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Got a wonderful letter from Louise Marquis Burbank, who wrote in spite of a serious case of arthritis in her right hand. She apologized for her penmanship, but I found her letter easily readable and most interesting.

Louise wrote, "I taught 25 years in Gorham and Berlin. My favorite grade was fourth, and I enjoyed teaching a great deal. Keene did a great job helping us reach our goal. I was married two times and had two sons by my first husband. Both boys had two children so it adds up that each son has two sons. All the grandsons graduated from college. To date I have two great-granddaughters and two great-grandsons. I sold my beautiful home because I just couldn't keep up with all that work. When I was younger I was active in women's club work, hospital auxiliary, and very active in retired teachers. I traveled about in my best years but I have certainly had to slow down. My second husband passed away a few years ago. I still drive my car but will have to quit soon when I reach 95. I live alone in a retirement place but most of my friends have died. To each of you, I wish you would or could come to Gorham and visit me. Love in friendship, Louise Burbank."

Eleanor Pike Comers continues to be a very able person. She has now attained the age of 95 and drives her own car and lives alone. She has four daughters who have given her 15 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. She writes, "I attend all the city and state retirement dinners and plan to spend two weeks in August vacationing at Rye Beach." She always reads Keene State Today and hopes for more news about the classmates. She looks forward to Reunion in 2005.


It was so nice to have the ever cheerful Harriett Richardson Ames at the Golden Circle luncheon at the Cat 'n' Fiddle in Concord. While in Florida, she decided to sell her car, since she didn't feel comfortable driving in all the traffic. However, she still drives in New Hampshire. Harriett has attended all seven KSC Golden Circle luncheons.

Dorothy Ingham, who now lives in Bedford, Mass., did her student teaching at Hancock High School with Bertha Manchester as her supervisor. She wrote a lovely letter to be shared at the high school reunion in August. Dorothy had great concern for her students, such as whether she was teaching properly so they could learn. Alumni of the high school would surely thank her for her concern for their education.

Geraline Newell Merriam, who lives in Woodstock, Vt., has a great-granddaughter who is a Winnie the Pooh fan. As a little girl she had a big stuffed Pooh that went everywhere with her. Gerry enjoys Pooh, also.

It was a pleasure to see the smiling face of Claris Head Lacey at the Golden Circle luncheon at Warren's Lobster House in Kittery, Maine. She was one of 34 KSC alumni and guests. Claris received a yellow rose corsage for graduating before the rest of us.


Olive Ames Edmunds and her husband, Scott, joined other KSC alumni and guests at the annual luncheon in Concord. It is always a pleasure to have this beautiful lady with us.

Dorothy Stanley Sundgren joined 20 KSC Golden Circle alums and guests for lunch at Heritage Heights, Concord. She talked a little bit about college life at Keene Normal School. Dorothy was recognized for being the earliest graduate among us.

Charlotte Davison Hamm journeyed to Sandwich for the wedding of her niece. On their way back, Charlotte, her daughter, and son stayed at the Magic Mountain Motel, so she could visit some old friends in the area. While there, they were caught in a storm that produced 12 inches of rain in 24 hours, flooding the motel's basement and pool. On their way back to Utica, N.Y., they had to drive around many washouts. It proved to be an exciting trip.

IN MEMORIAM: Cinda Ober '32 died June 27, 2003.


Marion Lathe Lewis sent a lovely letter to be shared with her classmates at Reunion 2003. She was with us in spirit, she said, but Gainesville, Ga., was a long way from Keene. Marion had attended her 40th, 50th, and 60th Reunions and was sad to miss her 70th. Frances Shaughnessy said she always looked forward to seeing Marion at Reunion. Frances missed the 70th because of health problems. Margaret Newman Chickering enjoyed seeing the photos of herself riding on the golf cart at Reunion. Margaret attends many of the Golden Circle luncheons.

Olive Milligan Smith and Florence Blanchard Amadon joined other KSC alumni and guests for a delicious Golden Circle luncheon at the Cabot's Inn in Lancaster. They were honored for graduating before the rest of us. The luncheon arrangements were made by Margaret Guilmette '56, our alumni contact in the North Country.


70th Reunion – June 4-6, 2004

A Keene Normal School graduate was recognized at the Cat 'n' Fiddle KSC luncheon on June 18. These luncheons began because of a suggestion she made back in 1997. Thank you, Barbara Auderer Goodridge, for that idea. Because of it, many alumni have reconnected with the College, their classmates, and other friends.


