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IN MEMORIAM: Edith McLeod Clinton '30 died Jan. 3, 2003, in Peterborough, N.H. She taught at Francestown (N.H.) Elementary School and was a member of the Peterborough Historical Society.


An always cheerful Harriet Richardson Ames attended her sixth Golden Circle luncheon at the Cat 'n' Fiddle in Concord, N.H. Because of her perfect attendance at the luncheons, she received a canvas KSC Bookstore bag that she used right away. The gathering wouldn't be the same without Harriet. She is a busy and caring lady, attending the church Ladies Aid meetings and each summer meeting with the Twelve Ts, a group of retired Pittsfield (Mass.) teachers. She also drives friends to various gatherings. Come to find out, Harriet is also a poet. She wrote the following:

By Harriet Richardson Ames
January 2, 2002

Oops, today I'm ninety-two
An occasion to celebrate
Let see what will I do?
I know, I'll enumerate

First on the list
Family is always there
To give me a lift,
And to show me they really care

Now comes my friends
Of these, I have no end
And high on the list
Good health and a comfortable home
No matter where I roam

Please God, show me the way
To enjoy work and play
And never let me do or say
A mean word night or day.

Geraline Newell Merriam enjoyed being part of Reunion 2002 through reading her Golden Circle letter. She was sad not to be at Reunion, but health problems required her to stay at her home in Vermont. Gerry was pleased when the hot, humid weather arrived after all the cold and rain.

Isabelle Call Johnson received a miniature red rose plant from Norma Walker '51 while a resident at Langdon Place in Keene. Isabelle is familiar with Hancock, so they have much to share. She celebrated her 93rd birthday in September.


Eighty-three KSC alums and guests welcomed Clarice Zanes Constant to the annual Golden Circle luncheon, held at the Cat 'n' Fiddle in Concord, N.H. It was Clarice's first time with the group, and we hope she will plan to join us again real soon.

Charlotte Davison Hamm attended an Elderhostel at Mt. Snow, Vt., with her daughter. The course was on the American Revolution and included tours to the Bennington and Saratoga battlefields, the gravesite of Robert Frost, and other historical sites. Afterward, Charlotte and her daughter went to Windham, Vt., where she had lived. Later in the summer, she attended a family reunion with almost 40 relatives on Harvey's Lake in West Barnet, Vt.

Our sympathy goes out to Helen Nelson Conroy, whose husband died on Oct. 24 after a long period of poor health. The celebration of his life was held on Nov. 2 at the Community Church in Goshen, N.H. Helen planned to spend the winter in Florida.

IN MEMORIAM: Stewart D. Thompson '32 passed away July 17, 2002, in Exeter, N.H. He taught various grades in New Hampshire and high school in Bristol, Conn., and worked at Phillips Exeter Academy.


Always a pleasure to see Marion Knuckey Pauling at the Cat 'n' Fiddle luncheon. Her lovely smile always brightens up a room.

Frances Shaughnessy sent several professional certificates dated 1912 to be placed in the KSC alumni archives room. Thank you.

Nathalie Scott Tisdale and Margaret Newman Chickering received yellow rose corsages at the Golden Circle gathering that was held at KSC. Looking forward to seeing them at Reunion 2003 along with other classmates as they celebrate their 70th!

Elisabeth "Betty" Aiken Martin says, "We have our third great-grandchild as of June 2002."

IN MEMORIAM: Martin E. Heffernan '33, M'54 died November 2, 2002, in Meredith, N.H. He was president of his class at Keene Teachers College and served in the Pacific Theater in the U.S. Navy during WWII. He taught math in Hanover, N.H., and was superintendent of schools in SAU 2 for 18 years.


Back in 1997 Barbara Auderer Goodridge suggested that a group of KSC alums meet for lunch at the Cat 'n' Fiddle in Concord, N.H. There were 18 alums and guests present. At our sixth gathering in June, 84 alums and guests shared conversations and lunch. Thank you, Barbara, for your idea was the beginning of the new Golden Circle.

Mary Grimes Doyle writes from Spofford, N.H., that she was glad when summer weather finally arrived. She spent the summer months with her son Peter.


IN MEMORIAM: Wesley Earle Dickinson '35 died on August 2, 2002, in Melbourne Beach, Fla., where he was recovering from a broken hip. His wife, Geraldine Davis Dickinson '29, predeceased him. Earle was an early member of Alpha Pi Tau.


