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IN MEMORIAM: Thomas F. Nugent Jr. '50 died Sept. 12, 2002, at his home in Corvallis, Ore. He served with the Navy in World War II and earned a master's degree from Syracuse University. He worked in the mental health field in Oregon and was director of mental health services at Lane County Mental Health at his retirement. He put himself through college by playing in dance bands and, after retirement, played saxophone with jazz and concert bands in his community.


Barbara S. Brooks writes: Marion Pauling '33 is my winter neighbor here in New Hampshire. We visit often and discuss winter challenges!

From Norma Wright Walker: Audrey Tucker Starkey and her husband drove to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving with their daughter. They were fortunate to travel between snowstorms. Audrey's Keene High School class celebrated its 50th Reunion last fall.

The state of New Hampshire recently selected property in Troy, N.H., which was added to the National Register of Historic Places thanks to chair Marion Russell Austin. Marion helped to list 241 buildings, sites, and objects in Troy that were worthy of preservation. Marion and her committee worked for nearly two-and-a-half years to reach their goal. We are proud of you and your success, Marion.

Betsy Walker Staples and David '55 took part in the annual Christmas concert at Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club. They also enjoyed caroling with their friends.

Cecil and Corinne Nash attended a graduation, enjoyed Thanksgiving with 12 family members, and took several trips in their busy year. Cecil is still treasurer of the Marlborough Educators and the Cheshire County Retired Educators Association. In February, they started planning their vegetable garden as the seed catalogs started arriving. They have even raised sweet potatoes.

Our sympathy goes out to Beverly Proctor Boyer. Her husband Fred passed away Oct. 24 after a bout with cancer. Bev spent the winter in Naples, Fla.

Barbara Garland Woods stayed in New Hampshire for the winter after falling and breaking her hip.

I sit here in New Hampshire with 0 degrees outside and read Elsie Bowes Brenner's letter from Texas saying they are preparing for cold weather of 30-45 degrees. Maybe she still remembers winters in Greenfield and Keene. Last summer Elsie, her husband, and their cat Nicholas toured the U.S. and Canada in their motor home. Elsie is happy living near her daughter, especially on the holidays when she serves a traditional seafood dinner. Elsie sent a wonderful set of photos taken while we were at KTC.

In a phone call from Claude Leavitt who wintered in Florida he related that he and Marion '52 enjoyed the warm days down there. They have a granddaughter who is interested in attending KSC.

Jill Knight Wyman and Paul are now full-time residents of New Hampshire. Hope the winter weather this year didnt change their minds about staying in the north.

Pauline Bullard Brown and her husband managed a state park at Keystone Heights in northern Florida for a couple of winter months.

Joan Greeley Simpson writes that the temperatures in No. Port, Fla., hovered around 27-30 degrees for several days. Hope they had warm clothes with them.

Our thoughts are with Winnie and Nelson Edoff. We look forward to the day when Winnie will be back with us.

Dorothy Thompson Henderson of Rockland, Maine, writes: My son Peter is the equipment manager for the Boston Bruins hockey team. I work as a volunteer at the Penobscot Language School in Rockland. My French from KSC is still helping. Tres bon.


From Irene Parent: Greetings from Frank Sorger. Frank attended our 50th and tells us that he lives in Lindenhurst, N.Y., with wife and son. He taught until '83 when he joined the ranks of retirees, the same year that his son David started kindergarten. Most of the years that followed he was "class mother." Hope everyone got a chance to visit with him at our 50th. It was good to hear from you, Frank.

Got a nice note from Grace McNevin Chandler. She taught and coached two years in Walpole, married Gibby '56, and they have six children, four boys and two girls. Gib taught at KJHS for 27 years while Grace stayed home for 20 years rearing their children. She then went back to teaching at various jobs, subbing and teaching Title I in elementary school and junior high school. She was also an assistant teacher for eight years. She spent 14 years in human services/group homes in Nashua and Keene. She and Gib have both been involved with church activities and their recycling center. She retired in '95 and now keeps busy enjoying their ten grandchildren. They reside in Walpole, N.H. It was great hearing from you, Grace.

Joyce Bridgeo Wick noticed that her maiden name was used in Class Notes in the winter issue of Keene State Today instead of her married name. Sorry, Joyce. It seems class secretaries still refer to fellow students by their maiden names.


From Alfreda Crosby Gallo: Hello, class of 1955! On Feb. 23, Betty Kilgore and I drove to Philippi Park, Fla. There were only about 30 alumni there. The wind blew over the water and we had a cold afternoon. The sun was shining but it didn't give out any warmth. Dave Staples, Al Niemela, Betty, and I were the only members of our class. Jody O'Brien '82, Mike Maher '72 and Kay MacLean of the KSC Alumni Office walked among the alumni and kept their interest. Dr. Y. sends his best to us while he remains at home managing the budget.

The Science Center project was the main topic of conversation. The day after graduation, renovation of the science building will commence, along with an addition to the building. Four million dollars is needed. Mike is holding out his cap! The doors will be closed for three semesters and two summers. The recreational building and the library are being well used. Twelve hundred students were in the freshman class this year. Twenty-three hundred students are living on campus. The school is growing! Bedrooms have been changed from two students to three students. The growth has become a great challenge. Jody O'Brien, president of the KSC Alumni Association, said that in 1960 there were only 1,000 students in the entire school!

We understand that all of our special guests were escaping from New Hampshire's frozen tundra. Members at the gathering came from 1933, 1934, 1936, 1941, 1943, 1944, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1973, 1982, 1991, 1995, and 1996. There are over 600 Keene graduates in Florida. We would appreciate contact with more of our friends.


From Mary Gline: Our class will be accumulating donations in a special fund for our 50-year gift to the College in 2006. Classmates may send donations to Alumni Office, Keene State College, 229 Main Street, Keene, NH 03435-2701. Include "Class of 1956 gift" on the memo line of your check.


Barbara L. Boe, retired professor of education at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wis., writes that she is an active member of Phi chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, whose main interest and support is teacher education. "We support by scholarship two education students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We also follow our students after they graduate and begin their careers. Currently we mentor five young women, one of whom is teaching special education in South Africa."

From Sally Coen: Again gathering at the Cat 'n' Fiddle for lunch on Martin Luther King Day were Marilyn Howe Houghton, Judy McCarthy, Phyllis Dowd, Mary Pickett Hopwood, Freda Spiro, June Drake Purington, Carol Boucher, and Sarah "Sally" Coen. Marilyn set the stage by announcing "no talking about Medicare!" Pictures of children and grandchildren circulated and were approved. We're looking forward to next year's get-together. Same time, same place.


IN MEMORIAM: Carolyn A. Gilbo '58, M'71 passed away in Los Angeles, Calif. She moved from Keene to California 30 years ago and taught elementary school there. Recently she was a communications specialist for the Baldwin Park (Calif.) Police Dept.

Donald C. Simpson '58 died Oct. 20, 2002, in Plymouth, Mass. He was a retired mathematics professor at Bridgewater (Mass.) State College.


Roger F. and Judith D. Wilson '61 have been married 42 years. They report that they met at the campus coffee shop.

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