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Bob Brown and his wife Michelle had a baby girl March 11, 2003. Eve Margaret Brown-Ryder was 9 lbs., 1 oz., and 22 inches long.

Heidi Donovan Sanders works as a massage therapist in Plymouth, Mass. She and husband Bradley have a daughter Erin, 2.


Kelly Bray Kutscher and her husband Steven welcomed their third child, Declan Thomas, on Oct. 10, 2002. Declan joins sister Emma and brother Owen. The Kutscher family resides in West Hartford, Conn.

Linda Gary of Enfield, Conn., writes: My daughter Rachel Elizabeth celebrated her first birthday on Mar. 19, 2003.

From Deborah Palmer: I attended the wedding this March of Anna Papazoglou and had a chance to catch up with some alums, prompting this letter. A Delta Phi Epsilon sister, Anna married Steve Walker of Wakefield, Mass., at the Greek Orthodox church in our hometown of Manchester, N.H., followed by a spectacular reception at the Bedford Village Inn. Deepher Tracey Fiedler and Tau Phi Xi alum Kelly Burke '90 joined me in the bridal party. Tra and husband Hans Fielder (Phi Mu Delta) live in West Hartford, Conn., with their two adorable kids. They look exactly the same as they did all those years ago in the Phi Mu Delta basement! Haha! Kelly Burke works at an advertising agency on the North Shore (Mass.) just a few miles from Anna and Steve's new home. Tau Phi Xi alums Wendy Moxhay Wyckoff, Erika Sue Taylor, and Amy Hussey also attended the nuptials. Erika recently moved from Massachusetts to her home state of Vermont. Amy lives in Maine with her new husband John and daughter Emma. Wendy moved to California with her husband Jay a few years ago and came all the way back with her one-year-old daughter Grace in tow for the celebration. A grand time was had by all. After a Hawaii honeymoon, Mr. and Mrs. Walker are living oceanside in picturesque Beverly, Mass. As for me, I live in Burlington, Mass., with my fiancé Lew Cote and our two Cairn terriers, Bailey and Brady. Lew works for IBM and I am back at New England Cable News as a TV news producer after a brief stint in corporate America. I spent a year at EMC in marketing communications but was a casualty of high tech downsizing. It all worked out for the best as I didn't realize how much I missed journalism until I returned to the front lines! I would love to hear from Professor Rose Kundanis, the reason I got into TV in the first place. I am always so proud of the incredible KSC-TV experience I had at Keene State. I received topnotch, real-world training and education comparable, and in many cases better than, all the big TV schools in Boston where most of my colleagues paid top dollar to attend! The individual attention we received in the small and personal program was priceless. Thanks, Rose!

I stay in touch with fellow Kappa Gamma sisters Mary Setchell Pardue and Marcia Reed Soares. I attended Mary's wedding this past summer in Maine. It was a blast - great to see fellow Kappa sisters Elise Rogers Solloway, Colleen Lewis Murphy, and Brenda Robo Guilmett. We enjoyed an old-fashioned New England lobster and clambake for the rehearsal dinner, then traveled seaside to one of the most romantic and beautiful weddings I have ever attended. Lucky for me, my pals have chosen extraordinary locations to call home, post-Winchester Street! When I am not taking in the Maine scenery with Mary, I am a frequent visitor to Nantucket, where lucky Marcia and hubby Shawn live year round with sons Ben and Oliver. I was recently back in touch with Jenny Birdsey (Kappa Gamma) but haven't heard from her Pennsylvania self lately. I saw a picture of her two angelic kids, as gorgeous as their mom, I must say! I would love to hear from Heather Newey, who moved out to Colorado with husband Neil shortly after their wedding many years ago. I have also lost touch with Stacey Pritchard DeAngelis (Kappa Gamma) who I last saw at the Birdsey and Newey weddings in Connecticut. Well, I always enjoy reading my Keene State Today, so, thanks to prodding from Mary Setchell-Pardue, we figured it was time to send some news ourselves! Stacey Giannini, Michele Beck, and Sara Kallander, are you out there? Would love to hear from you! Drop me a line at

