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New Class Notes

David Westover serves on the KSC alumni board and teaches at the College.


Nancy Rupert is retired from teaching and now runs the Grins and Giggles play school in Westerly, Rhode Island. She loves it.


Bruce Stronach remembers getting knocked out in the game against Norwich. After moving to Japan, he played for the Keio U. OB squad, the DKB in the Tokyo Industrial Rugby Union League, and the Yokohama Country and Athletic Club until the mid-'80s.

James Johnston and his wife, Betsy, enjoyed visiting KSC friends in summer 2009. Jim has been teaching for 35 years and is looking forward to retirement.

IN MEMORIAM: David A. DuPont '74
October 14, 2009
San Antonio, TX


From Eileen Oechsli Bohigian: "Mark your calendars for June 4 to 6 now for our 35th reunion! We have secured the College Camp for our Friday-night gathering. It will be a casual evening to catch up, get re-acquainted with old roommates or dorm neighbors, eat, have a drink, and relax. The Camp has been renovated recently and looks great! The 10 years since our big 25th have passed quickly. For that reunion, our class had the most successful reunion of any class from the '70s. Let's try and repeat that success in 2010.

Contact us: Eileen Oechsli Bohigian (, Linda Cote (, Frank Easton (, Dianne Reidy Janson (, and Donna Kuethe (

"We'd like to do a slide show. Please gather pictures, old and new. We were thinking of a 'then and now' section; even if you aren't able to duplicate the 'scene' from the 'then' picture, sending a recent picture with the same people would work just as well.

"This time we would like to add a memories section. (While we can still remember them.) We'll decide how to display them when we see how many we get. We are also working on an online update survey; more details will be forthcoming. Please open the mailings you get from the College about Reunion; we'll be sending information that way as well."

Diane Rasanen Burnett is the cross-country assistant coach at SMS in Peterborough. The girls' teams came in first place in the state meet.

IN MEMORIAM: John Shea '75
October 28, 2008
Yardley, PA


Marilyn Gugliucci designed a medical education program in geriatrics called Learning by Living. It has received national attention.

David Hague is in his 32nd year of teaching and coaching swimming in Texas. He's been married for 21 years and has two sons. He's still competing in swimming.

Elizabeth Barrett Hunt has enjoyed living in Pepperell, Massachusetts, over the past 32 years. She has three children. In July she will be moving to Washington. Elizabeth hopes to reconnect with alumni (

Nancy Pike Fassett teaches special education in Alaska. Family is nearby.


Shelley Bennett Kirschner retired from teaching in 2008 and is now working with special educators in the area of assessment support.


Jane Rawley taught high school English for 22 years. She now teaches reading at the Greenwood School in Putney, Vermont.

IN MEMORIAM: Gail Larginess Westergren '78
November 6, 2009
Milford, NH


Amy Lindeman Gouger enjoyed the 30th reunion with her friend Clare Barrett Gowen. They reconnected with old friends and made some new ones.