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Marion Dennis Thorell writes, "I am a great-grandmother of Hannah Schilling, age 4. I am living in an independent retirement center. We still have six members of our class of '40 Round Robin letter writers."

From Dorothy Young Carruthers: In a letter from Bill Webb '58, I learned that Ruth Jenisch Wivagg was honored by six of her first-grade pupils at their 50th high school reunion in Wilton, N.H. A special bouquet and a card signed by her former first graders were presented to Ruth. Her picture appeared in the local paper. Bill reports that she taught him and his classmates in 1942-43. Ruth resides in Canton, Conn., and plans are for Bill to get her to her 65th reunion in Keene in June.

Just learned that Andrew Janis died May 22, 2004, in West Palm Beach, Fla.


Ginny Flint and Barb Stimson attended reunion in Keene on June 5, 2004. On our way, we stopped to visit Eleanor Whitney Belkowitz, who has never experienced a Keene reunion and so has missed the campus growth and its beauty. We had a couple of hours catching up on old friends. Eleanor has been living alone for several years as have many of us, including Irene Nelson Koski, Sylvia Koski Marschard, Elese Wright Tarris, Chet Brach, Robert Webster, Andy Schricker, Jessie Dutrizac Lombard, Barb Stimson, and Ginny Flint.

We enjoyed chatting with Neal and Harriett Thompson Perkins '43, Barb and John Freese '42, Irene Nelson Koski, and Norma Parker Woods. Missing were JoAnn and Bob Stillings, Jessie Dutrizac Lombard (health problems in Florida), and Sylvia Koski Maschard. Have we left out some others?

Several folks, including the Perkinses, Arline Starkey Rich, Jessie Lombard, and the Stillingses, are making their homes in Florida. Katherine Tibbets Shepherd moved back to New Hampshire. She is on 24-hour oxygen, but manages to get around.

Many of us are not as active as Dorothy Alexander Dean, who wrote an interesting account of their many activities too numerous to mention. They still tour the Northwest in their motor home to visit their children and do other trips, too. Many of us are not active anymore, but word of what you are doing would be interesting to us, your classmates.

Barb Stimson shows her woodcarving in demonstrations at the Sugar Hill Museum on Children's Day. She usually takes some of her quilts, too.

Ginny Flint exhibits her paintings done with egg yolk and watercolors, demonstrating the technique at the Historic Brown Company in Berlin, N.H. Some of the paintings are from photographs of places where she and her husband have been in their many travels.
Our faithful friend Norma Wright Walker '51 has been assisting us by sending responses to questionnaires that were sent out. Thank you, Norma! She and Arlene Peltonen correspond regularly.

We had word from Betty Richardson Rowell's daughter that Betty had returned to Keene to complete her schooling and that she had a very rewarding life, working at Wheelock School for many years. Betty died in 2003.

IN MEMORIAM: Andrew Schricker '41 passed away Sept. 11, 2004, in Epsom, N.H. He taught for 14 years and then was a salesman for Markem Corp. for 25 years.


Charlotte Reed Webber of Walnut Creek, Calif., visited her sister in Newport, N.H., in October.

Mabel LaFramboise of Latrobe, Pa., writes, "I crochet afghans in my spare time and give them to the elderly and anyone who needs them. I have made more than 65 large afghans and given them away."

IN MEMORIAM: Lois Dowd '42 passed away Dec. 23, 2002.


Joan R. McCarter has been at Heritage Heights Retirement Community in Concord, N.H., for six years. "I am loving every day," she says. "It's a great place to live."

From Caroline Pregent: "Once again we are missing one of our outstanding classmates. Ruth Wilson Keddy died July 3, 2004, after a short illness. We all remember the many accomplishments of Ruth as a student, teacher, and alumna of KSC.

"In August Mary Farman Bergeron invited me to lunch. Barbara Brown Charbonneau was visiting her from Florida. We had a great visit. Mary is enjoying a new apartment. Barbara had just returned from visiting her newly born great-granddaughter. When Barbara returned to Florida, she found there was no damage to her home, but she was without power for six days.

