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IN MEMORIAM: Helen Desmarais '32
March 23, 2008
Concord, New Hampshire


IN MEMORIAM: Frances Shaughnessy '33
April 28, 2008
North Walpole, New Hampshire

IN MEMORIAM: Gretel Cole '33
March 15, 2008
Grantham, New Hampshire


Alberta (Patch) Slegaitis writes from Surf City, N.C., that she had a bit of bad luck. In February she was hospitalized with pneumonia and fell when walking. She fractured her pelvic bone in two places. Now she is at home and doing well by using a walker. "B," as she likes to be called, has been involved in an interesting project with the second graders in Hartford, Vt. They had asked for pictures and mementos from their alumni. B had attended school there in the late '20s and early '30s. The school is celebrating its 100th anniversary, so B wrote down some of her memories and sent them to the students. The children drew pictures to go with her stories and all were put on a bulletin board. When B was in the hospital, they wrote to her, and she loved their messages. Being a former teacher, she was very proud of the letter formation, spacing, and content of each one.


Ferne (Coffin) Fogg writes: "As a 93-year-old lady, I keep fit by walking the lovely area here in Montana. My daughter, Judy, with whom I live, has cancer after 12 years' remission, but she continues to work and keeps going every day and doesn't give up. Norma Walker '51 keeps in touch, bless her heart. The Golden Circle is a great asset to older alumni and Keene State Today keeps me forever young."

Velma (Pierce) Smith writes from her home in Upsala, Canada, that she returned earlier this year from her daughter Martha Campbell '65, who lives in Bradford, Maine, to be with her other daughter, who was to go through cancer surgery. Martha came with her mom so she could be with her sister during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with Velma and her family.

Ferne (Coffin) Fogg is always a busy lady. Since Christmas, she has kept Norma Walker '51 informed of her activities. Ferne helps her daughter, Judy, with household chores because Judy works and is also being treated for cancer. Ferne keeps the bird feeders filled, walks the dog, and just enjoys the Montana flowers and scenery. She says it is beautiful in Roundup, Mont.


IN MEMORIAM: Chester Kingsman '38
July 13, 2004
Atlanta, Georgia

IN MEMORIAM: Edna Snowman '38
March 7, 2008
Manchester, New Hampshire


IN MEMORIAM: Carl G. Bartlett '39
December 2007

IN MEMORIAM: H. Jane Whitney '39
May 1, 2008
Lisbon, New Hampshire