Bernice Bookstrom Miller was recognized for her perfect attendance at the annual Golden Circle luncheon held at the Cat 'n' Fiddle in Concord in June. She is a lovely lady and a special friend. She joined 20 other KSC alums and guests for lunch at Heritage Heights, Concord.

Ferne Coffin Fogg writes from Roundup, Mont., that it's been dry there. On their gardens her family sparingly used water they had collected during the spring rains. Ferne planned to come east for a wedding and to spend some time with old friends. She always writes beautiful letters about life in Montana and often designs her own writing paper, which is also beautiful. She volunteers at the Golden Thimble and is always ready to help wherever she is needed. She was looking forward to a visit from her son, Don, from Alabama.

Velma Peirce Smith will spend the winter with her daughter, Martha Smith Campbell '65, in Bradford, Maine. In her letter she mentions student teaching in Hancock, where Miss Bertha Manchester was the principal. Velma was 87 in June. She still does some tutoring and walks two miles a day. Sounds like a busy alumna.

A lovely photo of Velma wearing her Golden Circle medallion was sent to Norma Wright Walker '51.

Helen Szalajeska Raymond, her sister Irene, and Ferne Fogg have been friends since their Keene Normal School days. Helen was a reading supervisor before her retirement. She has lived in Florida for nine years after spending several long, cold winters in New York. Please remember Helen is your class secretary and would enjoy hearing from classmates for news to go into Keene State Today.


Florence Hutchinson Cooney reports that she is still bowling and still taking snapshots.

IN MEMORIAM: Madelaine W. Hyde '37 died in Concord. She was a teacher for many years before retiring from Conant School.


Stanley Johnson, retired general manager of A. E. Martell Company in Keene, writes, "All goes well with us, considering the 'hour and age.' I turned 86 this year."


65th Reunion – June 4-6, 2004

It doesn't seem possible, but it has been 14 very short years since the Class of 1939 gathered to celebrate our 50th Reunion. I am proud to report that since 1989, we have been able to meet every year in September. Maybe it is unusual, but I can't recall that we met at all for the first 50 years. At this time we have every reason to continue, and our next meeting is already scheduled for the last Wednesday in September at the Cat 'n' Fiddle in Concord. Incidentally, the folks at the Cat 'n' Fiddle are very nice to old people, and the food is good.

After all these years, why do we meet? Because for two or three hours we become younger for a few cherished minutes with friends whom we have liked and in some cases loved since the fall of 1935.

Our attendance has been quite steady over the last several years. We usually see or hear from more than half our classmates. Those present this year were Edna Twombly, Helen Marison, Rowena Newell Walsh, Paul C. Perkins, Rose McCaughey Reyor, Lloyd Sprague, Bunny Berry Dodge and husband Cap, Grace Blanchard, Angela Lampesis Johns, and Carl G. Bartlett and wife Lillian.

We were pleased to welcome Scottie Bean Smith and husband Erville, and Helen Berry Haubrich. We heard from the following in various ways: Jane Jeffery Whitney, Ernest Fiske, Gordon Tate, Dorothy Orson Nelson, Edith Foulds, Ruth Maher Worrad, and Virginia Bodwell Parkinson.

Ruth Bernier Mitchell enclosed a nice letter about her time at Keene. She still has memories of the midyear dances, the Kampus Kids, girls hockey, and many more. How could anyone ever forget those awful-looking blue hockey uniforms?

I am sad to report that Lloyd Sprague passed away a few weeks after our fall Reunion. Back in May I attended the committal services for Helen Thomas Chase as she was laid to rest on a high hill in Henniker beside her husband, Henry, who was my roommate and dear friend for many years. Lloyd and Helen were highly respected members of the Class of 1939.

For the last three years we have been very pleased to have Stephanie Nicholson from the Alumni Office join us for lunch. She represents KSC in a most gracious manner. She has kept us up-to-date on KSC in general and, in particular, on our Class of 1939 International Education Fund. Our fund is being well managed and used wisely by the College. Presently it has assets of about $60,000. In the distant future, our class will be remembered and honored not for what we received at Keene State but for what we gave back.

All is well in Kennebunkport. The weather this year hasn't been very good, but I have been able to ride over 700 miles so far.

IN MEMORIAM: Lloyd Sprague '39, '49, M '53 passed away on Oct. 24, 2003 in Laconia. He served in the Army Air Corps in WWII; worked for Lockheed Air Force and United Air Lines; and taught school in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Florida.

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