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Nancy Burns Morey's son, Devin, is enjoying time in Madrid, Spain, teaching English and traveling through Europe in his spare time.

IN MEMORIAM: Mary Elizabeth Mexcur '70
January 17, 2009
Concord, N.H.

IN MEMORIAM: Edward Moreau Jr. '70
May 9, 2009
Hinsdale, N.H.


IN MEMORIAM: Marjorie Haven Sawyers '71
February 1, 2009
Claremont, N.H.


Marcia Manseau was the head coach of the 2008 Field Hockey Class L Championship team in Londonderry, N.H.

June Donegan retired from teaching biology and life science at the end of the 2007-08 year. She and her husband celebrated by taking a 60-day driving tour across the country. It was fabulous!

IN MEMORIAM: George Costello '72
January 23, 2009
Essex Junction, Vt.

IN MEMORIAM: Paul Jacobson '72
December 3, 2008
Coral Springs, Fla.

IN MEMORIAM: Wilma Hale Jewell '72
December 1, 2008
Jaffrey, N.H.


Robert Devoid is writing a book.

Dayl McComb Graves writes: "My school has a kitchen that can house an entire classroom at a time. We have established an obesity program that involves students, parents, and staff. PE is an integral piece. We home to make a difference in Roanoke's inner city.

Elaine Couture Keeler lost her husband, Charles M'78, in October 2008. Charles was a music major at KSC in the early '70s.

William Youngfert writes: "I was looking for a way to get my master's degree while teaching and coming to New Hampshire from Long Island was like coming back to my roots since I spent the first five years of my life in Manchester. Every summer I came back to Keene, and five years later my degree was completed!"

From Nancy Finck: "I transferred to KSC (from UVM) in the middle of my sophomore year and Don (from North Adams State) at the end of his, so that we could marry in the summer of '71. Don was an elementary principal in Halifax and then Wilmington, Vt., for 25 years, and I taught family and consumer sciences and coached in Wilmington and then Brattleboro, Vt., for 30 years. During that time we raised two daughters, Marcie (now 35 and living with her husband and two children in Tokyo) and Keri (now 30 and living in Kansas with her husband and our two granddogs!). Don left education in '97 to work as a DSM for Arctic Cat, Inc. (snowmobiles and ATV/UTV sales), where he is now the western regional sales manager. I retired from education in '04 when we moved to Carson, Wash., with Don's job transfer to the West. Don is being inducted into the Snowmobile Hall of Fame (bet ya didn't even know there was such a thing!). Snowmobiling has been a passion of ours since we were in high school. I enjoy traveling, gardening, sewing, and occasionally working part time - enjoying life!"

IN MEMORIAM: Gail Fitzpatrick Sanford '73
March 29, 2009
Haverhill, Mass.


From Jane Capuccio Stauffer: "In June the class got together for our 35th reunion on the KSC campus. Jane McHenry and I drove up together from Massachusetts. The weather could not have been more perfect; the temperature was in the low 70s and sunny with not a cloud in the sky. After registering we headed to the 1970s tent on the quad where our class was well represented. The tennis courts have been removed, and Huntress Hall is being completely renovated and was fenced off. Jane and I had hoped to go inside and see our dorm. We met up with Jean Goudie Walter, a fellow home economics major. Jean is now working at Polyonics in Westmorland, N.H., doing customer service. She would love to hear from Shirley Roberts Propper. Next we lined up for the traditional parade of classes. Present were Tom Ross, Mary Ross, Jodi Garvey Conti, Jean Stone, Diane Lavallee Demers, Sherry Briscoe Strickland, Laurie Meyer Daily, Tina Cahill Swett, Pat Michaud Vaughn, Becky Lamper, Jean Goudie Walter, Dave Woodward, Nancy Frost Conant, Cindy Godin, Ann Robitaille, Ruth Lindahl Comeau, Wendy Lehmarer Patterson, Jane McHenry, Jim Murphy, Candace Clark Murphy, and myself. It was great fun to see everyone, and we took lots of pictures.

"Later we went over to the Redfern Arts Center where the Jazz Ensemble Alumni were performing. We talked with former music majors Jim Murphy and his wife, Candy Clark Murphy. Jim is on the KSC Alumni Board of Directors and still active in Phi Mu Delta, having served as national president from 2000 to 2002. His son, Tom, joined the fraternity as a student at the University of Pennsylvania and went on to be national vice president in 2000 when his father was president. Tom is currently the national executive director of the fraternity and lives in New Jersey. Jim told me that when Tom was born at the old Elliott Hospital, the first place they went before going home with him was to the Phi Mu Delta house, on campus. It must have made quite an impression. We had a wonderful day, only wished more of you had been there."

Trudee Bacon Rice writes: "I'm married to Christopher Rice. Daughter, Paige Jarvis, graduated from KSC and is a parent educator for Parents as Teachers. I have three grandchildren: Bradon, age 8; Colby, age 5; and Madeline, age 14 months. I started work in Unity, N.H., teaching first grade for five years. I transferred to Claremont in 1984. I earned a master's degree from KSC in 2000. I worked as an assistant principal for three years in conjunction with my teaching position. I also served as NEA president for my local association for two terms. I am currently planning on retiring in 2010 to pursue other endeavors and enjoy my grandchildren."

