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Class Notes

IN MEMORIAM: Priscilla Blackington Ingram
January 3, 2011


From class secretary Norma Walker: "In December, I attended the graduation of my granddaughter Johanna at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I had the opportunity to meet several of her college girlfriends. How young they all look, these beautiful young people. We did have a chance to visit the Sonora Desert Museum, where the animals are in their natural settings. The afternoon after graduation we all went to tour the Biosphere 2. That was very interesting to see and hear about people existing for three years within this sphere.
"I always enjoy Beverly Proctor Boyer's Christmas letter. She keeps busy between her summers in New Jersey and winters in Florida. Her family is always there to help.
"Shirley Milnor Keith writes that her husband passed away two years ago, and now she is living at the Merrimack County Nursing Home due to health problems.
"Glenna Yeaton Nutter is enjoying time spent with her two granddaughters. It is great to do that, as many of us know already.
"Margaret Rhoades Bost was looking forward to having family for holiday meals and she is an excellent cook.
"Winnie Schoolcraft has to spend time in the hospital for a very serious back operation. If anyone would like her address,
I have it.
"Carol Adamson Reidy caught up on news of classmates and family with Nina Krochmal Witham. Nina had called me to say she is doing very well after her bad fall. She still uses a walker but they are planning for some time at Marco Island to enjoy the sun and warmer weather.
"I had my annual Christmas phone call from Doc Chase. He and Faye are doing okay. They recently had some improvements done on their home. It's always nice to chat with him for a little while. He did say he had talked on the phone to Marian Brown Leavitt '52, who is adjusting to life after the death of Claude.
"I had a note from Ralph Dwire saying George McKeage was having some health procedures to improve his quality of life, so I called to see how he was doing. We all wish him only the best for a speedy recovery.
"I always enjoy Martha Bassett Sargent's letters. They were to spend the holidays in Madison, WI, with family. Their son from Colorado Springs was planning to join them. Martha and Dick are trying to downsize so they can move into smaller quarters in the near future.
"I want to say a special thank you to Ann Currier, Bicky, Elsie, Joan, Ellie, Sally, Dick, Polly, Stan, Del, Elaine, and, of course, my faithful roommate, Rita, for their cards, notes, and phone calls. My life is complete with the support you continue to give to me. I hope you'll continue to support Keene State College, the college that gave us all an excellent education and many lifelong friendships. Please keep in contact. I love to hear from and about you. I wish each of you a happy and healthy 2012.
"By now you will have seen a picture of our owl that proudly watches over the comings and goings at the Alumni Center. I want to thank Richard Rogers, Stanley Johnson, and Charles Manos for taking part in the dedication of the owl, which was led by Dr. Helen Giles-Gee, president of Keene State.
"Elaine Schmidt Chelsey and other classmates have gone to a warmer climate for the winter months.
"Patricia Parent O'Donnell is assisting the KSC alumni staff in the organization of an all-alumni gathering in the Clearwater, FL, area. She will locate a restaurant for a luncheon and make phone calls to alumni who are in the area, encouraging them to attend. Her eagerness to help is deeply appreciated by the alumni staff.
"At the Hancock High School Alumni Reunion held in September, there were a number of Keene State alumni present, including Marion Weston Frazier '63, sister Sarah Weston Hutchins, '57, Lee McMahon '80, Herbert Werdon '60, and me.
"I did attend my granddaughter's graduation from Marine boot camp at Parris Island, SC. It was very impressive. Her orders for MP training have been changed to San Antonio, TX. She seems to enjoy what she has chosen to do. I'm very proud of her.
"I'd like to thank not only my classmates who attended one or more Golden Circle luncheons this past year, but also all of the Keene State alumni who have attended throughout the season. It is because of all of you that the gatherings continue to be a success. Now I'm looking forward to sharing a lunch or two with you all next summer."


Class secretary Irene Parent heard from Priscilla Osborn Bechok, sister of Rachel Osborn Kidder. Class secretary Winnie Langtry discovered that Rachel lived less than an hour away from Winnie, and called her and visited with her. Rachel no longer drives and finds it hard to get around. Winnie invited Rachel to come to our 60th reunion next June, but Rachel is sure she will not be able to go. They had a nice visit and Winnie learned that Rachel left home economics teaching after a year as she found that the younger children were more interesting. She took extra courses and taught mostly 3rd grade for over 30 years, while raising a family and helping her husband with the garage he ran. They traveled a little and had a wonderful trip to Canada, and, Irene thinks, to Hawaii as well.

Anita Nestor has had a cataract operation and is having trouble with her knee but her spirits are good. Her husband, Alex, is still having health problems and has had to have surgery, but they remain optimistic that he will reach his 90th birthday this fall, as he has dreamed of doing. She talked with Joyce Wick in Florida and Joyce hopes to make it to our reunion in June 2012.

Marian Leavitt's husband, Claude, died January 12, 2011. She writes, "I miss him terribly, but our family makes me feel connected and needed. My grandson Zach attended KSC, and presently my granddaughter, Hannah Norton, loves our alma mater. I play bridge, women's poker, and do water aerobics. I belong to a library reading group and I volunteer at our hospital."

