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New Class Notes

Graham Glover writes: "Hi! I've never been much for keeping communications up to date, but here goes. I live in Oakton, Va., in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. I've been married for 24 years to my wife, Barbara. We have a daughter, Jenell, age 10. I work as a simulation and modeling engineer in air traffic control research and development at MITRE in McLean, Va. I help reduce air traffic control delays and make the airways safer. All the best!"

IN MEMORIAM: Laurence Meltzer '80
August 24, 2008
Keene, New Hampshire


Stephanie Carter writes: "A group of us met in Boston for a weekend during August to celebrate 50 years of life. Happy birthday to us in 2008 and 2009! Some of us had not seen each other in more than 20 years. When we got together it was like no time had passed. We laughed and shared photos from Keene State and our families. We are all living on the East Coast, from Maine to Georgia."


IN MEMORIAM: William D. Howland '82
September 26, 2008
Keene, New Hampshire


Wendy Kern writes: "It was great to spend 2008 Reunion weekend with Suzanne (Mortenson) Welch, Cindy (Gonyer) Brooks, and Jenny (Sten) Cromack. Pondside III was spacious and comfortable. Hope we can get together again in 2009 as KSC celebrates its 100th!"


From Julie (Hogan) Shea: "Hey all! Tau Phi Xi and TKE from '85: Want to get together?"

Gregg Maddock writes: "I have been living in Salt Lake City since graduation. I would like to extend an open invitation to all my old teammates on the KSC ski team. I have just moved into my new home at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon and would love to reconnect with all of you. I can be reached at"

From Tracy (Smithers) Davis: "While in New Hampshire on family business this past July, I spent a day with Patty (Cassin) Rioux. Our children met for the first time and learned a few things about our Zeta days at 'Camp Keene.' Patty, I bet your kids will never look at a salad bar the same way again!"


Bob Lofquist writes: "Hey, everyone! I would like to urge more of our classmates to let us know how you are and what you're up to these days. I guarantee there are people reading this who think about you from time to time. Don't be shy or modest. Just write in! And please consider coming back to visit the campus. Much is the same, but there are many, many changes you won't believe. Even with a relatively small turnout from the class of '86, the reunion a couple of years ago was so much fun. I really enjoyed getting to know several classmates I had known only by name back then, but now count among my friends (hi, Holly!). Just imagine how cool it would be if you all showed up!

"I am living in eastern Connecticut with my wonderful wife, Robin, and 14-year-old daughter Isabelle. I work as a psychotherapist in Worcester, Mass., and love my job (most days). Frankly, I'm getting a little sick of talking about KSC only with Michael Trabucco and would love to share some memories with '82-'83 Randallites or '83-'84 Fiskies, especially my misfits on 2-west. Have specifically wondered about Rick S. and Dennis H. from the quad (OK, Dave Owen T., you too!), Jamie B., Seonaid, Michele L., and what about Cheryl and Mark, Nikki, Andrea (Clone, where are you?), Joyous and Jim, and Danielle. Let's hear from you people!"


From Susan (Hoitn) Renard: "I've been teaching business/computer classes for grades 7 to 12 at Black River in Ludlow, Vt., for the past eight years. I have two children: Mariah, 13, and Tucker, 16. I love teaching and am really enjoying working with students. I also teach adult education classes and sometimes work in our after-school program, tutoring students. I obtained my master's degree in information technology at Marlboro College Graduate Center in August 2007 and now teach a wider variety of classes."