From Gail Tilford Peach: "Bob and I moved to Pawcatuck, Conn., back in September 2007 to be closer to my Long Island roots. We sold our house in Massachusetts and bought a house near Mystic. We love the area and being so close to the water. Our son, Randy, lives in Massachusetts and works for World Winner. Our daughter, Kristen, is getting married this June and works for VHB in Boston. Bob enjoys his golf and his eBay endeavors. This past golf season, he worked at a local country club as a golf shop manager. A couple days a week, I'm an administrative volunteer at the Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration. I don't work with the animals but have participated in the Beluga Encounter Program and highly recommend it. I haven't heard from Dianne Fleischer in ages and wonder if anyone has been in contact with her."


Norman and Donna Muir are entering their fifth year in the Buffalo, N.Y., area. Norman is the academic dean for undergraduate studies at Medaille College and has been working on developing partnerships with colleges and universities in China. He's been doing quite a bit of overseas traveling. Donna is a S.A.H.M. to Alexa, who is in the sixth grade and a budding gymnastic diva. Donna also works part-time at a local stamp and scrapbook store as a clerk and part of the store's design team.

Jeanne Marie Lavoie writes: "We have relocated from the hectic but wonderful San Francisco to a quiet semi-retirement home along the southern coast of North Carolina. The adjustment is taking time but bumping into a fellow KSC alum at the golf course made it all seem all right."


Linda Petersen Bergquist continues to work as a resource room teacher and is celebrating 30 years of teaching. Her daughter, Krista, attends SUNY Cortland.

Deborah Erikson Plumer writes: "After a 32-year career in special education as a teacher, then director of programs, the educational collaborative that I had worked for throughout my entire career was dissolved in June 2008. As a result, several colleagues and I established our own nonprofit agency to oversee the adult day programs that we operate in the Salisbury area. I serve as co-executive director and oversee the administrative and programmatic functions of our agency. This has been an exciting endeavor, and we are indeed the masters of our own ship!"


From Dianne Glaser-Gilrein: "My apologies to the person who sent me news after reading the reunion issue. My computer died and when the transfer to the new computer was complete I lost several of my files. Please resend your news, and I will be sure to share it with your classmates. Thanks!"

Bria Hanson writes: "I am employed by the Northeastern Vermont Development Association, the regional planning commission for the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. In 1982, Pamela Evans and I were married (we were married almost 20 years when we divorced). In 1988, Pam gave birth to a son, Nathaniel (Nate) who is almost 21 years old now. Pam has retrained as a paralegal and is greatly enjoying her work helping disabled individuals get social security benefits. Nate has been training to be a professional firefighter since he was 15. In May 2008, he graduated from Lakes Region Community College with an associate's degree in fire science. In May 2009, he will complete the requirements for the associate's degrees in fire investigation and fire prevention systems. Nate is currently working as an EMT with the local ambulance service here in St. Johnsbury. He is also a member of the St. Johnsbury Fire Department. His mother and I are very proud of him."

IN MEMORIAM: Charles M. Keeler M'78
October 28, 2008
Nashua, N.H.

IN MEMORIAM: Michael Noyes '78
March 3, 2008


Betsy Foss writes: "My son and his wife just moved to Honolulu. He's in the Navy and stationed out of Pearl Harbor. I'm looking forward to visiting them. I changed careers several years ago and loving it even though the economy is making it more difficult. I got remarried in 2007. I have my pilot's license and enjoy flying our 1957 Piper TriPacer."

From Alicia Kamuda-Barnett: "I married my husband, Charles Barnett, in 1984, and we have three sons and live in Westmoreland, N.H. I am very proud of them and would like to say my oldest son, Calen, graduated KSC in 2008 with a B.S. in applied computer science, cum laude and National Honor Society for the Computer Sciences (Upsilon Pi Epsilon). My middle son, Nathan, is currently a KSC junior studying management and computer science, is a second-year resident assistant and has a GPA of 3.74. My youngest son, Jared, is a KSC freshman studying applied computer science and has a GPA of 3.62. I would also like to mention that my sister, Carolyn Anne Kamuda, also graduated KSC in 1977. As a graduate of KSC, it has been a great experience for me to have my sons attend KSC. Since we live nearby in Westmoreland, I am able to visit the campus and see all the changes and the technology that is available to the students now compared to when I graduated in 1979. I have had the pleasure to meet up with some of my professors and found them to be the same as I remembered. When I was at KSC, I lived in Huntress Hall and both of my sons live there this year. It has brought back many memories. If any of my classmates would like to contact me, please e-mail me at I would be delighted to hear from you."

Tim Hancock is living and working in Louisville, Colo. He is the director of photography for SKI Magazine. Thanks to his friends in the class of '78 for asking about him.

Amy Cotto attended the Centennial Reunion.