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The staff of the Alumni Office sends its sympathy to the family of Nathalie (Scott) Tisdale, who passed away at the end of August. Nat was a special friend who loved attending activities on campus like red and white basketball night, jazz concerts, and all the reunion activities. Her husband, Frank, taught at Keene State, and there are apartments named for him. We will miss Nathalie.

IN MEMORIAM: Arlene S. Hanchett '33
October 13, 2008
Topsham, Maine

IN MEMORIAM: Nathalie S. Tisdale '33
August 29, 2008
Keene, New Hampshire


Doris Rebidue celebrated her 96th birthday last July. She is enjoying life with many friends and relatives. She still travels some and takes day trips with groups from a senior activity center in Nashua.


Velma (Pierce) Smith writes that she returned early to her farm in Upsala, Ontario, from spending the winter in Maine to help care for her daughter who has cancer. Her daughter from Maine returned with her to help. Our prayers go out to the family.

Ferne (Coffin) Fogg writes: "We had 22 inches of snow in October, making outside look like a winter wonderland! I'm hanging in there, keeping well, walking this beautiful land, and grateful for family, friends, and all who pray for my daughter, Judy, who is suffering from endless cancer but continues to work. I'm here in Roundup, Mont., to keep the home fires burning and do God's work. I'm still driving, so go down the mountain to town or Billings for Judy's chemo. Norma (Wright) Walker '51 keeps me in touch with Keene State, plus I get the newsletters on the computer. Memories of my college days are still fresh."

From Gertrude (Emerson) Carmichael: "I'm still living at home at 92. The hardest part is no transportation. Because of this I have not been able to attend Golden Circle lunches or reunions for a number of years."

IN MEMORIAM: Paul L. Corrette '36
August 15, 2008
Bloomfield, Connecticut


Helen Tsiotas writes: "I've lived a long, healthy life! I retired from the good-paying state of New Jersey after teaching the lower grades. New Hampshire governor Craig Benson was in my first grade class ... so proud! I've had a long retirement in my home state of New Hampshire. I was a social worker for the Manchester Department of Social Welfare and the USO, plus a traveler's aide in World War II."


Hazeldean (Read) Smith often shares samples of her creative work. "Dean" and her husband just moved into assisted living at Waterford in Medford, Ore. She would enjoy seeing graduates of Keene if they wanted to stop by for a visit.

From Blanche "Scottie" (Bean) Smith: "Since my husband and I retired in 1978, we have done a lot of volunteer work. Now we volunteer for the Society for the Protection of N.H. Forests. We were honored with the Volunteer Award in 2007. We also volunteer for the N.H. Audubon Society."


Ruth "Bunny" (Berry) Dodge writes: "As of this writing, Oct. 11, 2008, my husband and I are 89 years old and have shared an honest and loving marriage for 66 years. We are so blessed and grateful as we continue to share our lives in Florida and York Beach, Maine. My three sisters also graduated from Keene Teachers College: Helen 'Lennie' '38, Bertha 'Jackie' '45, and Elizabeth 'Bette' '49. We four enjoy every minute we can be together reminiscing about KTC."