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New Class Notes

Claris Head Lacey celebrated her 102nd birthday last fall. She lives with husband, Bill, in the house he had built for her. Claris called Norma Wright Walker '51 and told her about meeting with friends at a local restaurant. They had a wonderful time. In May, Norma, along with Mark Reynolds (from the College's Marketing and Communications Office), visited Claris at Webster at Rye, a nice rehab center in Rye, NH.


IN MEMORIAM: Grace Musgrove '33
March 2, 2011


Madeline Nash Bennett was pleased to receive a birthday card from the Alumni staff and Norma Wright Walker '51. Her cards to Norma are lovely.

IN MEMORIAM: Margherita Darling '34
March 26, 2008

IN MEMORIAM: Rita M. Morgan '34
March 23, 2011


Elizabeth Smith McGuirk moved to The Villages in Florida to be with her daughter. She turned 97 on February 1. Elizabeth wasn't up to joining other Keene State alumni when they had lunch at The Villages.

Alberta "B" Patch Slegaitis is enjoying assisted living. She says it's a nice place, and the meals are good. She plays bridge and is a member of the Red Hat Society. She has a lot of company, including family and friends. B notes: "The year 2010 was not all bad. The KSC reunion and celebration was joyful."


Ellen Hartshorn Grauer always selects beautiful cards to share with friends. She lives at Rivermead in Peterborough, NH.

Velma Pierce Smith spends the winter with her daughter, Martha Smith Campbell '65, in Maine. Last year she had to stay longer because she fell and broke her hip. Velma is pleased to say she will be 95 on her next birthday.

Ferne Coffin Fogg has been busy with family and friends in Maine. She recently enjoyed a piano concert at Bates College.

Keene State alumni staff welcomed Gertrude Emerson Carmichael to her 75th college reunion. Trudy enjoyed her tour of the campus in a golf cart. She visited Fiske Hall and found her old dorm room. Trudy loved the renovations that have been made to the Fiske social room. She wrote to say that she felt like a queen for a day because every one made her feel welcome.

IN MEMORIAM: Ellen Grauer '36
February 25, 2011


IN MEMORIAM: Ruth J. Chamberlain '37
April 23, 2011


IN MEMORIAM: Doris M. Fowler Saturley '38
March 18, 2011


IN MEMORIAM: Carole Trafton Leavitt '39
November 28, 2010

IN MEMORIAM: Virginia B. Parkinson '39
December 31, 2010