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Class Notes

A memorial service for Barbara Eaves Craig was held at her home in Peterborough, NH. Norma Wright Walker '51 was invited to attend by Barbara's son Richard because his father, Clayton Craig '33, had been her 4th-, 5th-, and 6th-grade teacher in Hancock.

IN MEMORIAM: Katherine Bourgault
November 26, 2011

IN MEMORIAM: Esther Perry Warren
December 26, 2011

IN MEMORIAM: Margaret Noyes Lovett
January 12, 2012


From Norma Walker '51: "A phone call to Ginny Rollins Flint found her with a touch of the flu so she asked me to write some notes about classmates because she hadn't heard from anyone recently.
"Barbara Jeffrey Stimson is still doing workouts to strengthen her bones. It has helped her tremendously.
"Ginny Rollins Flint still drives around the North Country and beyond - even to Concord for a Golden Circle luncheon and to Keene for Reunion '11. Talk about dedication!
"Irene Nelson Koski and I had a visit. Irene is dealing with some health problems at a nursing home on Main Street in Keene.
"Emelyn 'Skip' Ayer Krause writes that she often chats with Barbara Rowe Freese on the phone. They were in the home ec classes at Keene Teachers College. Skip also shared that she had worked for many years at Camp Wawona with Betty Harris, Jean Dudley, and E. Scribner (who came East from the West for a visit last summer).
"There was a note on Frances Day Bolles's card saying she missed getting to the Golden Circle luncheons. She looks forward to every issue of Keene State Today. It helps her to keep up with the happenings on campus."

At a recent meeting of Delta Kappa Gamma International held at The Balsams Resort in Dixville Notch, Ginny Rollins Flint and Barbara Jeffrey Stimson assisted at the initiation of Audrey Evans Nankerois '71. Audrey is the daughter of Jane Jeffrey Whitney '39. Jane, Virginia, and Barbara have been members of DKG for 40 years.

We have received thank-you letters from Erin Cogan, Henry MacCormack, and Alexandra McCusker for scholarships from the Teacher Education Scholarship Endowment that was started at our 50th reunion by Neal Perkins '41. Classes '42, '43, '44, and '49 have adopted it also. The class of '51 added a donation at their 60th reunion in May 2011.

Our class sends its sympathy out to the family of Neal Perkins. He was a class leader and a great inspiration not only to our class but also to many Keene State alumni. He will be missed.

Our class celebrated our 70th reunion last May. Ginny Flint drove down to celebrate it. We were the first class to get a degree.


Remember Reunion! June 1-3, 2012

IN MEMORIAM: Margaret Sweeney
December 11, 2011

IN MEMORIAM: Sylvia Tenney
September 28, 2011


From class secretary Caroline Pregent: "Christmas celebrations are over and we all can look forward to 2012.
"Norma Walker '51 visited recently. She had attended the graduation of her granddaughter from the University of Arizona.
"Rita Sughrue wrote that she was experiencing congestive heart failure. She tires very quickly.
"Lois Moore Querim wrote that she and her husband had spent a pleasant year in Florida enjoying whatever their frail bodies will allow. Lois has turned 90 and Ned is 92. Their location on the 'Top of the World' has allowed them to enjoy many active years and has given them the pleasure and company of many good neighbors and friends.
"Barbara Adams has had an active and pleasant year of several celebrations of her 90th birthday with family and friends. She did not spend Christmas with her relatives in Maine. 'It is too cold,' she remarked.
"Marge Howe Herlin is in a new location in Meredith, NH. She says the staff there is very supportive.
"We are sorry to hear of the death of Margaret Sweeney '42. We enjoyed chatting with her and her sister, Christine Sweeney.
"Marjorie Paulson Hilton '44 died recently. She usually sat at our table (class of '43) during the reunion luncheon. She was a loyal class secretary for many years.
"Norma Walker '51 called to tell me Art Shedd died in November. Pat Shedd had written a letter telling her of his passing at the age of 91. Art contributed much to education, especially in New York State. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.
"Andy Moynihan also sent Norma a letter saying he was now living with his daughter Lisa and son-in-law in Gilford, NH. He has been recovering from a heart attack in September.
"I was surprised to read in our last edition of Keene State Today that Edith Buxton Hadley died.
"I also received cards from Phyllis Buxton Bodwell from Concord and Barbara Brown Charbonneau in Florida.
"In November, Louise Whitten Perkins and family attended a ceremony at West Point where her son David Perkins was honored as a three-star general.
"In October, a group visited Havenwood/Heritage Heights. It was good to see Marilyn Bushnell, Ann Bridge, John Freeze '42, and Barbara Freeze '41. We enjoyed a luncheon with other alumni of KSC.
"On October 25, a small group of Golden Circle members enjoyed a pancake luncheon at Parker's Maple Barn in Mason, NH.
"On November 9, we had our last luncheon of the season at J.P. Stevens restaurant in Rindge, NH. I am very fortunate that Joyce Smith '56 and Harry Winther offered to include me when they attend these luncheons.
"Stay healthy in 2012."

IN MEMORIAM: Dr. Arthur Shedd
November 3, 2011


From Norma Walker '51: "Our sympathy goes out to the family of Marjorie Paulsen Hilton, who passed away this past fall. Marjorie had been class secretary for many years and a very active Keene State alumna.
"Priscilla 'Robin' Chic Sargent had minor surgery in September but is on the road to recovery.
"Cards were also received from other of my Hancock High teachers: Janet Joslin Chin and Shirley Mills Lang. Others who shared the holidays were Ruth Avery Briggs, Rosina Digilio Stark, and dear friend Harriette Chandler Streeter."

IN MEMORIAM: Marjorie Hilton
December 15, 2011

IN MEMORIAM: Elizabeth Belle Fitzgerald
June 12, 2011


From Norma Walker '51: "Once again Nancy Scripture Ashford was able to attend the final Golden Circle luncheon held at J.P. Stephens in Rindge. It's always nice to see Nancy.
"Carolyn Wynott Goodwill enjoyed the Golden Circle luncheon held at Havenwood/Heritage Heights, Concord, NH.
"I had a phone call from Vesta Fenderson Kennedy saying she is moving to Saco, ME. She has recently spent time in the hospital. We will miss her at the Golden Circle luncheons."


IN MEMORIAM: Beverly Fifield Darby
May 11, 2011

IN MEMORIAM: Carolyn J. Hine
November 24, 2011


Remember Reunion! June 1-3, 2012


IN MEMORIAM: Emery G. Chickering
January 22, 2012


IN MEMORIAM: Aldea O. Fowler
December 4, 2011

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