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New Class Notes

Carl and Catherine Burnap are regulars at the Golden Circle luncheons held at Warren Lobster House in Kittery. Many thanks to Jim Wheeler for his letter to his classmates encouraging them to return to campus to celebrate 60 years since their graduation day.

Walter Bucklin is hiding in the North Carolina mountains when he's not in Florida.

Kenneth and Dorothy '51 MacPherson enjoyed the 100th reunion. Seeing the beauty of the campus and watching the special film brought back memories of their wedding right after Ken's graduation ceremony.

Mary Kiley has moved to Bentley Village, a senior independent facility.


Our sympathy goes out to the families of Marjorie McLaughlin Capron and Barbara Garland Woods. Both women will be missed by their classmates. Sympathy also goes to Paula Burtt Dundas, whose husband, Raymond Dundas, passed away just after the new year. Raymond was 90 years old. Many of his children attended Keene State.

Ruth Bickford Peck writes from Maine that life is exciting - enjoying concerts, trips, and friends. She likes to keep in touch with the happenings on the Keene campus.

Audrey Tucker Starkey joined other Cheshire County Retired Educators for lunch recently. She has a granddaughter who loves her teaching job in a local school.

Barbara Avery Clark's family owns the Clark's Trading Post in Woodstock. She is doing well and is busy with family.

Always nice to have Joan Greeley Simpson and Forest at a gathering. They joined Jeanne Leonard Deschenes and other Keene State alums for a pancake lunch at Stuart and John's in Westmoreland.

2011 is right around the corner. We will be celebrating 60 years since graduating. There will be a need for help in planning some special activities for our class. If you are willing, contact Kay McLean in the Alumni Office or Norma Wright Walker.

Norma and Sarah Weston Hutchins '57 were on the reunion planning committee for the Hancock High School Reunion held in September. Other Keene alumni attending were Marion Weston Frazier '63 and Herbert Werden '60. Charles Contas '42 and Breeze Mosley '46, who had student taught in Hancock, were also with us. A letter from Thelma Partridge Mitchell '46 was shared.

IN MEMORIAM: Claude Dollar '51
December 13, 2009
North Kingstown, RI

IN MEMORIAM: Barbara Garland Woods '51
October 14, 2009
Hanover, NH


From Irene DiMeco Parent: "We were very sad to hear of the death of classmate Margorie Dustin Stapleton. We remember her as being energetic, smiling, and happy.

"Winnie Langtry will be heading to Biloxi, Mississippi, again in April to help restore some of the buildings left in the wake of Katrina. Winnie won $50 in the Paper Bag Apple Pie baking contest sponsored by the Concord Monitor. Congratulations!

"Grace MacNevin Chandler went on a cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She parasailed!

"Lucille Levitt '51 and Dick Lord moved to Sandy Hook, Connecticut, a senior establishment, and are happy there. They send their regards.

"Bruce and I attended the Golden Circle at Stuart and John's. I met Joan Nielsen Nelson's sister there. She said Joan was fine. A few of us attended the last lunch held at Lilly's on the Pond in Rindge. Norma Wright Walker '51 was charming. Thanks to her helpers as well.

"Don Carle mentioned that KSC athletic teams are alive and well. Alums can be proud of the teams, coaches, and athletes."

IN MEMORIAM: Marjorie Dustin Stapleton '52
November 5, 2009
Gilmanton, NH

IN MEMORIAM: Marjorie Dustin Stapleton '52
November 5, 2009
Gilmanton, NH

IN MEMORIAM: Priscilla St. Pierre Patterson '52
May 1, 2009
North Charlestown, NH


Robert Morgan hiked some trails and Flume Gorge in the White Mountains. The view was spectacular.


June Haymon writes: "We are all still remembering our 55th class reunion. We had a fantastic time and were grateful for all the friendly and helpful people. The accommodations and food could not have been better. Jesse Evangelou requested pictures and the reunion video taken by my son, Kris. If anyone else is interested, e-mail Kris at and please identify yourself as being from KSC. Shirley Witham Hyde wanted to come to the reunion, but health issues kept her away. Classmates, how about some news about vacations, grandchildren, continuing education, or travel plans? It would be good to share your stories with your class."

Marie Bergeron Drogue, Millie Shedd, Louise "PeeWee" Mongeon Toomey, and Pat McMahon Clark, all class of 1954, enjoyed a special reunion last summer marking 59 years since they entered Keene Teachers College and formed a lasting bond. Millie came from Ann Arbor, Michigan, for a week to meet with "the girls" and revisit her native town of Newport, New Hampshire. While she was here, Norma Walker '51 presented her with a Golden Circle medallion. The quartet spent an afternoon walking around the campus, which they described as "stunning." Pat Clark wrote, "We even tried to find the commuter room and Mrs. Goodrich's lab. Parker has been modified so much that the windows gave us our only clue to where we were. A locked door to a utility area seemed the right location for the commuter room. So much for nostalgia! Marie drove up from Sturbridge one day and we gathered for a picnic at PeeWee's home. Onward to 60 years!"

IN MEMORIAM: Lois Plimpton '54
December 17, 2009
Laconia, NH


David Staples was once again at the registration table at Reunion '09. He has missed only one year at this job since graduating. Those of us working with the Golden Circle alumni reunion classes that are celebrating a special year wish to thank Jacqueline Kinney Ray for taking time from her busy life to write her classmates encouraging them to return and celebrate their 55th year since graduation.


Jim and Doris '57 Smith are enjoying winters in Florida and summers in Massachusetts. They like reading, puzzles, and exercises.


Cynthia Faust writes: "Congratulations to Lorna Letourneau, who was honored at Reunion 2009 for her exceptional career in education and for her founding and stewardship of an alternative high school in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Sympathies are also extended to Lorna on the tragic loss of her grandson in a hunting accident. Our thoughts go out to her and the family.

"The 1957 Gift Committee met again this fall to decide what to do with the remainder of the money left from purchasing the clock. It was decided that it will go toward something for the new Alumni Center. Contributions are still being accepted for this gift. Please indicate that the donation is for the Alumni Center, class of 1957. At the appropriate time, the committee will meet again and decide how best to use the funds. Thank you for everything. If you have not seen the clock yet, I urge you to take a trip to KSC.

"The usual group, Margie Briggs, Jan Garrity Grant, June Drowne McNally, Joyce Gove, Mary Lou Stevens LaCoste, Jan Rafter Adams, Lois Manor Davis, and myself met in October at Applebee's for lunch. Cynthia Thompson Doten sent pictures of yesteryear for us to view, and some of her family. We missed our friend Joanne Doten Goodrich."

Barbara Boe traveled to China with People to People. She learned about math education.

Mary Minkler recently went to South Africa and rode on an elephant.

IN MEMORIAM: Charles Kendrick Capon '57
November 5, 2009
York, ME


Keene was a positive experience for Kenneth Edward Gile during the years 1954 to '58. He says "hi" to his classmates and friends.

Frank Taylor has had a rough year, losing his wife, Eveline '57, in February 2009. He is in his 52nd year of teaching.

William Webb is still working full-time with six elderly clients in his home health aid agency and continues as a Eucharistic minister.


Frank Davis is the assistant majority leader in the NH House of Representatives.