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Patricia A Haselton of Swanzey, N.H., still subs at Keene Middle School and Hinsdale Elementary School, and enjoys taking piano lessons. Her five grandchildren are all doing well.


From Maureen: "Classmates of '71. Well, I have finally received some news to enter into our class notes for reading and enjoyment. Thank you! Keep them coming.

Arnie Tucker took the time to write what he has been up to since he left KSC. Thanks, Arnie, for your news and waiting patiently for the print version (I misplaced Arnie's news in my files and recently recovered it for publishing)."

Arnie wrote: "As of Oct. 14, 2002, I began a new job as the managing editor of the Torrington Telegram in Torrington, Wyo. I moved here from Brillion, Wis., after four years as the editor of the Brillion News, a small weekly newspaper. The Telegram is a twice-weekly newspaper, with a circulation of about 2,900. I am also the editor of a small weekly, the Lingle Guide, which has a circulation of close to 600. My other duties include being a contributing writer to three other publications, along with editing a number of feature publications produced in the east-central region of Wyoming. This is my second residency in Wyoming. From 1972 to 1975, I served at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne as a Minuteman 1 and Minuteman 3 missile launch officer during the height of the Cold War. I was assigned to the 400th Strategic Missile Squadron, which has its launch centers and missile silos in an area that borders the southern edge of Torrington. When I moved with my family to Wisconsin following the end of my service tour, I wanted to someday return to Wyoming. With my three children all grown up and on their own now, and being a single parent since 1990, the right job showed up at the right place at the right time. Also, this area is perfect for independent work in my KSC undergraduate major - history. The historic Fort Laramie is only 18 miles from my residence. In the past few weeks, I have been working with the historic site superintendent and the park rangers on generating more publicity for the place. Fort Laramie is one of the few National Historic Sites that exist in a region that has seen little change since the early 1900s. The restoration work on the few remaining buildings is phenomenal. The fort is also located where the Oregon, Mormon, and California trails converge, along with being a stopover for the Deadwood to Cheyenne stagecoach run. This place is loaded with artifacts, historical accounts, and local legends."

Nancy Piotrowski and I continue being in close contact after being roommates for just one year but have a long-lasting friendship. She writes: "After coming home each season and finding Keene State Today in my mailbox, I'd rush to open to the Class of '71 page and far too often it has had a "without a soul" write-up. Now, our dear class secretary, Maureen Sheehan Hall, has asked for volunteers to write a little something about ourselves. So here goes: I, Nancy Piotrowski, married Daniel Hanagan of Manchester, N.H., on Dec. 27, 2003, after being together for nearly 14 years. I have been teaching in Derry for 32 years and now it is time to say goodbye and retire. Dan will also be retiring after 31 years at GMAC in Bedford. We plan on spending our winter months in Florida."

Louise Poitras Tuohy gave me an update on her life and family during one of our latest College gatherings. Louise has been employed by the Fremont, N.H., school district for the past 21 years with the last three as assistant principal of the elementary school. Her husband, Dick, is an assistant principal (must run in the family!) at Crotched Mountain in Greenfield. Their daughter, Meghan, married Keith Harrington of Pelham in August 2003. Meghan is employed as a behavior specialist for the Needham school district. Their son, Brendan, is a graduate of the University of Connecticut Law School.

Susan Kelliher Marshall keeps me informed of her family and says that her son, Matt, will be a junior at KSC and is carrying on the family tradition from his father, Dan. Matt is an active member of Alpha Pi Tau. So nice to know that great fraternity genes do pass on to the next generation!

Nancy Mullen Dufour and Jay '70 are alive and well, living in Hooksett, N.H. Nancy retired from teaching in June of '03 after teaching 30 years in Manchester. Jay still teaches at Central H.S. and coaches basketball at Southern New Hampshire University. They have two children. Martha is a graduate of UNH and teaches elementary school in Manchester. Matthew is a graduate of Brown University and is a Latin teacher at Manchester Central H.S.

Maureen Sheehan Hall continues to be involved in many different activities. "I am a very active participant in water aerobics (three times a week) and am on the board of VSArts NH. I work part-time at my brother's engineering firm in Manchester. Since 1978, I enjoy meeting with our KSC group about four times a year. My daughter, Sarah, 28, has blessed us with two beautiful grandchildren. They live close by, so my husband, Colin, and I have the luxury of babysitting and then sending them home to Mom and Dad! Son Doug, 27, has lived in San Diego for the past three years and I had the pleasure of visiting him for two weeks in September 2003. What a wonderful time I had visiting, touring many sites and then traveling up the coast. Hopefully, Colin and I will be enjoying more travel time once he retires in 2004!"


Susan Monroe Nugent was elected president of the Florida College English Association (FCEA). The FCEA represents English faculty from 13 universities and 33 community colleges and numerous private colleges. As vice president last year, she chaired the annual FCEA conference in Gainesville. She is currently professor of English at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville and in charge of staff development for the 33-member English department, as well as adjunct faculty. A former professor of English at KSC from 1980 to 1990, she would welcome communications from former colleagues and students at


From Kathleen: "I am still teaching at Antrim Elementary School in Antrim, N.H. I get to KSC about once a month, when I attend training sessions for Reading Recovery. If you haven't been back lately, you would be very impressed by all the changes! Make plans to visit soon! On a more personal note, my husband and I became grandparents this year to a beautiful baby girl!