From Mary Setchell-Pardue: Deborah Palmer, thanks for the fabulous run-down of you and your KSC contacts. I want to add a bit of my own. I was married to Steven Pardue over the past Labor Day weekend and moved to Windham, Maine. I am currently teaching 8th grade mathematics in Auburn, and I love it. About two years ago I earned my master's degree from Lesley College in conflict resolution and peaceable schools; that is what prompted my change in school districts. I changed from elementary to middle school a few years before and am glad for the change. It is cool to work with people who are becoming more independent and forming opinions and behaviors every hour. I ran into Elise and Joe '92 Solloway and their son Jarrod at Elise's graduation from New England College a number of years ago and we have been keeping in touch via the Internet since then. Since that day, they have added Jenna to their fun-loving family. Although she missed the classroom and the contact with teens, Elise is spending this and next year at home making sure her kids stay on the straight and narrow. The four of them call Manchester, N.H., their hometown. Another stay-at-home mom is Susan Thayer Wydra, who is becoming an important community member of Dover, N.H., as well as chasing three kiddos around the neighborhood. She and husband Brian Wydra (Sigma) have a lovely home. Three years ago August, Colleen Lewis '90 and Scott Murphy were married in the foothills of Vermont. That was one beautiful event - wonderful friends, surroundings and quite a celebration of two fabulous people. As a matter of fact, I danced so hard that two months later I had to have knee surgery. Colleen earned her master's degree in education from Lesley College in 1998; she and Scott live and teach in the Boston area while raising daughter Camden. I spend most of my non-religious holidays with the Lewis-Murphy family. Brenda Guilmett '90 owns her own home in Laconia, N.H. She is a vital employee of Wal-Mart! Brenda has traveled to dude ranches, skydived, and had many other crazy adventures since her days at KSC. For calm days she kayaks. She has also become the 1991 Kappa glue, getting us to gather more regularly to re-establish our friendships as adults. Thanks Robo. I have recently gotten back in touch with "E" Elizabeth DeWaters Schrogie '92. She and her husband John '90 have recently moved to Spring City, Pa. They have a handsome son, Ian. Elizabeth is also a fortunate mom and is able to stay home. Kim Smith Heistand and I keep in touch a few times a year. She is raising two children, Bradley and Madeleine, and remodeling their Framingham, Mass., home with husband Dave Heistand (Sigma). I would love to hear about what some of my swimming buddies are doing now:

From Kathleen Kerr St. Germaine: Hello, all. It has been quite some time and I do apologize, but life has changed quite a bit and time is in short order these days. I feel compelled to at last lose some sleep to write some notes because I've heard from sooo many people over the last few months. I've lost track of what has been reported and what hasn't so I'm going to spill all and tell everyone what I know. First of all, my e-mail address has changed to and my husband and I moved from Martha's Vineyard to Plymouth, Mass., for work-related reasons and are enjoying being on the mainland again. I don't know if everyone heard that the Bunnells (Christie and Dave, aka Bunhead) had their fourth child, Jack, last fall. Another beauty of course! Amy Hussey and John Collins got married last year and had a killer bash, including friends such as Eric Grant, Andy and Jen Young, Christie and Dave Bunnell, Matt and Melissa Shackway-McCarthy, Melodie and Dave Theisen, myself and my husband Kyle St. Germaine, Tracy and Hans Fiedler, Anna Papazaglou and her then fiancé, now husband, Steve Walker, and Erika Sue Taylor. The reception was in Wells, Maine. It was beautiful and all had a great time. Anna and her husband Steve were married on March 8 in Manchester, N.H; the reception was at the Bedford Inn in Bedford. Partygoers report that Anna was a beautiful bride and they had a wonderful time. Reports have it that Eric Grant snuck off and got married last summer. Congrats, Grunt!

My husband Kyle and I welcomed our daughter Marie into the world May 26 at a whopping 9lbs., 5 oz. She has been a joy and a life-altering experience. I graduated from nursing school the next day. Just before Marie was born Lisa Tyldesley Levine and Dave Levine '90 welcomed their second daughter into the world. Lisa and Dave are living in Rhode Island and doing well. Melissa and Matt McCarthy welcomed their second son Miles into the world on March 31 and are doing great, still living in Tolland, Conn. Mason is adjusting to being a big brother. Jimmer, Rick, CJ and Brian are trying to keep Matty in about the blind leading the blind!

Awhile back I went to see Jared Nixon play at the Chicken Box on Nantucket in a killer band that rocked the house. Jared also just did some drums on Ed Carey's new CD called "Me and Marie." You may remember when Ed Carey used to sing his songs at The Pub Club, in your dorm room, or anywhere else folks would let him. Ed has continued to follow the path of music, and Walking Blues Records is proud to announce the release of his second CD, "Me and Marie." Ed's arrestingly clear writing and natural gift for storytelling has earned him comparisons to a wide range of artists including Bruce Springsteen, Lyle Lovett, and Richard Thompson. "Me and Marie" is already receiving rave advance reviews and Ed plans on supporting the record with shows throughout the northeast. For more information about Ed and how to obtain his new record, check out or contact

If anyone else has any information for me, I'd love to hear from you. I hope this finds everybody doing well. It's hard to believe that it's been so long since we've all gone out into the real world, but we've all come a long way. All the best to everyone.

