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Richard Taft is now principal at Blairsville [PA] Middle School. He will also be coaching the girl's varsity basketball team.


Lisa Hudgik Smigel, Margaret DePalma, Joyce Smith Snow, Janice Shaw Cavanagh, Stephanie Moravick Carter, Peggy Rydberg, and Diana Tater Regan reunited in Newport, Rhode Island, and New York City this summer. They encourage other alumni to get in touch with each other.

Elizabeth Lohman Gammon '81
August 25, 2010
West Lebanon, NH

IN MEMORIAM: Gene Clapp '81
May 3, 2010
Albuquerque, NM


Since 2008, John Uniack Davis has been a Madagascar country director for the humanitarian organization CARE International. John and his wife, Jennifer, have three children - Moussa, 18; Zachary, 9; and Abigail, 7. Before Madagascar, John and Jennifer lived and worked in Niger (1998-2002), Mali (2002-06), and Ghana (2006-08).


Last spring, the families of Robin Dannhauser Lazinsk and Alison Ahmed Regen got together for a visit.

Catherine Elder is working for Chubb in New Jersey. She is actively involved in showing her flat-coated retrievers. She goes to New Hampshire as much as possible for vacations.


"Hi, everybody! Michael Trabucco here to see if I have what it takes to be a class secretary. Tori's still around, but I want to help out. There wasn't a huge turnout for our 20th reunion, and, although I had a blast, it would have been an even better time if there had been more of us. I figured helping out here might get more people to our 25th. It's not far away! I think about my KSC friends so much, and I loved the college. Where else am I ever going to see these people if we don't make Keene our spot to meet? It's convenient for most of us, right? (Granted, lots of people have young kids, and some have moved away, but if you plan ahead....) Our 25th reunion is next June. It's one weekend of laughs, memories, and friends. Am I the only sentimental sap out there?

"These days, my partner and I are working on our fixer-upper, I work at McLean Hospital as an expressive therapist, and I'm involved in community theatre. I'm shaking things up this fall, though. Instead of acting, I'm directing a show for the first time. (If you're in the Boston area in October and looking for a night out, contact me.) Happily, I'm in touch with a bunch of my KSC friends. But there are many more that I think about! Our Facebook page - Keene State College Class of 1986 - has helped. If you're on Facebook and haven't joined, do! In the meantime, please consider sending me a brief update on your life. If you're reading this, then you're one of those people who gets Keene State Today. From now on, let's have something in the class notes section for us to read! (I won't write a missive for every issue, I swear.) Thanks! Here's a huge thanks to my friends who answered my plea for submissions.

"So, class of '86, plan ahead. Our big 25th reunion will be here before you know it. If there's a spot in your heart for KSC, then make it the spot to spend the first weekend of June 2011. I truly hope to see a lot of you - or maybe ALL of you - there."

Jill Weiner Marocchini writes, "My life continues to be busy focusing on my job, family, and interests. I have been a special education teacher since graduation. Since my kids are in seventh, eighth and tenth grades, I am looking into pursuing my passion in administration. I've had my degree for many years and now plan on looking into special education director jobs. I was remarried in 2006 to a wonderful guy. He has three daughters. We've been pretty busy with our families."

From Holly Hansen: "Hey class of 1986! Must Michael Trabucco and I be the only ones carrying the 1986 sign at the reunion next year? It's embarrassing, people! If you haven't been to Keene in years, here is your opportunity to see the wonderful changes around campus and catch up with your fellow classmates! I hope to see you all! You know, these days we go to the back of Keene State Today for class notes. As one of the ad managers of The Equinox, I remember people going to the back of the newspaper to check the personals section to see if anyone wrote to them. So I have a question for everyone: What's the funniest personal ad you ever put in or received in The Equinox? Write to your class secretaries and share the memory!"

Nancy Delekto Simard writes: "I'm living in Wells, Maine, and working as the director of guidance at Noble High School. I got to see Nancy (who hasn't aged a minute!), as well as one of her KSC roommates, Paula Mercier, last summer. They both look fantastic!"

Curt Herr and Rich Stockwell '85 celebrated their 26th anniversary together. Curt has a Ph.D. in Victorian literature and teaches Victorian and gothic fiction at Kutztown University (PA). He is the co-editor of The Journal of Dracula Studies and has written the critical editions of seven Victorian classic novels. He spent three years restoring the first vampire novel ever written, the penny dreadful Varney the Vampire. Check out his website,, for more information. He is currently in training to run this year's New York City marathon.

Carol Kelley-Elwell writes: "I live in Santa Barbara with my husband, Tim, and our 4-year-old daughter, Audrey. We live in the wine region and have horses and hounds. My hobby is fox hunting and show jumping. Audrey rides as well. I do luxury hospitality public relations for a firm based in Los Angeles, and we represent hotels all over the world from Tanzania to Thailand. I have an office in Santa Barbara and in Santa Monica. I talk to my old roommate and best friend Tracy Chamberlin (now Dr. Tracy Robinson!) every day. I also keep in touch with Biff Lougee. I went back to KSC about five years ago and hardly recognized it! I wish I were closer. It would be fun to go more often for reunions."


Alicia K. Geilenberg-Drakiotes writes: "With the loving support of my husband, I was able to retire from my working career several years ago and pursue the dream of an art major. I have immersed myself into the career of a full-time artist (painter). In August, I contributed a dozen paintings to a group exhibition, Conserved Farmlands: Monadnock Barnyards Revisited, which helps local conservation programs through the Harris Center for Conservation Education. The exhibition continues at the Jaffrey Civic Center, from October 15 through November 13. I look forward to many years of utilizing my art skills gained at KSC to supplement my artful representations of the region and beyond."

Jeffrey Dragon welcomed a new baby girl on June 30. Grace Victoria weighed almost 8 pounds.


From Angelique Wright: "I spent my third summer at my camp in Exeter, New Hampshire (the closest I can get to a summer beach house). Summer 2010 was phenomenal! I am celebrating my 20th anniversary with Chris Heatley (we met on the Keene State Exchange to York, England.) We traveled to the UK to celebrate. We are headed to Russia in February with students and then to Prague and Vienna for summer 2011 with a choral group that I sing with in Cambridge, New York. There have been bumps in the road, but what a journey! As always, I send hellos to my Kappa sisters and brothers and 'O' staff '86."