I heard from Kim Bateman Carter recently. She taught in the Londonderry School District for 28 years. She retired in June 2002, married Edward Carter in July 2002, and now summers in Hooksett, N.H., and winters in Sun City West, Ariz. Her husband is retired from his position as a senior vice president at Bank of New Hampshire. They are enjoying some travel and golf at least three times a week!

I also heard from Clara Giovannangeli. She is fine but did not want to talk about herself; instead, she wanted everyone to know that she has been exchanging letters with Dr. Ann Peters. Many of you will remember Dr. Peters from her 22 years in the math department. She retired in 1972. She went home to Minnesota when she left KSC, and has been in the same retirement home for the past 18 years, longer than any other resident there!"


"Hello to everyone in the class of 75 and adjacent years from BJ Hickman. Love you all, miss you all. Still doing the magic show thing full-time after leaving radio broadcasting about nine years ago. We live in Dover, where my wife, Donna, has been a nurse at Wentworth Douglass Hospital for more years than I've known her. Our daughter, Jennifer, graduated BU last year and is in advertising in Boston. Our son, Dan, is a sophomore at KSC. I'm enjoying what I do with my magic, mostly regionally and all over the country, including Hollywood's Magic Castle for a week every year. Many speaking presentations, teacher in-services, and school assemblies. I wanted everyone in teaching to know that I'm organizing the first N.H. Showcase of Educational Performers (June 4 at UNH) and need delegates from schools to attend. Check out Wonderful surprise that they had a huge 50th birthday party for me last weekend. Surprised because I turned 50 last year. Oh, you too? Otherwise, let's hear from more classmates. Email me. I miss those years. -BJ" (


IN MEMORIAM: Debra J. Sicard '76 died in October 2003, in Enfield, N.H. She taught in Pittsburg, N.H., and at Mascoma Valley Regional High School and was an assistant librarian at Dartmouth College for the past 10 years.


From Craig Huff of Groton, Mass.: "I should have sent this notice long ago, but I regret to inform you that Janet Wallace Huff died on March 25, 2003, of liver failure caused by metastatic breast cancer. She was diagnosed in November 1999, shortly before the death of her close friend Deb Zitta. (Deb's mom once joked with Janet after Deb died, saying that they both got cancer because of the cheap beer they drank at Keene State.) Janet fought a tremendously courageous battle against her disease, which was classified as stage IV (not good!) at the time of diagnosis. Her doctor said she lived twice as long as most people with the type of cancer she had. I truly believe her positive attitude was a key factor in her success. She never lost hope, despite the endless cycle of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, not to mention the CAT scans, liver probes, etc. Oh, and I forgot to mention, no hair! Nobody dealt with the chemo loss-of-hair trauma better than Janet did. She had a wig (worn only once or twice) and plenty of head wraps, but preferred to go with the bald look most of the time. As I'm sure her friends at Keene State will remember, Janet was a great person to know - funny, smart, athletic (maybe not as much in her college days), caring, loving, personable, you name it. I'm truly blessed to have had her in my life. Despite my sorrow, I try to focus on all the good times. If anyone is interested, donations in her name can be given to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

IN MEMORIAM: Janet Wallace Huff '77 died March 25, 2003, of liver failure caused by metastatic breast cancer.


Bill Urich of Ridgefield, Conn., was named chief financial officer of Boston Beer Company, Inc., in September 2003. He earned an MBA from Rutgers University and has 20 years of management experience in the food and beverage industry. Bill and his wife, Theresa, have two children, Paul and Francesca. The Boston Beer Company has won more than 500 international awards for its beers, including Samuel Adams Boston Lager, its flagship brand.

From Judy Robert: "I would like to give you an update on my husband, Tom Robert. I'm not sure if he has been in contact sending any updates and he's certainly been up to a lot these past few years. Tom and I have been married for over 22 years. We have two biological children, Matt and Katie, both in high school. In December 2000, Tom traveled to China to adopt our daughter Marie. He visited several areas of China during his 17 days of travel including the Great Wall. On Christmas Eve, he returned home with our new daughter, who celebrated her first birthday the following day, on Christmas. That was a very special year. In 2002, we decided to adopt again, this time from Vietnam, a one-year-old from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Tom made his first trip to Vietnam in March, then two trips in July and his final trip at the end of August. Camille was placed in his care on August 30. She had been in a Buddhist orphanage. Tom has been in sales with Frito-Lay Inc. since the early '80s. He's a wonderful husband and a great father and we are very proud of him. Not many men could make those trips alone to adopt a new baby, but I guess being from a family of 12, it comes naturally."

IN MEMORIAM: Terese "Terri" Roloff '78 died Mar. 3, 2004, in Keene, N.H. She had been informational technologies manager for Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Oakland, Calif.


IN MEMORIAM: M. Catherine Ravlin Kamarck '79 passed away Aug. 20, 2003, at her summer home in Greene, Maine. She worked at Honeywell Corp. and Yale University and published a book on sulfite food additives.

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