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Wedding Photo Gallery

Wedding photo: Matt Chasse and Kara Chicoine
Matt Chasse and Kara Chicoine met as RAs for Carle Hall and were married August 14, 2011, with the support of Douglas Turner, who married Sarah Fanska, Don Detoro, Jesse Conant, who married Erin (Smith), family member Betty Ann Singleton, Scott O'Brien, who was also an RA in Carle Hall, and Christine Burns, who was Kara's roommate her first year at Keene State.

Photo: Winnie Langtry family
Four generations of Winnie Langtry '52 gather at the wedding of Christin Langtry to Tom Ratcliffe on Dec. 12 , 2011. Winnie's son, Gary, is on her left, granddaughter, Christin, is on her right with Tom, and their daughter, Sydney, (Winnie's great-granddaughter) is in front. They had a wonderful time at Disney World that day.

Kurt Boudette married Carrie Achatz June 26 at Aspen Hall in Bend, OR. Kurt works as a safety manager. The couple honeymooned at Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort in Mexico. They will settle in central Oregon.

Krista Zielinski married Matthew Rotella on August 6, 2011.

Wedding photo: Amber Connary Larareo '05 Jason Larareo '03
Amber Connary Larareo '05 met her husband, Jason Larareo '03, during a summer as an orientation leader. They were married July 23, 2011. Jason is a second-generation Keene State alumnus, and Amber is a third-generation alumna.
Jason's father graduated in 1973. Her mother and father met at KSC and graduated in 1984 and 1981. Her grandmother, three aunts, and an uncle also all attended and graduated from KSC.

As Amber says, "We are truly a Keene State family."

Photo above, back row L-R: Fran Colton (Blado) '97, Tracey Lynch-Clason '90, Katje Mickola '97, Craig Waring '03, Ryan Phelps-Franco '03, Jon Zielinski '03, Kerry Cussen '03.

Middle row L-R: Lauren Dennis (Court) '03, Rob Dennis '03, Dave Morrill '00, Ben Leece '03, Tim Guyotte '03, Dominic DiBenedetto '07, Heather Lancey '08, Micci Freyenhagen '04, Ed Freyenhagen '79, Lori Guyette '90.

Front row L-R: Jack Larareo '73, Jay Larareo '03, Amber Connary Larareo '05, Elaine Connary (Freyenhagen) '84, Ervin Connary '81, Lisa Robblee (Freyenhagen) '88, Betty Freyenhagen '92.

Joanne Rix and Normand Mercier '07 were married on June 10, 2011, at Hidden Hills in Rindge, NH. Bridesmaids included Rochelle Bunton and Nicole LaBranche '07. Groomsmen included Joseph Vaiknoras '07, Henry Bailly '07, and Jason Blinn '08.

Wedding photo: Nick Arroyo '07 and Sara Joyce '07
Keene State alumni gather at the wedding of Nick Arroyo '07 and Sara Joyce '07.

Jenna M. Patnode married Christopher Stromgren on September 4, 2011.

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