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Janis Brackett has 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. She and her husband like to travel and volunteer for Meals on Wheels.

From Gail (Spevack) Sheldon: "Remember to write 'Class of 1960' on your alumni check donations to be used for our class gift in just two years. If you will be on campus this June, look for our class meeting. Planning has started! Kay (West) Smilo wrote to say she attended a niece's wedding in the Chichester, N.H., area the weekend of November 3. She and Rich visited with Nelson and Sandra (Hale) Aldrich at breakfast. Her brother, John '64, and several other KSC alumni were also present at the wedding. Grandson number seven, Evan, arrived August 1 in Florida. She's looking forward to attending our 50th!"


Jane and George "Butch" Joseph became great-grandparents on July 5, 2007. The Josephs' granddaughter, Holly Joseph, gave birth to a son, Calvin Joseph Bradley.


Patricia Belanger is making Florida her permanent home. She continues to come to New Hampshire for the summer months. She was sorry to miss the class reunion this year.

IN MEMORIAM: Mildred Cutter '36, B.Ed. '62
November 2, 2007
Jaffrey, New Hampshire


Jane Goland writes: "Each July members of the class of 1963 meet in Sturbridge, Mass., at the Whistling Swan Restaurant for a long lunch. This year there were 18 of us - 17 women and Vern Taylor. We had a great time chatting about the last 40 years and of our adventures yet to come. Anyone who wishes to join us next July should send a note to I am enclosing a picture of those who attended. I know you will recognize one of us."

IN MEMORIAM: Paul Marashio '63
July 21, 2007
New London, New Hampshire


From Bill Doolan: "Thanks to all of you who completed the questionnaire. I am going to summarize the information that you sent covering the personal information, professional and/or work experience, and Keene State memories.
John West married Hannah Lacy, and they have two children. John taught English for three years at Gorham Junior High and 34 years at Rundlett Middle School in Concord. He was past president of the Gorham Teachers Association. John remembers working in the office with Marion (Hodgkins) Whitney and Gladys Shover; Kappa Delta Phi, where he was president; and some great classes with Malcolm Keddy. In his retirement, John is very active in the N.H. State Grange. He is also the chaplain of the National Grange. In his spare time, he is a trustee of the Eastern States Exposition and secretary of the Merrimack Valley Retired Teachers Association.

Patricia (Doody) Allen married Paul '56. They have three children and two grandchildren. Patricia taught for 22 years at Colebrook Academy. She was also an adjunct at NHTC in Berlin. In her spare time, she taught at Woodland, Maine; Barre, Mass.; and Keene High School. Patricia has fond memories of the campus newspaper and journalism classes with Professor Lyle. She also has many fond memories of Professor Durham and Malcolm Keddy. Patricia is still teaching and is an active participant on the state committee developing the DOE English Test. Patricia volunteers with the N.H. Cancer Society; she has been recognized as Volunteer of the Year.

Joan (Beasley) Gibalda has one daughter and a grandson. Joan works for AARP as an Internet content consultant, and she is also serving as the program coordinator for the Grief and Loss Program. In her spare time, she serves as the director of the Medical Assistance Advocacy Program with the Family Services Foundation. Joan remembers living in a triple in Fiske Hall her freshman year, where she made many good friends, panty raids, Alpha serenades, ice sculptures, and working in the library and dining hall for 60 cents an hour. She also has many fond memories of classes with Dr. Peters, Miss Keene, Dr. Cummerford, and Dr. Wojcek. Joan is planning to retire next year, and she is looking forward to gardening, more travel, and volunteering.

Carol (Kobelski) Mosher is married to Gerald. They have eight children and 16 grandchildren, with another due in October. Carol has been a stay-at-home mother, who also served as a Brownie Leader, CCD teacher, as well as a classroom volunteer. In her spare time, she finds time to read and make quilts.
"Ken Morris is currently working as a Veterans Service Officer in Florida. He plans to retire next year. In his retirement, Ken hopes to expand his photography work into a full-time job by building his portfolio and doing more shows. Ken looks back on his college years fondly. He has many memories of great times and wonderful people.

Janet Wood (Clark) Yuse is married to Peter Yuse. She has two children, two stepchildren, five grandchildren, and two step-grandchildren. Janet has taught all the elementary grades in Connecticut. She also served as an assistant principal. She ended her professional career as a consultant for on strategic planning and arts integration. Janet has memories of unfair curfews for women. She played tricks on the housemother by flushing all the toilets in the building at a prearranged time. Janet remembers Miss Keene, Mr. Keddy, Mrs. Keddy, and Miss Etta Mae. Janet and Peter retired to Tennessee after retirement. They are active in their church and have gone on a mission trip to New Mexico, where they stayed at a boarding school on a Navajo reservation and ran a summer crafts and game program for the children.

Carol (Gray) Olsen married Erick. They have four children and four granddaughters. Carol was a home economics teacher in Vermont and Massachusetts, and also the director of a child-care center. In her spare time, she managed to teach religious education at her church. She is continuing to work and has no plans for retirement now.

Walter Ryan is married to Laura. They have three children and seven grandchildren. Walter taught at the New Hampshire Community Technical College in Claremont for 31 years and finished his career at Storm Rigger in Newport. Walter remembers skiing with K. V. King, Dr. Abbot's history classes, and Professor Kenny's physics classes. Walter and Laura travel when he is not serving as a volunteer instructor with the N.H. Fish and Game Department. In his spare time, he volunteers as a carpenter with Habitat for Humanity.

