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IN MEMORIAM: Carol D. Frechette '62 passed away Jan. 11, 2003, in Manchester, N.H. She taught at Gilsum (N.H.) Elementary School and at Parker School in Manchester. She also worked at Casual Male, Family Bank, and Moses & Gagne Financial Planning in Concord, N.H.


From Betty: Okay classmates, here's yet another reminder! You've received letters and telephone calls and now this message. Mark your calendar, send in your reservations, and come back to the campus on the weekend of May 30-June 1 for the 40th Reunion. The college camp is ready for Saturday evening together. Everyone is staying overnight at Holloway Hall. Come on, isn't this the best time of our lives to sit back and reminisce?


Thomas C. Aubertine of Ketchikan, Alaska, retired as a school administrator in 1992 and has been a big game guide since 1970 and a fishing guide since 1985.
From John H. West: "I retired in June 2001 after 37 years in the classroom, 3 of them in Gorham, N.H., and 34 of them at Rundlett Middle School in Concord, N.H. A bachelor until I was 35, I married fellow Concord teacher Hannah Lacy. We celebrated our silver anniversary on Oct. 8, 2002. We have two daughters, Anne Louise and Mary. Anne graduated from the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass., in 2001 and is now in Kentucky working with the Christian Appalachian Project. Mary is senior class president at Wells College in Aurora, N.Y., and graduates this May. My family has been active in the Grange for about 100 years and in October 2002 I was elected as Master (President) of the N.H. State Grange. Hannah and I hold several other Grange positions in the state and New England. I am also an officer in the Merrimack Valley Retired Educators Association in the Concord area. We live in Chichester, N.H., where my ancestors go back to the late 1700s. Gale Marston, my college roommate, owns the house across from ours. He retired from Rundlett Jr. High School in 1997 just before it became Rundlett Middle School and actually lives in Hooksett, N.H., with his wife Marion '61. My best man at our wedding, Roger McCarthy, is also retired from teaching in Wilbraham, Mass., and lives in Springfield. A bachelor, he summers in Lubec, Maine, and we visit him there every August."


Joyce Rogers Brookshire has two grandchildren, Owen Scott and Hailee Jayne Wilcox. She was elected selectwoman in Eastham, Mass., in the winter of 2002. She plans to stay for as many terms as possible. Joy started a knitting business called Joyful Creations. She plans to retire in four or five years.

Ann Ladam was in our class for three years and writes from Keene that if she had obeyed her father she would have graduated much earlier. She was a scared, young widow when she returned to college, and the Class of '65 made her feel very welcome. Ann has been retired for over 10 years and enjoys painting and reading.

John and Nancy Bean Eastman from Warner, N.H., are both retired and enjoying the good life. They have traveled to Australia and New Zealand, as well as Edmonton, Canada. Their interests include reading, gardening, exercising, coaching, and collecting antiques. Their two children are an attorney and a school counselor.

Peggy Bodwell Adams writes from Williston, Vt., that the family apple orchard and farm market business takes up most of their time as it has for over 30 years. They enjoyed a trip to Alaska last summer and Florida last winter. Their granddaughters keep them busy and young!

John Knowles from South Orleans, Mass., writes that he continues to work as an account manager. He enjoys gardening, fishing, reading, and traveling to Mexico, Bahamas, and Florida. John's granddaughter Marika Katherine lives in Dover, N.H.

Judy Holmes Cook writes from Bradenton, Fla., that she is subbing and acting as secretary at church. She has traveled on a cruise and land tour to Alaska, besides reading, biking, and volunteering at a local hospital. She has two grandsons, Gregory and Terrance. Yes, Judy, we are enjoying retirement, too!

Hope Davis writes from Carolina Shores, N.C., that after living in New Hampshire for 48 years, she loves the south! Hope enjoys music, choir singing, and church activities. She has traveled to Europe, India, Scotland, York, and Wales. She has 14 grandchildren and 4 step-grandchildren from her second marriage.

Harry Burns writes from Ocala, Fla., that he is teaching math at Vanguard High School. He has designed and implemented an irrigation system in his backyard to grow baby blue eucalyptus for preserving and for sale. Harry plans to buy a condo in Baja, Calif., and start a third career.

Personally, Barbara and I enjoyed a trip to Ireland last fall and a two-week cruise through the Panama Canal in December. Now after our three-month stint in Florida, we are enjoying retirement on the beach here in Hampton. If you are ever by the ocean, don't hesitate to drop in!


Hardy and Betsy Montague Nalley live in Manchester, Mass. She writes, "Hardy retired from teaching a year ago, but is still the athletic director for Manchester-Essex Regional High School. I continue to enjoy the challenge of teaching kindergarten in Manchester."


IN MEMORIAM: Nancy Jane Currier Watt '68 died April 16, 2002. She had lived in Bourne, Mass., where she had been a fourth-grade and substitute teacher.


From Barbara Hamilton: I hope you all had a stress-free holiday season and that you are anticipating spring and the flowers and leaves coming on the trees. We are moving into a new technologically advanced high school over February vacation. It will be a wonderful experience for my last two and a half years of teaching. It is so hard to believe it has gone so quickly. Bethany and her friend Christopher Graves came home for the holidays from their home in Chatsworth, Calif. Chris got a whirlwind tour of the northeast while they were here. They went to visit her father Bernie Hartshorn '70 and his family in Lunenburg, Vt., and to NYC to meet up with her college friends from Philly. Bethany was heading to Hong Kong for work as soon as she returned from Conn. I am sure it will be a wonderful experience even though most of it will be work. I spent three weeks in California this summer and we went exploring in Yosemite. I also took a quick trip over Veterans Day weekend and enjoyed seeing Bethany and catching up with her and some of my friends who live there.

From Donna Nawoj: "It has been a number of years since I've written. Bruce '70 and I are still in upstate New York, although both of our children have move away. Our daughter is in New Jersey and our son is in western New York (and we are not grandparents yet). I'm teaching ESOL for the city of Utica, N.Y., and Bruce is writing proposals for a company that contracts out to the government. We enjoy traveling as well as spending time at our lakeside camp. As we get closer to retirement, we appreciate the late 60s very much. KSC was a great place then, and appears to be today. It is nice to be able to read about our classmates."

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