From Lisa Tyldesley Levine: My husband Dave '90 and I revisit our Keene State days often! It is remarkable how many people you come across who have some sort of tie to KSC. We are living in Charlestown, R.I., and Dave is a building contractor and runs his own company. I am an education coordinator for a large childcare center in North Kingstown, R.I. We have two girls, Ashley, 4, and Robin, 1. I would love to hear from Cynthia Wilson Ide, Pete Chapman, Lumpy, and anyone else who wants to say hello to an old friend! My e-mail address is

From Kristina Anderson Martinelli: After six years in Wisconsin, I found my better half and we moved back to the East Coast and were married in Newport, R.I., in October 2000. KSC alumni Jen McLane Perlee and Diane Sedar were in attendance. Since then, my husband Mike and I bought a new home in Milford, Conn., and we have a baby girl, Madisyn Karin Halime, born September 12, 2002. I would love to hear from Kappa Gamma alumni and old friends, at


From Kristine Olsen: Kim Maslowski wrote to say she married Wade Hanson on Sept. 21, 2002, in Warren R.I. KSC alumni in attendance included Janet Pepin, Mark Worsman, Renaie Levesque Marquis and Brian Marquis '89, Jennifer Boivin Dupuis '91, Christina Petruzzo Webb '94, and Joshua Webb '94. Kim and her husband live in Bristol, R.I. Congratulations to Kim and Wade!

Michelle Francoeur Oliger and her husband Erik welcomed a new baby to their family on Feb. 11, 2003. Camille Lynn joins mom, dad, and big sister Emily, who is now two. Michelle's husband Erik is in the Air Force Reserves, and they are waiting to see if he will get shipped out. Congratulations to Michelle and Erik!

David McAlpine writes: I finally married my fantasy girl, Caroline Glover '94, on Dec. 29, 2001, in Brookline, N.H. We dated in college and had an amazing connection. After graduation I moved to California and Caroline to England. I returned to the East Coast, got married, and had a son, Riley. After my divorce, I tracked Caroline down in Philadelphia on the Internet. I sent five letters to all the Caroline Glovers in Philadelphia. She got my letter and we started to correspond. A few years later, we met and she eventually moved back to New Hampshire. We got engaged and bought a house in the rural woods of Brookline. She's presently working in Manchester, N.H., as an instructional designer for the University System of New Hampshire. I'm writing my heart out at Motorola, where I work as a technical writer. It's nice to know that fairy tales really do come true. We'd love to hear from our old chums at KSC. My email is


Melissa L. Dyrsten of Laconia, N.H., would like friends to know her son Braedyn was born on May 24, 2001.

Joshua M. Boisvert of Washington, D.C., has been traveling the country as a political consultant. He managed a U.S. Senate campaign in Maine and has worked on various other campaigns in New York, Miami, and Raleigh, N.C. He is currently working with a Fortune 100 company as a strategic communications consultant, and remains very active in Democratic Party politics. He is married to Leslie Parsons who works at a national consulting firm, Dewey Square Group, in Washington. The couple lives on Capitol Hill, just two blocks from the Capitol Building.


From Bridget Fulton-Cook: This is my first update, but I'll try to be brief. I have been pursuing a successful career in public relations, most recently managing public relations for a wireless software company. I married Ron Cook in 1998; altogether, we have been a couple for almost 11 years. Our first child, a son Paul, will celebrate his first birthday this July. Hello, Sigma Rho Upsilon alumni and other alumni friends. I can now be reached at if you would like to reconnect.


Jennifer Pizzi Munroe is a telephone service representative for Abacus Communications in Manchester, N.H., and is studying for certification as an English as a second language teacher.

Aaron Rothberg writes: Essentially, I've moved a couple of times over the past few years and have lost touch with a lot of alumni as a result. Here is my current information: Aaron Rothberg, 37 Water Street, Keene, NH 03431

Cara Staus writes: Bill '93 and Kendra Larson Thomas welcomed a daughter, Emma Hope, on Sept. 27,2002. They moved to California in January 2003 and would love to hear from everyone at Keep in touch.


Carol Roux-Sindoni writes: My husband Michael and I welcomed our first child, Anthony Richard Sindoni, on Jan. 21, 2003. He weighed 10 lbs., 2 oz. and was 22 inches long. I am currently teaching fourth grade in Manchester, N.H.

Stacey and Guy Harrington '98 had a baby boy, Tyler Reid Harrington, on Oct. 11, 2002.


Kathleen Ann Currier Steinmetz of Manchester, N.H., writes: Husband Tom, retired from the Manchester police force, is a priest in Melkite Catholic church. Son Michael graduates from St. Anselm College this year, daughters Elizabeth and Sarah still living teen years at home.

Joshua Cummings writes that he has been working as a chemist for nearly five years at Mass Military Reservation on Cape Cod, running an analytical lab for Severn Trent Labs.


Sally Sheward says that she lost touch with some of the people she met over the two semesters she was on exchange from Wolverhampton University in England during 1997. She would like to get in touch and can be reached at

Rob Gray shares his contact information for everyone who wants additional information about his Children's Stage Adventures (see feature article in the spring 2003 issue of Keene State Today). Children's Stage Adventures, Rob and Lorrie Gray, executive directors; 33 Centre Street; Sullivan, NH 03445; phone toll free 866-272-2255, or 603-847-3428;; e-mail:

Tony Vogl accepted a promotion to a senior district executive with the Connecticut Yankee Council, Boy Scouts of America in Milford, Conn. He and Nicole moved there in April.

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