"Marge Howe Herlin and I have been corresponding more frequently. We both are experiencing eye problems. Marge keeps in touch with Bea Kimball, and wrote that Barb Adams visited friends and relatives in New Hampshire in September.

"David and Rick Perkins, sons of Louise and Paul Perkins '39, have been very active and successful in their military careers. Their parents are very proud of them.

"Cliff and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary with over 100 relatives and friends at the College Camp. The caterer from KSC food service made a delicious meal.

"It is sad to have Dr. Y leave our campus. He and Mrs. Y deserve a rewarding retirement with their family. We'll always remember the many accomplishments of Dr. Young and Dr. Y."


From Marjorie Paulsen Hilton: Our 60th reunion news was not in the last issue of Keene State Today. I had a good excuse - my heart needed repairs in July and I was stuck in a rehab center. Friday evening of reunion featured a welcome back mixer. The office staff and some dedicated alumni made Holloway Hall into a "Wizard of Oz" event to be remembered. In attendance at reunion festivities were: Polly Murtha Jacobs and Ruth Patterson DeJeet, both up from Florida, Marilyn Miller Heath, Harriette Streeter Chandler, Priscilla Chick Sargent, Rosina Digilio Stark, and Marjorie Paulsen Hilton.

Saturday's good weather was an invitation to enjoy many events from class meetings to luncheon. President Yarosewick personally greeted the members of the Golden Circle. Several classmates enjoyed dinner at the Pub Restaurant before dancing at the Saturday evening luau, "Blue Hawaii." Sunday morning many gathered in the dining commons for a good-bye breakfast hosted by the president.

Ruth Avery Briggs must have been a special role model because she has three grandsons doing graduate work to be teachers, and a fourth at UNH as a sophomore. She winters in Vero Beach, Fla., and summers in South Windsor, Conn.

Rosina Digilio Stark travels to Europe with her husband every year. She is a wonderful pianist and great dancer.

Priscilla Chick Sargent has been a physical education teacher at the elementary and secondary levels, a home economist for Westinghouse, a newspaper reporter, and was in military service as an ectographer. She is still active in sports and volunteering.

Ruth Patterson DeJeet never went to her KTC graduation as she started teaching in Londonderry her senior year. She also taught in Manchester and was a teaching principal in Windham, N.H.

Pauline Murtha Jacobs taught for 29 years in New Hampshire and became a reading specialist. She now winters in Ocala, Fla.

Eleanor Wright Kerr was a Navy wife and taught in many places wherever they were stationed. Her four children remember her as a superb volunteer and great skier.

Marjorie Paulsen Hilton continued her education beyond KTC and became a private school and high school teacher and city supervisor of home economics. She also was a camp counselor, a real estate agent, and a dining room manager at a resort hotel.

Constance Riley Fullam taught first grade in Missouri and Indiana and became a reading specialist. Her doctor husband was called overseas twice. After living in Washington, Colorado, California, and New York, she is now retired and living on a golf course in Fort Myers, Fla., to enjoy her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Glenwin Perry Stewart taught two years in Meredith and 32 years in Lebanon, N.H. She used her home economics background recently as a valued employee of the Mascoma Savings Bank of Lebanon.

Marion Provencher Packard found time to raise four children and teach at Whitefield, Lancaster, and White Mountains Regional high schools. She is well known for her weaving and is a recognized contributor to the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.

Alice Smith Harris lives in Redmond, Ore. She fondly remembers her experiences as a teacher and substitute. She has a son and daughter and would welcome visitors from the East.

Josephine Brady LaChance decided Colebrook was a great place to retire after having lived in Alaska. She taught in Nottingham, N.H., Montana, and Anchorage, Alaska. She now enjoys meeting with retired teachers and friends, and traveling.

Josephine Stewart Bateman remembers her experiences harvesting potatoes as part of the war effort in the 1940s. She taught in New Hampshire and then in Oregon, where she was a Head Start leader. She has two sons and a daughter and lives in Salem, Ore. News of Keene comes to her from a West Hartford, Conn., graduate of KSC, who is doing a dietetics internship in Salem.

Marilyn Heath of Springfield, N.H., reports on her trip to Virginia. "Six of us, friends and relatives, met at my daughter's house in Charlottesville and saw Monticello, antique shops, the Skyline Drive, and more. Had a wonderful time."


