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New Class Notes

From Virginia "Ginny" and Barbara: "We are looking for Elese Tarris. She is a very special lady and we would like to know her address.

"Neal and Harriet (Thompson) Perkins '43 have relocated to 18 Heritage Loop Road, Crossville, TN 03841. They celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary on Sept. 30, 2008. Congratulations to them from all of us.

"Irene (Nelson) Koski was honored by the Cheshire County Retired Educators at their October meeting held in Swanzey, N.H. Irene served as recording secretary for 19 years. You did well, Irene.

"Barbara (Rowe) Freese and husband John '42 attended the Golden Circle luncheon in Concord at the Cat 'n' Fiddle as did Virginia Flint. It was an opportunity for them to catch up on family news. John and Barbara live at Havenwood in Concord.

"Classmate Howard Hawkins passed away at the age of 95. He was a very special classmate. Howard and his wife, Edith, were married for 67 years. They were always involved in community activities.

"Our sympathy goes to Frances (Day) Bolles and her family in the passing of her husband, Harry, in June 2008.

"Barbara and Ginny keep in touch often. They both live in the North Country and belong to Delta Kappa Gamma. Barbara is busy making a HASH quilt using 30 years of leftover scraps of material she has on hand. She also writes lovely poetry. Ginny enjoys her family (loves them all), church, St. Kierons Art Center, and concerts in the winter. She still drives. Ginny is very proud of her grandchildren. Two are married. One lives in Alaska and has two children and the other lives in Portland, Ore., and has three children.
"If you have news of family, things you have done, or places you have been, please send it to Ginny or Barbara."


From Ruth (Callender) MacKenzie Lee: "I'm in good condition - able to walk a mile or two each day (not strolling!). I enjoy living in a small retirement community in Florida. I still have my house in Littleton, N.H., where I spend three or four months each summer. I have so much to be thankful for. At 89, I still drive. My Florida license says 'Safe driver'!"


Caroline Nichols Pregent writes: "Hello, classmates! I'm back. I have missed our contributions to class notes. I want to hear from you so please send news.

"In November, Joyce (Campbell) Smith '56 invited Louise (Whitten) Perkins and me to join her at the 100th Golden Circle Luncheon at Lilly's on the Pond in Rindge. A large group of alumni and guests were present. Norma (Wright) Walker '51 honored several staff members and President Giles-Gee.

"Louise and I attended the dedication of the new Keene State Alumni Center. There were many alumni and friends of the College in attendance. Patty (Adams) Farmer '92, director of Alumni and Parent Relations, made a great Master of Ceremonies. Louise and I were glad to have a chance to visit with Polly Croteau. After our 65th reunion I received notes from Barbara Charbonneau and Pat and Art Shedd. They are all hoping to attend the centennial reunion in 2009. Barbara, Louise, and I have kept our friendship since our Goffstown High School days. Mary Bergeron and I talk on the phone frequently. It is always pleasant to hear from her.

"Barbara Adams called Louise. She is planning a trip to Branson, Mo. How I envy her! Cliff and I visited there several years ago with our daughter's family. Louise also heard from Neal '41 and Harriet Perkins. They are living in Tennessee and enjoying life there.

"I look forward to reading e-mails from Lois Querim and other classmates. Keep in touch. Hope you can join us and other alumni at the reunion next June as the College celebrates its 100th anniversary."


From Priscilla Sargent: "Glenwin Perry Stewart and husband all live in Lebanon. They are well. Glenwin still drives but said she doesn't go very far. Rosina Digilio was not hard to find as she recently knocked on my door. Her daughter lives on the same road as I do, so I see her occasionally. Connie (Riley) Fulham has moved to Pittsford, N.Y., to be near family. Connie is quite the bridge player. She is looking for Art and Pat Shedd. Ruth (Patterson) Dejeets spends a lot of time traveling from one home in Canada to another in Florida. She is planning on coming to the centennial reunion in 2009. Ruth (Avery) Briggs lives in Farmington, N.H., near her daughter Pam. Ruth is active at the local senior center, having recently gone on a hot-air balloon ride. Millie (Colby) Kern lives in a retirement home in Kissimee, Fla. Millie has to use a wheelchair. Marilyn Miller Heathe is in Springfield, N.H. I often see her at Golden Circle luncheons. I had a nice phone visit with Helen (Whitten) Nawjo, who lives in Goffstown, N.H. I often see Clara (Heselton) Digilio at Golden Circle lunches, too. She is determined to make each luncheon this year. I have talked with Helen (Smith) Chubb, who comes to our high school luncheon reunions most every year. She lives in California. Norma (Wright) Walker '51 and I visited and had lunch with Harriette (Chic) Streeter in Windsor, Vermont. Chic rarely misses Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics games on TV. I will keep trying to reach more of you, but if I don't, please call. Does anyone have news of Signe Oleson, Ruth (Schandler) Wright, Bernard Corson, or Velita Chartier Chase?"


Myrtie (Flanders) Kullgren writes: "We drove to Florida after the election. We don't miss the cold and snow in New Hampshire, but are happy to return in the spring. We still spend a lot of time at my childhood home in Stewartstown in the Great North Woods in the summer. We're happy when our two sons and their families arrive for a visit. I'm thankful for my years spent at KSC (then KTC) and my 38 years of teaching."


Condolences go out to Ruth (Blodgett) Washburn on the passing of her husband, Donald. They were frequent participants in reunion activities. They were good at jitter bugging at a Saturday-night dance.

Barbara (Follansbee) Dessert went to the potluck picnic that was held at Wadleigh State Park in July. She was hoping to see a classmate or other alumni she might know. Everyone hopes she will continue to join the group. Barbara said she would like to come more often but doesn't drive too far herself. If anyone in the Enfield area is willing to pick her up she would appreciate it.


Olive (McMorran) Dorr writes: "I'm a quilter and I've made quilts for all my 14 grandchildren as well as their parents and friends. Looking forward to a trip to Ireland in May, and I will be back to celebrate my 60th year out of KSC in June."