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New Class Notes

From Jim Wheeler: "Do you remember when you turned 60? It was like a big "THUD" for me. Now, we're all coming up on another 60. The 60th year we all graduated from KTC - 1950. In my case, I was a very young 22-year-old (in fact, I graduated on my 22nd birthday). Golly!! That seems like a long time ago.

"I did teach school for one year in Farmington, NH, but the Air Force grabbed me and held on to me until 1980. I loved it - well, most of it. I saw countries in Europe and Asia that I'm sure I wouldn't have seen had I remained in the teaching field. I spent half of my career in Washington, DC, plus another 13 years there after my retirement in 1980. In 1993, my wife Patty and I moved back to New Hampshire and settled in Peterborough. We're still here and love it. Among other things, I became a member of the KSC Alumni Board for six years and took several evening courses at Keene State.

"Now, because of back surgery 10 years ago, I'm semimobile - which means I don't get around much anymore. However, I'm going to the 60th reunion even if I have to use my walker to get around.

"This year's reunion (2010) is June 4 to 6. I'm hoping you will include the event in your plans. There are a lot of new things to see, depending upon when you last paid a visit to the College. A new alumni building is on top of the list, but there are a lot of other new buildings that have expanded around the quadrangle of our days. The campus is approximately 10 times bigger, and the student population has also expanded by a factor of 10. Bigger and better is the watchword for today's campus. You've got to see it if you haven't been there recently.

"If you can't attend for whatever reasons, could you please send a short letter or e-mail to Norma Walker '51 ( or the Alumni Office ( to briefly tell us what is going on in your life? We'll share it with your classmates."

Marjorie Parkington Soucy writes: "Priscilla Holmes Roberts, Patricia Cogwell, and I have kept in touch since graduation. I married Alphonse Soucy '48 and taught school in New London, Sunapee, and Newport while raising four children. Priscilla married and taught school in Claremont while raising two children. Patricia started her teaching career at Plymouth State in the training school. She then taught in Germany and Japan and next in Winchester and Bedford, MA. During our most recent visit to Patricia at her new home at New Horizons, my son Alan took our picture.

"In other news, Priscilla makes dinner each Friday for Arlene Parker Tatro, another friend, and me before driving us to band concerts. Priscilla and I have remained best friends since we lived and worked at President Young's home in 1946."


From Norma Wright Walker: "Margaret Harrigan, Richard Rogers, Elaine Schmidt, and Joan Greeley Simpson joined me, along with a group of Keene State alumni, for a turkey buffet at Hart's Turkey Farm, in Meredith, NH.

"Pauline Bullard Brown and sister, Margaret "Peggy" Bullard McEntee '53, with their husbands, enjoyed lunch at the College Camp. Dr. Helen Giles-Gee took time from her busy schedule to share news of the campus. Larry Benaquist, professor of film studies, reviewed his movie about the College that was shown at Reunion '09. He has been polishing, interviewing, and putting the finishing touches on it. It's to be completed this fall.

"Kay MacLean, assistant alumni and parent relations director, and I journeyed to Laconia to visit Charlie and Lois Flint Plimpton '54. Norma and Charlie had a chance to catch up on classmate news. A few days before, he had called to say that Walter Tibbetts of Bethlehem, NH, had passed away. 'Tibby' had been coach and principal of Bethlehem High School from 1951 to 1962. He then moved to Indio, CA, where he continued to work, but he came back to Bethlehem several years ago. We remember him as a great baseball player at Keene Teachers College.

"Nina Krochmal Witham wrote that summer had finally come to York Beach, ME, in August. She and husband Bob '53 were busy with their business. At Reunion '09 they stayed in Fiske Hall, which brought back many memories to Nina when she was a student at Keene Teachers College. They both were amazed and pleased at the beautiful work that had been done to restore the interior of the dorm.

"2011 is fast approaching, and we'll be celebrating 60 years since walking across the platform as Dr. Young presented us with our diplomas. It is time to be thinking about how we would like to celebrate that special time in our lives. If you have ideas, please let me or the Alumni Office know. Thank you."

IN MEMORIAM: Alfred Croteau Jr. '51
July 7, 2009
Keene, New Hampshire

IN MEMORIAM: Walter Tibbits '51
August 15, 2009
Bethlehem, New Hampshire


From Irene DiMeco Parent: "Memories still linger of our June reunion of 57 years at KSC. We had 10 classmates from our class. What a wonderful time - so many activities and lots of fun. We got a glimpse of Winnie Langtry and a friend speeding on a golf cart around the College and giggling like little kids. An open rehearsal of the alumni pick-up band was a good time and great music. I spoke with Charlie Mitchel, who wanted to attend but sickness in the family prevented him. We are looking forward to our 60th reunion in June 2012. Hope everyone saves the date. So many good friends return, interesting people, and fun things to do.

"Our last get-together was at the College Camp for a Golden Circle luncheon on August 12. There were five of us: Norma Mallat, Grace MacNevin Chandler, Winnie Langtry, Bruce Parent, and I. We had the honor of having Helen Giles-Gee sitting at our table. What an interesting and inspiring person. She gave quite a presentation of the happenings at the College and our new Alumni Center. We are looking forward to seeing it when it's completed.

"Morton Bradley and wife, Mable, from Brandon, MI, came up to New Hampshire, for a reunion in August and, while in the area, dropped in to see us in our home in Ashburnham. They came to do some genealogy traces on great-grandparents in the cemetery near us.

"I received a note from Grace McNevin Candler. Gib Chandler '56 and Grace have one son and two daughters-in-law who graduated from KSC. John Chandler '79 married Ann Keenan '78, who teaches elementary physical education in Worcester, MA. Susan Boyce Chandler '79, who is a social worker for the state of New Hampshire, married Jerry Chandler, who is a real estate salesman in Keene. Grace lives in Walpole, NH."