Fred Fenton married Maureen Talbot '65. They have two children and four grandchildren. Fred taught and coached in Franklin and Concord. Fred remembers Lippy's pop flies, Downer's laughter, Jack's pitching double headers, many classes, Alpha, and the mayoralty contests, but his fondest memories are meeting his bride of 45 years. Fred is keeping busy in his retirement by serving as a selectmen and working as an antiques dealer.

Nancy Marashio married Paul '63. Sadly, he died in July. Nancy is currently a professor of English and the Liberal Arts Department Chairperson at the N.H. Community Technical College in Claremont. She also is serving on the N.H. Humanities Council. Nancy has no intention of retiring; she loves her work. Nancy remembers the march to Concord and the outstanding faculty who encouraged and challenged her (Malcolm Keddy, George Lloyd, and Mr. Jones).

Joan Vigneau is married to Spencer. They have two children. Joan taught second and third grade for 30 years in Florida, retiring in 1995. Joan was from Keene and her family lived on Blake Street. She notices a big difference in the city and the College when she visits.

Janet (Goddette) Clarke is married to Rene. They have four children and four grandchildren. Janet taught for 27 years in Lebanon, N.H., and Saugerties, N.Y. Janet's memories of Keene include playing field hockey, singing in the chorus, a couple Kappa parties, and practice teaching at Wheelock School. Currently, Janet serves as an advocate for her disabled daughter. Rene taught for 23 years in Meriden, N.H., and Saugerties, N.Y., retiring in 1997. He remembers the freshmen hazing, Monadnock Hall, Kappa Delta Phi, playing soccer, the ski team, and meeting and marrying Janet. In his retirement, Rene has serves as a Junior Olympics cross-country ski coach. He has participated in the Empire State Winter Games, and he will be a participant at the World Masters Cup in Idaho in 2008.

Maggie (McGettigan) McAuliffe married Len. They have four children and four grandchildren. Maggie retired from teaching, raised a family, and managed a home-care business for more than 20 years. Maggie enjoyed everything while she was at Keene. She and Len have traveled a lot in retirement. Now they spend nine months in New Hampshire and three months in Florida.

Lois Gould (Ph.D.) has two children and three grandchildren. Lois taught school in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont. She was a principal in Charlestown and Conway. She served as an assistant professor at the University of Arizona and then retired from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. She is currently managing a small marina business with her son on Lake Sunapee (

Ray Miner Jr. married Dorothy Harrison. They have two children and four grandchildren. Ray was a science teacher and school counselor. He is enjoying his retirement and wintering in Florida.

Helen Jette taught in Hudson, N.H, and Manchester, Conn., for 33 years. In her retirement, Helen is keeping busy as president of the Rhode Island Winnebago Association.

Janice Parker Rooney is married to Phil, a retired Navy captain. They have two children. Their oldest daughter is getting married in October. Jan taught in Connecticut, Indiana, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Florida. In addition to her public school adventures, Jan worked with Kurdish refugees. Jan looks back fondly at the Winter Carnival snow sculptures, campus mayoralty contests, good times in the dorms, and carpooling with others from Portsmouth and the camp on Wilson Pond. In her retirement, Jan is active in her church, and she is a golfer and dog owner. In her spare time, she and Phil are remodeling their home.

William Doolan married Pat Reed. They have two children and three grandchildren. William spent most of his professional career with Crum & Forster Insurance Company in Massachusetts and New Jersey as a training consultant. He remembers lots of special people, K. V.'s eight o'clock and Dr. Abbot's nine o'clock classes, intramural basketball games that involved friendly rivalries, and the Kappa cellar - where very little studying was done. His biggest accomplishment in retirement is 'not having Pat kill me.' William enjoys visiting with grandchildren and playing golf. He and his wife plan to move to Colorado."


IN MEMORIAM: Edwin Otis Farhm '65
August 7, 2007
Francestown, New Hampshire


Betsy (Richardson) Coll and her husband have two daughters - Stacy, 34, and Jill, 31 - and three grandchildren. She likes golf, power walking, and shopping. The couple enjoys spending time with their grandchildren and at their condo in Naples, Fla. They also look forward to the gatherings with KSC friends, especially Reunion Weekend in June.


Michael Clemons was elected as the Hillsborough County Commissioner in the fall of 2006.

The Board of Trustees of Chester College of New England has voted to name Interim President and CEO Robert Baines to the position of President and CEO of the institution. Baines has been serving as interim president since July 1, 2007.


Edward Ring is retiring in December 2007 after 22 years at Weather Training Flight.

From Barbara Hamilton: "Barry Osborne visits his home in Ireland on a yearly basis and reports that things are starting to modernize. His children are preparing for grad school and skiing. Barry is still teaching evenings at Franklin Pierce in Portsmouth. He will have worked for 34 years at his day job in April. Barry, I will be going to Ireland in April on a tour. Any suggestions?"

Ernie Hebert has completed his 10th book, N.H. Potter Vol. 5.

IN MEMORIAM: Lorraine M. Stetson '69
June 25, 2007
Winchester, New Hampshire

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