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John Barry has been exhibiting in and treasurer of the Pioneer Art Gallery in Danville, Calif. He was also accepted as an exhibitor at the Weber/Fridley Art Gallery in Brentwood, Calif. John creates primarily three-dimensional "visual puns." He also did a four-piece series adapted from What a Zoo! An Evolutionary Guide to the Beltway Bestiary and Geopolitical Jungle, an illustrated book with his son, Sean, which was published a few years ago.

IN MEMORIAM: Helen Laraba '71
July 31, 2008
Manchester, New Hampshire


IN MEMORIAM: John M. Vanwormer '73
November 10, 2003
Gilbert, South Carolina


From Jane Capuccio Stauffer: "Jane McHenry and I attended the Northeast Regional Conference of the American Association of Family and Consumer Science in Nashua this fall. Though we had hoped to see more KSC alumni, it was energizing to see so many family and consumer science/home economics teachers together from all over New England. Our field is celebrating its centennial in 2009 just like KSC."

Nancy (Frost) Conant writes: "Once again, a number of KSC women got together for food, fun, the beach, and dancing in Fairfield, Conn. We are looking forward to June 2009 at Huntress Hall."

Carol Thibaudeau worked in the Hollis, N.H., school district for 10 years as an administrator. She is now serving as principal of Dunbarton Elementary School.

IN MEMORIAM: Lorraine Elsworth Bergman '74
April 26, 2005


Henry Maier writes: "I have never written to Class Notes but decided to drop a line, especially as we are celebrating the centennial of Keene State in 2009 as well as our 35th reunion in 2010. I am fortunate to be living full-time on the bayfront of Sarasota, Fla., since 1996. It is a beautiful small city with an outstanding fine arts community. My partner, Jack, of 25 years and I live in a condo on the waterfront and enjoy the theatre and symphony season as well as our beautiful white-sand Gulf beaches and stunning sunsets! I am in my 34th year in special education, having enjoyed a variety of teaching and administrative positions, first at Elwyn Institutes, in Media, Pa., then Alexandria, Va., public schools, when Jack was assigned to Washington, D.C. We moved to our second home in Sarasota after Jack's last overseas assignment in 1996. At that time, I went to work for Manatee County Public Schools. Currently, I am an exceptional student services specialist, overseeing elementary special education programs. As of late, my focus has shifted from emotional behavior to multiply-handicapped/medically fragile and mentally deficient students, where I originally studied and began my career, as well as students with autism.

"I have been most fortunate to maintain regular contact with Frank Easton, Eileen (Oechsli) Bohigan, and Diane (Reidy) Janson. In addition, I do keep up correspondence with Nancie (Devins) Murphy and, in recent years, Michael Dodge. This past spring, I had the honor and pleasure to host a cocktail party for KSC alumni and Alumni Association staff. We have quite a diverse group here on the Suncoast representing decades of classes. It was a pleasure to entertain these alumni and share stories of Keene State. Certainly, one can only be impressed with Keene State's development, the gorgeous campus, and its future plans.

"In addition, our class gift was to provide display cases for Eileen Oechsli-Bohigian's father's children's book illustrations, donated after his death. Since that time, in a small way, I have been supportive of the Children's Literature Gallery. During my visits, I enjoy visiting the gallery and am most impressed with the series of summer teacher conferences. Keene will always be the college where I learned much about my profession as well as life and friendship. Take care and best to you all."

Marilyn (Smotrycz) Bedell writes: "I married Thomas Bedell on June 1, 1985. He helped me to raise my two children: Suzanne, who is now an RN, and Daniel, who is an LPN. Unfortunately, Tom was taken from us on April 29, 2008. He was ill for one month with a lung disorder called acute interstitial pnuemonitis. So, now I go into a new chapter of my life. I plan to continue to work as a town clerk in my town and hope to spend some of my spare time working on various charities that Tom and I were passionate about."

IN MEMORIAM: Thomas Duval '75
December 13, 2007
Manchester, New Hampshire


Joan Messier has been a Sister of Mercy for 56 years. She is proud to have given 50 years to education. KSC provided her with a wonderful education and she sends the College congratulations. Presently, she is a pastoral minister at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Manchester, serving the elderly and the poor. She loves the ministry.


Shelley (Bennett) Kirschner retired from teaching after 31 years in the field of learning disabilities. She is now mentoring new teachers in her former school district.


From Bill Reed: "Currently, after 25-plus years in information technology as a software QA engineer, I'm exploring the opportunity of changing careers and becoming a high school math teacher. I'm going to school at Rivier College for a master's degree in secondary education and also substitute teaching in the Nashua, N.H., area. If anyone has any great stories about teaching they would like to share, I'd be glad to hear them!"

From Megan (Busher) Perkins: "I've been married to Jon Perkins '86 for 26 years. We have two children. Emily (24) is living in NYC and is an aspiring actress. Ben (21) is studying criminal justice and plans a career in law enforcement. Jon retired from the United States Army in 2004 and is now a seventh-grade math teacher. I left my job at a fitness center after 12 years and took a job at the same middle school in Woodbridge, Va. I am a P.E. teacher and the athletic director for our school. Jon is my cheap labor. He coaches girl's basketball and softball. We are having a wonderful time and can't imagine doing anything else. Our goal is to make a difference in these children's lives. Oh ... and have fun, too."