Pauline Fisher Bailey says that she will definitely be at our 60th reunion in June and is looking forward to seeing everyone.

Barbara Manning Gregoire writes, "I am taking my annual trip to Austin, Texas, with my sister-in-law for seven weeks, then on to Santa Barbara, Calif., to visit my son and four grandchildren. The two older girls are working there after graduating from UVM and Connecticut College. I will return to New Hampshire in April."

From Carolyn Wynott Goodwill: Barbara Manning Gregoire also tells us that she and Mary Buttrick Pelletier were able to meet frequently for lunch last summer.

Blanche St. Amour Loch keeps active caring for her flower garden and walking at least a mile a day. She is planning several trips, including one on the Mount Washington and an overnight trip to Vermont.

Myrtie Flanders Kullgren spends summers in Temple and Colebrook visiting with family and friends. She enjoys her stay in New Hampshire and our "short summers."

Ida Parsons Valla writes that she and Stephen have six grandchildren. One graduated from NH Tech, one from Ithaca College in New York, one from Harvard University in Massachusetts, and one from Bryant College in Rhode Island. Two have not gone to college and are working.

In July, Vesta Fenderson Kennedy took the Scenic Train Ride from Wilton to Greenville, N.H. The weather was beautiful that day and the lunch served on the train was very nice. In August, she went with the Keene Seniors to a lobster cookout in York, Maine.

Grete Meienborn Rule went on a weeklong cruise from Massachusetts to Nova Scotia, with daily stops and excursions at the major cities along the coast. The travelers were welcomed at each port with useful information and even roses from the Chambers of Commerce. There was entertainment on board every day and a daily newsletter listing activities.

After graduating, Mary Kachavos Kallechey taught for 35 years, first in Penacook, then at Rundlett Junior High School in Concord, N.H. This year, from June to September, she stayed in Manchester with her son Thomas. She toured much of the state and wrote to her friends in Florida about how beautiful New Hampshire is. She visited a friend in Scarborough, Maine, and with her sister Demetra, met Grete Rule and Constance Swain Donaghy for lunch in Manchester, followed by Mary's delicious strawberry shortcake and lots of conversation at Tom's lovely home.


From Peggy, Margaret Clark Helyar: I want to correct an error in the Summer 2004 issue. It was my granddaughter Adrienne who had a lovely wedding on July 5, 2003, 56 years from the day that I walked down the same aisle.

I attended the 2004 reunion, along with Herwood "Zeke" Curtiss, Joyce Chickering Jernberg, and Jean Harding Maxwell. We joined a Golden Circle meeting with Norma Walker '51 and enjoyed the outdoor, tent-sheltered luncheon. Joyce was looking forward to a trip to Alaska. Jean had news of her grandson, Sabin Maxwell, a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Phi Beta Kappa. He is a senior at UNH, a presidential scholar, and headed for law school. Her daughter, Susan Sambito, is a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda with the Lifelong Learning program at USNH and earned a merit scholarship.

Alphonse Soucy suffered a severe heart attack in August. After 14 days in the hospital and six weeks in rehab care, he is now home using less oxygen, a walker, and doing prescribed exercises. He would enjoy hearing from classmates: Al Soucy, 108 Christopher Rd., Newport, NH 03773.


From Phyllis Clement: I enjoy reading the news from almost all the classes, but I am very sorry to see nothing from our own class of 1949 for some time. I have been diagnosed as having Alzheimer's Disease in the early stages and have moved from my Bridgewater, N.H., home to Forestview Manor in Meredith. I felt that I should not try to stay alone in my home this winter. As my nephew was getting married last summer and needed a home, I left my home, which has been occupied for five generations. At Forestview, it is not home, but the meals are good and there are many things we can do for fun and to keep in shape. The residents and people who work here are A-Number-One. I would enjoy having letters from my former classmates and encourage them to send some items in to Keene State Today. Many thanks to all who make Keene State Today the very best. I enjoy it very much. Phyllis E. Clement, Forestview Manor, 153 Parade Rd., Meredith, NH 03253.

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