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Doris McQuade Rebidue invited Norma Wright Walker '51 for a visit at her home in Milford, NH. She shared several funny stories of her days at Keene Normal School. This amazing lady celebrated her 98th birthday last July. Doris lives by herself and drives only short distances.

Ruth Nelson Towle, who lives in Holly Hill, FL, enjoys receiving Golden Circle newsletters. She is proud of her son Nelson, who has his doctorate in education. Ruth gave her KSC Golden Circle Medallion to him, so it will stay in the family.


Bernice Adams Michaels was recognized as the "alum who graduated before the rest of us" at the Golden Circle luncheon at Hart's Turkey Farm last July. Alumni Director Patty Farmer '92 presented her with a lovely corsage. Bernice lost her husband in spring 2010; she keeps busy taking care of herself and her home. She still enjoys the same activities and says friends are thoughtful.


Trudy Emerson Carmichael and Ferne Coffin Fogg went to the Golden Circle luncheon at Warren's Lobster House. Both attended the functions a number of years ago, and it was special to have them return. Ferne enjoys being back in New England. She has reconnected with many of her old friends. We are so glad for her.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Bernice Bookstrom Miller who passed away. She was one of the many alumni to be featured in the KSC movie, Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve: The First 100 Years of Keene State College, about the history of the College.

IN MEMORIAM: Frances G. Smart '36
November 1, 2004
Coeur d'Alene, ID


At age 94, Helen Tsiotas, enjoys living in good health.


Marion Truell Sabin dropped in at the Alumni Center while visiting family in the Keene area. She was given a tour of the building by Pauline Dionne, senior administrative assistant. Marion was delighted with the new facility and all it had to offer.

IN MEMORIAM: Anita Hortense Scott Killian '38
May 5, 2009
Lyndonville, VT


Ruth "Bunny" Berry Dodge attended the Golden Circle luncheon at Havenwood. She and Cap are living there now. They joined their son for Thanksgiving dinner in Peterborough, NH. He recently completed a painting that is now hanging at the local hospital. They will be renting their cottage on York Beach this summer.

IN MEMORIAM: Barbara Foster Butterfield Carll '39
September 7, 2010
Peterborough, NH

IN MEMORIAM: Ruth B. Mitchell '39
November 27, 2010
Daytona Beach, FL