How nice it was to have Trudy Carmichael and Bernice Bookstrom Miller with us again at the Cat 'n' Fiddle luncheon. Bernice has attended all six gatherings, and for her perfect attendance she received a canvas KSC Bookstore bag, which she put to use immediately.

From Helen "Peg" Raymond: "Time to get in touch with Keene State Today. I read in the New Hampshire Retired Teachers bulletin that Iona Sheehan Stimson passed away. I had heard from her a short time before that. She'd been recovering from back surgery. It surprised me."

Ferne C. Fogg is in Montana and hears from more of you than I do. Her address: 332 1st Ave. W., Roundup, MT 59072. She is living with her daughter Judy and celebrated a birthday recently.

Neil Sullivan now lives in an assisted-living place in Meredith, N.H. He still edits the Wolfeboro Gazette and for the first time has asked for some financial support.

Haven't heard from my sister Sally recently. Her husband had gone back to the Philippines to attend to some business and passed away shortly after he arrived there.

I was fortunate enough to go to a partial family reunion in Laconia, N.H. My two nephews, sons of my oldest sister, footed my airfare to Manchester, N.H. They are like my own two boys. My son's son Andrew is going to Columbia College in Chicago. He is the son of George Don Raymond '68, second generation of the Raymond family to attend KSC.

Best wishes to all of those remaining of our Class of '36 when it was Keene Normal School. I wish someone else would take over as secretary, someone who lives nearer to Keene.


From Nellie Platukys Davis: "July was a lovely month for me in my gardens and also quite exciting as Scottie Bean Smith and her husband, Erville, came to see me. Yesterday Carl Bartlett and his wife, Lil, stopped in. Carl saw my garden once before late in the fall. This time there was a huge array of flowers highlighted by many hollyhocks. This year I have had my very best flower garden and my worst vegetable garden due to the cold weather. We even had a frost warning last week and it was only late July. I have decided to act my age (84) and plan to scale back on the huge amount of flowers I raise and have more open space. Seeing Carl and Scottie brought back so many memories of all the folks we knew – especially those with whom I worked daily in the dining hall and serving room and all of my classmates. Since I worked, I didn't get into many activities, but I really did enjoy Keene."

Paul Nordman and Blanche "Scottie" Smith attended the June gathering of KSC alumni at the Cat 'n' Fiddle. Paul received the prize for graduating before the rest of us. He acted as host for the Golden Circle luncheon held at Hart's Turkey Farm. Always nice to have them both at the luncheons.

Luther Preston says he is busy with the New Hampshire Farm Museum. While he was in Brandon, S.D., visiting his son Eugene '69, he attended his grandson Andrew's graduation from the University of Sioux Falls. Luther had a busy but wonderful time with his family. His wife, Pauline Roby Preston '32, was unable to attend.

Dorothea Ryans Somero and several of her '38 classmates do a round-robin letter. What a wonderful way to keep in touch!

Doris Fowler Saturley is a member of this special group. She has attended several of the KSC luncheons. Dot also wrote that many members of her family are educators, including a grandson who is entering Colgate this fall and thinks he might be interested in being a teacher.

So nice to have Stanley Johnson and Paul Nordman as a part of the Golden Circle group when it meets at the Zorn Dining Commons on campus.

IN MEMORIAM: Catherine "Kay" Adamovich '38 died Aug. 4, 2002, in Claremont, N.H. She was an elementary school teacher for 41 years at West Terrace School, Claremont.

Phyllis O'Brien Boller '38 died April 27, 2002, in Nashua, N.H.


We have been able to visit with Cap and Bunny Dodge. We are pleased to report that Cap is recovering very well from a knee operation.

Lorraine and Ernie Fiske are doing well. Ernie has one of the best porches to sit on in Maine. During a storm or even a high tide, waves splash almost onto his front lawn.

Edna Twombly had a busy summer.

I received a note from Dorothy Orser Nelson, who lives in Oregon. Dot says she is well and will remain well as long as all of the replacement parts keep working. She reports that there are terrible fires in Oregon, including some that are near her. The road to Crater Lake is still closed and they can't find any more firefighters.

Kennebunkport is very busy. This past summer our 43rd president and his wife, Laura, were in town twice. I talked with number 41 the other day, and he is fine. Riding a bike here is hazardous in the summertime. I keep telling myself that most drivers don't want to hit me.

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