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Remember Reunion! June 1-3, 2012

IN MEMORIAM: Sarah D. Knapp
November 1, 2011

IN MEMORIAM: Connie J. Owens
November 24, 2011


Class secretary Michael Trabucco writes: "Happy New Year, everyone! I was thrilled to hear from so many reunion attendees, and be able to send so many class notes into the last edition of Keene State Today. Let's keep it up! If you've never written in, now is the time! You can send me an e-mail (address above) or find me on Facebook and send a message there. After taking two years off from acting, I'm at it again. I'm playing one of the brothers in the Newton Country Players' production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. And later this year, I'm slated to direct a show in Belmont, MA. In my spare time (ha!), I continue to work on my fixer-upper. Whatever the year holds for all of you reading this, I hope 2012 is your best year ever. Maybe this will even be the year you send a message or update into the Class Notes... And remember, everyone - there's also a Keene State College Class of 1986 Facebook page. Join us!"

From Steve Fortier: "On Saturday, September 17, I got together with nearly 100 of my ZBT-Sigma Lambda Chi-Sigma Pi brothers in Keene to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our brotherhood. ZBT started in the fall of 1981. In 1986, when I was president, we decided that we'd be better off as a local fraternity and became Sigma Lambda Chi. Two years ago, KSC required all Greek organizations to be affiliated with national groups. Sigma Lambda Chi went with Sigma Pi. Regardless of the name, we are all brothers, as our celebration in mid-September proved. We are still all about being diverse and leading with our values. I am very proud to have been involved with the creation of such a great organization."

Monique (Cusson) Lavertu writes: "Life is going well here in northern New Hampshire, and there have been many twists and turns along the way. My husband, Robin, has retired from the US Army after 26 years of service and is now working as an office manager for a financial planner. Our three kids aren't really kids anymore, I suppose. The oldest is in her second year of grad school, working toward a doctoral degree in physical therapy. Our second is in her third year of college and is taking steps toward becoming a pilot. And our third, in year two, has just changed his mind about his career plans: culinary arts to business. After 20 years in music education, I've decided to spread my wings and change direction. By the time this goes to print, I'll have earned an MBA. I was hired as an office coordinator for a specialties practice at the local hospital back in September. It's a long way from my original career as a music teacher, but it's a challenge that I'm very comfortable taking. I've been keeping in pretty good touch with David DeTuccio and Joanne (Pajak) Meegan. Thanks to Facebook, I've reconnected with my former roomie, Monique (Nahin) Couillard, and here and there with Andrew Neblett. Keene seems like an entire lifetime ago. I always say that I'd go back in a second...for the weekends! Truth be told, I thoroughly enjoyed my four very quick years at KSC and have returned a couple of times just to check on the place."

Hope O'Shaughnessy wrote in a while ago, but due to changing deadlines for the last issue of Keene State Today, part of her update was left out. She does grant writing for Songbird Sings ( and also enjoys writing music ( She most recently worked at Keene State College, and prior to that, she worked at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for over a decade.

Karen Lee (Eddy) Gray writes that she "attended Valerie Ann Lowe's wedding to Tom DiPietro on Sept. 3 with Robin Dannhauser Lazinsk. I was her matron of honor."


Joe Bannon sent this note: "The other morning I got up and started my daily routine, which includes reading the paper before coming to work. On the front page of the Quad City Times was an article about an AmeriCorps group helping with a local nature preserve. I know the fellow who runs the preserve, Brian Ritter, because he sits on the advisory board for a preserve my company owns and that I oversee.
"As I read the article, I nearly jumped out of my chair when it noted that one volunteer, Kristina Hawes '10, is a KSC grad! I got to work and called Brian almost immediately. I heard him call out, 'Hey, Kristina, wanna talk to another KSC grad?' and her response, which was something along the lines of, 'No way!' I would have offered to meet her and/or the group over lunch but unfortunately, yesterday was their last day and they were heading home. Ms. Hawes and I talked for a bit and shared how much KSC meant to us. Living in Iowa it can be hard to feel connected as an alum, but this brief conversation re-energized my feelings about KSC."

Remember Reunion! June 1-3, 2012


IN MEMORIAM: Melinda A. Puglisi M'88
March 13, 2005


Belinda S. Oster, president of Lehman, Wilkinson, and Oster, is hanging a new shingle: The Keene CPA firm is now Oster & Wheeler, PC. Belinda promoted Christopher Wheeler to partner this year. Belinda purchased the firm in 2006 after having worked there for much of her career. As the firm's president, Belinda manages the growth and direction of the firm in addition to serving as its tax expert. After graduating, Belinda taught accounting from 2001 to 2007 at KSC. She returns occasionally as a guest lecturer in the management department. She lives in Keene with her husband, Floyd (the firm's IT specialist), and their two children. Belinda serves on the board of directors of Prospect Place in Keene and as treasurer for the Marlborough Garden Club. She is also treasurer of the Monadnock chapter of BNI, Business Networking International.

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