From Winnie Woodbury Langtry: "Anita Rawchuck Nestor and her husband will be leaving in October for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where they spend their winters. Winnie also keeps in touch with Joyce Wick, who recently went on a cruise to Alaska. She raved about how pristine the area was. She noted it must have looked like this when our country was first founded with log homes far apart and lots of area for each home.

"Hope to see you in 2010 at the Golden Circles and in 2012 for our big 60th. Please send information, so we can all see what you have been doing. If you have not received Keene State Today magazine, please call the Alumni Office."

IN MEMORIAM: Glendle E. Kearney '52
August 5, 2009
Concord, New Hampshire


From Marion Trudelle: "Three of my children did undergraduate work at KSC and my granddaughter, Kate Trudelle, will graduate in 2010. I spent my entire teaching career in Connecticut. My last 'gig' ended June 2008. I was teaching ESL to immigrants from Mexico and south of Mexico countries."

Robert Morgan returned home from New Mexico, where he visited two of his daughters. They enjoyed a train ride to Santa Fe and a visit to a huge cattle ranch at Lucumcari. He was especially delighted to meet two of his four great-grandchildren. They all went to Amarillo, TX, to see the Dinosaur Museum and Botanical Gardens. Everyone enjoyed it.


IN MEMORIAM: Maureen Mitchell '55
June 23, 2009
Dover, New Hampshire


From Mary Ann Pellerin: "At the Centennial Reunion on Saturday, June 6, I asked classmates to jot a note for KST. There were only five us: Margaret Russell Ramsay, Kenneth Hewitt, Roland Stoodly, John Summers, and I. Here are some notes:

"Ken and Barbara Hewitt '57 had a nice visit at the reunion. Barbara's class dedicated a clock to the College. The Hewitts still reside in Swanzey in the winter and Maine in the summer, and continue to travel throughout the country.

"Roland Stoodley wrote: 'This has to be the best reunion I have attended with Barb '91. Well done; I'm happy to be a part by being on your board as director.'

"John Summers wrote: 'I never thought I would live to see the 100th anniversary. The College certainly changed. I remember that the camp was dry. Dean Carle can no longer accuse me of being in the girls' dorm!'

"Thanks for your notes; that was easy! I do hope classmates will venture toward writing to help fill in KST class notes. My snail mail and e-mail addresses are given above, so there's really no excuse.

"The campus has changed, and so have we. What are some things that have happened in your life? I enjoy seeing my great-grandnieces and nephews when I visit New Hampshire. I'm especially proud of my grandnephew Christopher Judkins, who graduated KSC this year. My mother, Cora E. Stacy Pellerin '27 and '70 would be elated! Come on, fess up, there must be some special news you'd like to share."


From Cindy Randall Faust: "First I would like to explain that the reason there has not been anything in our class notes about our class gift is that the deadline for the fall issue was June 1, which was before Alumni Day. Therefore, I would like to include a portion of the speech Nils Peterson, class president, gave at the dedication of the clock tower. In part, it goes as follows:

'Fifty-two years ago, almost to the day, 147 of us gathered on Fiske lawn to mark the culmination of four years of study in the field of education. The Bachelor of Education degree we received that day would allow us to go forth and serve as educators to what would become the thousands of students we would encounter in our careers. Most of us continued as educators, teachers, department chairs, principals, superintendents, and professors. As such, we have had a positive effect on all those students we were responsible for educating. The point of all this is the question: What was the source, the very root of our success? The answer is simple: Keene State (Teachers) College.

'At our 45th reunion, we wanted to express our thanks to the institution that made it all possible in our gift. We wanted to give something back to coincide with our 50th anniversary and the Centennial celebration. A gift committee was established. We started with the Alumni Office, which produced a description of those kinds of things the College would appreciate receiving. This was followed by a polling of class members. The criteria for our gift emerged: something artistic in keeping with the College beautification goals, something long lasting, and, if possible, something practical.

'After much brainstorming, an idea emerged that would meet all of the criteria: a clock tower. A clock tower that would ultimately be dubbed "the Class of 1957 Centennial Clock Tower." A design contest for students was set in motion. Unfortunately, the winning design proved financially impossible for a bunch of retired schoolteachers, so it was back to the drawing board. We could have easily abandoned the project, but the committee felt obligated to at least try to fulfill our charge. With the help of the Alumni Office and the knowledge and expertise of the Physical Plant Office, we were able to bring our clock tower project to fruition.

'This location (between the Student Center and the Science Center) will have the clock as its central point as the landscaping design is completed in the coming months. A plaque will complete the project stating that this clock honors the graduates of Keene Normal School, Keene Teachers College, and Keene State College.

'As a result, we believe we have captured the original intent of a centennial clock tower and have given the College a long-lasting piece of architecture to be seen for generations to come. We believe we have accomplished our goal with this, The Class of 1957 Centennial Clock Tower. Thank you, Keene State.'

"Other speakers were Dr. Giles-Gee; Judy Kalich, former director of advancement and consultant to our class gift committee; and Mary Ann Lindberg, vice-president of advancement, who introduced the speakers. We were pleased that several people attended the dedication, including some who had not been back to the college for many years. I hope that everyone will stop by and see the clock when they are in Keene. The clock tower is in a prominent spot between the David F. Putnam Science Center and the L. P. Young Student Center."

Anne Brown retired in 1999. She ran and sat on the school board for eight years. She is now involved in retired teacher groups, plus she is busy with 13 grandchildren.


Ken Gile is still communicating with his sixth-grade teacher, who graduated from Keene in the 1940s.