Evelyn Bruce Quimby has four children, eight grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and a new "green" house. She's been singing and piano-playing in area nursing homes for 10 years. She also participates in the Nashua College Club, raising money for women's scholarships.

Winnie Langtry writes: "I was pleased to see that Dr. Helen Giles-Gee had a letter to the editor in our local newspaper, describing how difficult it is for students, without scholarships, to complete their education. I pray that we can help students even in small ways with gifts from our class.
"I am busy this fall with church and volunteering at the senior center. This summer I learned how to make a fresh blueberry pie with a glaze on top that was so delicious. No longer do I just have to use cookbooks to find new recipes, as the Internet has everything if I just know how to ask. Facebook is a challenge to me but I keep trying.
"I enjoyed going over and volunteering at Keene State College for new student orientation this fall. I got a chance to see another part of the English Department and all the pictures donated from illustrators of children's books. What a wonderful collection.
"June will be here before you know it. Please start planning on coming to our 60th reunion in June 2012. Hope to see you all in June."

Remember Reunion! June 1-3, 2012

IN MEMORIAM: Rebecca B. Brusie
January 3, 2012


Bob Morgan writes: "During this past summer, my 46-year-old son-in-law, Remi, had surgery for an inherited rare heart disease, with medical costs of over $130,000. Also this past summer, another son-in-law, 47-year-old Greg, gave one of his kidneys to the 'bank' so that his brother would receive one; his brother was critically ill. All three men are recovering at this time."


IN MEMORIAM: Gordon C. Durnford
October 23, 2011


Shirley Wright writes: "I enjoyed my recent visit to KSC when I visited my granddaughter there. Lots of nice changes."

IN MEMORIAM: Ruel "Joe" Hall
January 11, 2012


Remember Reunion! June 1-3, 2012

Mary Pickett Hopwood writes: "My husband and I spend our summers at our camp on Moosehead Lake in Maine."

Lee Manston Mackenzie Duncan winters in North Pond, FL, January through April.

Connie Tremblay writes on behalf of the Reunion Committee:
"A reminder that June 2012 marks a journey of 55 years since our graduation from KTC. This occasion will be celebrated at Keene State College's Reunion Weekend on June 1, 2, and 3, 2012. It's not too early to be thinking about your plans to return to campus and join in the activities and events of the weekend.
"Our class will have a meeting on Saturday morning. We will join all alums for the noon luncheon and will be seated together as a class. A Saturday evening social is also being planned. Housing on campus will be available for one night or more. A Sunday morning brunch is a popular event that closes a fun-filled weekend. Details on all the weekend activities will be forthcoming from the Alumni Office.
"Your reunion committee invites you to attend Reunion Weekend, where you will have an opportunity to see a beautiful expanded campus, view our class gift (The Centennial Clock), reconnect with friends, and relive a time from your past. Bring your spouse, a friend, kids, grandkids, and enjoy a memorable time. You'll be glad you came."

IN MEMORIAM: John Hazelton
January 11, 2012


In October 2011, John Faust and Cynthia Randall Faust '57 hosted a lunch get-together for four 1958 classmates and Theta Chi Delta fraternity brothers and their wives. In attendance were Al Fischer Jr. and his wife, Theia, of Merrimack, NH; Ray Demars and JoAnn Daily Demars '60 of Manchester, NH; Ken Roulx and Doris Courteau '59 from Granby, CT; and Ray Plante and wife, Betty, of West Lebanon, NH.
Ray Plante and Ken Roulx had not seen each other for 50 years. The conversation was nonstop for the afternoon. One highlight was an 8mm movie of our KSC days taken by the Fausts. Bits of the film were used by faculty member Larry Benaquist in producing Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve: The First Hundred Years of Keene State College. Larry made a CD for us from our footage. Everyone present enjoyed the film, with shots of the White Rose Ball, Club Blue Gardenia, and the famous picnics at Spofford Lake.


Class secretary Carol Riel writes: "It was wonderful to see a few new faces at the Golden Circle luncheon in Rindge, NH, this
past November.
"Doris Courteau Roulx and her husband, Kenny Roulx '58, drove up from Connecticut. Doris has kept in touch with a few classmates so I'm hoping to have a few interesting updates to pass along.
"Vin '57 and I took a wonderful trip in July to Transylvania and the Black Sea. Then we took a riverboat excursion from Bucharest to Budapest, stopping along the way in Croatia and Serbia. Many ravages of the past war were still visible.
"Our granddaughter, Cassie Tobey '09, is busy teaching dance at MoCo and some Keene-area schools.
"Please be thinking and planning on coming to Keene in 2014. It is our 55th reunion and you will be amazed at the changes on campus."

David C. Leavitt writes: "I have been very happily retired for 13 years. Lorraine and I will be celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary in April. Our memories of the 'barracks' on Marlboro St. and four years at KTC come often."

IN MEMORIAM: Edmund Poor
September 10, 2010

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