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IN MEMORIAM: Amber V. Brown '81
May 30, 2008
Glocester, Rhode Island


Deborah Sanders-Dame was recently appointed as director of student support services at St. Johnsbury School District. She is also part of a doctoral program for educational leadership.


Gary Scott Bulkley died suddenly on July 30, 2007. He leaves his devoted wife, Willa (Holcombe) Bulkley '82, his loving daughters Beverly (senior in college) and Madelaine (senior in high school), and many wonderful family members and friends. He was a successful man who gave generously to his family, friends and community.

Gary truly took pleasure in listening to others tell about their lives. He often thought about the many people he spent time with at KSC: the cherished friends he never lost touch with, the friends he had reunited with, and those he hoped to reconnect to. We often think that we will have time to get together again "some day soon," don't we?

Gary could easily bring smiles to those around him with his outrageous stories, laughter, and wit. He especially liked entertaining his daughters and their friends with anecdotes of his KSC experiences: catering for Food Services and in the Dining Commons, working on photography for the College yearbook, blasting concrete in sweltering summer heat at Spaulding Gymnasium with forever comrade Mike Morgan, hanging out at Kappa Gamma sorority house with Willa and her sisters, performing as one of the Ramones in the famous Air Band Concert, attending beautiful weddings of KSC alumni and attending one memorable KSC Reunion. Gary told the greatest tales of the famous Wilson Street Boys and their legendary parties. Willa would like to continue to hear from their friends and classmates. She writes, "I can't believe it has already been a year that he has been away. It would bring me some joy during these lonely days to reminisce with our KSC friends." You can write to her at

Pamela (Young) Low is married to Bill, who is a partner in a commercial real-estate company in Springfield, Mass. They have a 14-year-old daughter who is a varsity tennis player and an amazing girl. Pamela plays on the USTA tennis team for western Massachusetts and is an avid fitness advocate for teenage girls, in an effort to empower them to gain mental and physical strength through fitness. She is a personal trainer at a local fitness club. She has been living in Longmeadow, Mass., for the past 21 years.

IN MEMORIAM: Gary Bulkley '83
July 30, 2007


Jonathan Leach is a patent paralegal and retired from 20 years in the Coast Guard Reserves in 2005. He spent eight years in active Coast Guard service after graduating from KSC. He is looking for Paul Kenefick.


Michael Trabucco writes: "I'm writing to encourage people to send in updates to Class Notes ( Everyone should plan on getting to the 25th reunion. Recently, my partner and I bought a home in Arlington, Mass., and we've pretty much done nothing but fix it up since we moved in. Our only time away has been to Paula Mercier's beautiful log home in New Hampshire. Last year, I got to see Paul Besaw after 15 years. It was wonderful. I've been in touch with E. Lorraine (Lizotte) Collins a lot. Of course, I can't seem to shake Scott Farnsworth, Curt Herr, Jill Weiner, or Kate Caron. But I'm still wondering about Ed Greene, Heidi Ruggieri, and the old theatre crowd - Dave Burland, Karen Keohane, Cliff Berek, and Rosie Mead. Know that you're thought of (