That is now three grandsons – Kyle 7, Andrew 5, and Nicholas. More fun!"

IN MEMORIAM: Gordon E. Gould '57 died October 31, 2002, in North Haverhill, N.H. He was a teacher in Proctor, Vt., and Raymond, N.H., and fire chief in Raymond.


Ken Gile wrote to update us on the fund that was established in memory of Patricia Gould Gile. The Bennington, Vt., library purchased 100 books for children with the funds. The Pownal, Vt., library received the same amount and is purchasing books for children as well. "This tribute will encourage our children in southern Vermont to pursue the same ideals as their teacher, Mrs. Patricia Gould Gile," Ken writes. He also notes, "It would be nice to read about members of the Class of '58 instead of looking at a blank column in the alumni magazine. How about each member of the class sending in a short note on their whereabouts or status? My thanks to William Webb for his kind and generous concerns following publication of my tribute to Patricia Gould Gile. May we, the Class of '58, have some response."

Alice and Bill Webb became grandparents. Lorraine Nicole Webb was born to Michael and Teresa Webb on July 3. Bill continues his lay ministry in retirement and attends Faith Alive weekends throughout the country, along with a prison ministry helping a homeless individual adjust to society.

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