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At the Golden Circle gathering held at Hart's Turkey Farm, the four Round Robin Girls present were surprised by a framed citation honoring more than 70 years of continuous letter writing. The '40s gals were Dorothy Young Carruthers, Effie Winn Torrey, and D. Marion Dennis Thorell, and Susan Barrett Olson '70, the daughter of deceased writer Rose Dempsey Barrett. A collection of letters from one of the writers has been donated to the KSC archives. Dot also attended the Golden Circle luncheon held at the Alumni Center, thanks to Winifred Woodbury Langtry '52, who brought her. Dot was recognized as the "alum who graduated before the rest of us" with a yellow rose. She reconnected with Shirley Ralston Martell '47, who taught with her in Bradford, NH, from 1947 to 1948. Dot was the principal with two other teachers at the school. She also attended her high school reunion (74th) at Hopkinton High School.

Ruth Froliock Harris joined 75 other alumni and guests for lunch at the Elks Club in Littleton, NH.

D. Marion Dennis Thorell has a grandson working on his doctorate at MIT.

IN MEMORIAM: Beryle Thompson Thyng '40
October 4, 2010
Wolfeboro, NH


Our sympathy goes to Neal Perkins for the loss of his wife, Harriett Thompson Perkins '43. They were living in Tennessee near a family member. Neal and Harriett were strong supporters of Keene Teachers College.

Virginia Rollins Flint is 91 years old and still driving. She keeps going like the Energizer bunny!

Barbara Jeffery Stimson uses Bone Builders as an essential part of her life. One of the other participants is one of her first students many years ago.

IN MEMORIAM: Alice Lindgren '41
October 9, 2010
Keene, NH


IN MEMORIAM: Phyllis June Ross '42
September 29, 2010
Exeter, NH


News from Caroline Nichols Pregent: "Several classmates have written to me. Phyllis Burton Bodwell spent five weeks with her daughter and her husband in Bethel, CT. On her 92nd birthday, they went shopping. Later they met friends at a restaurant where she was treated to a surprise birthday party. Gloria Corriveau Scott and her husband are living in a retirement facility in Texas. They're both doing fine. Marjorie Howe Herlin is enjoying her life in The Village in Florida. Barbara Adams visited Evelyn 'Twissie' Woollett's daughter and family in Nashua, NH. Barb keeps in touch with Lois Moore Querin, Art and Patty Shedd, Grace Mudgett Dayton, and Louise Whitten Perkins. Lois and her husband are well and enjoy the warm weather. Barbara Brown Charbonneau keeps in touch with Mary Farman Bergeron. Louise and I enjoyed the Keene State jazz concert. It's great to have alumni friends who offer to take us to KSC functions. Louise and her daughter are taking a trip to North Dakota. Cliff and I are doing well. I depend on the Friendly Bus a great deal. We have a new great-grandson, Jack Taylor Flynn. I look forward to hearing more news from classmates."

IN MEMORIAM: Jannice Brown Conway '43
September 2, 2010
Littleton, NH

IN MEMORIAM: Edith French Petersen '43
September 29, 2010
Newington, CT


Our thoughts go out to the family of Mary Hamilton, who passed away this past fall. Mary was a teacher in the Jaffrey School district for many years.

IN MEMORIAM: Elinor Iola Leonard Rollins '44
October 10, 2010
Clearwater, FL

IN MEMORIAM: Norma Washburn '44
January 14, 2011
Springfield, VT


IN MEMORIAM: Agnes Desmarais '45
January 26, 2011
Springfield, MA

IN MEMORIAM: Lindy Bailey Pickard '45
July 29, 2008
Manchester, NH


IN MEMORIAM: Mary P. Haney '46
May 24, 2010
Somerset, NJ


IN MEMORIAM: Barbara S. Follansbee Dessert '47
September 8, 2010
Enfield, NH

IN MEMORIAM: Phyllis Lucy Trombley Eshelman '47
January 28, 2010
Yucaipa, CA


Ellie Muldoon writes: "It's time to get some news from the class of '49 in Keene State Today before I begin my winter escape to Florida. I've heard from quite a few classmates. Marge and Sherm Lovering are in Beverly Hills, FL. Mary Harrity Walsh says she 'has two canes, will travel.' Wanda Hale Brooks sent a picture of her new great-grandson. Lil Hubbard Brigham commented about my getting stopped for speeding on my way to Rindge! Faith Goldsmith Armington sent a great letter with pictures of her adventures when she's away from The Huntington at Nashua. Shirley LaBounty Burt has children in New Jersey and Florida and visited both of them in 2010.
"Bart van Wie is getting back up to snuff after a long convalescence from a heart attack. Bob Daly has been in the hospital and therapy and must use a walker. Edythe Collins Dexter had a stroke over a year ago and spent time in rehab. We hope she'll be able to visit Keene at some point.
"Ollie McMorran Dorr has a new address: Woodcrest Village, room 222, 356 Main St., New London, NH 03257. She's well, but did not like living alone. She enjoys the many activities, making quilts, and happy hour!
"Clarice Martin Hinson had a wonderful trip to Washington, OR, and Alaska. She's visited 49 states. I think she's missing one of the Dakotas.
"I checked on John and Betty Burkhardt. Betty needs a walker to get around, so John cooks. They have someone come in for a couple of hours four days a week to clean. I wish they weren't so far away (Stamford, CT). It takes me a few days to go to Keene! I leave the Cape, go to my daughter's house in Natick, stay overnight, and then travel to Keene the next day. It's no longer a spur-of-the-moment trip!
"Wanda, Faith, Lil, Shirley, and I sat together at the final Golden Circle luncheon of the year in Rindge. Norma Wright Walker '51 gave each of us a goodie bag because we're such faithful alums!
"If you haven't seen the new Alumni Center, stop by the next time you're in Keene. Donations are welcome. Also, there's memorabilia in a special spot in the library (which I haven't seen yet). I'd love to hear from you; keep in touch."