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IN MEMORIAM: David W. Rajaniemi '70, December 22, 2006, Keene, New Hampshire


Maureen Sheehan Hall writes: "Susan and Dan Marshall are now retired. Susan retired after 35 years with the Manchester School System and Dan with 25 years in the computer industry. Their youngest son, Matt, graduated from KSC in May 2007 with a B.S. in physical education with an emphasis in athletic training. Sue and Dan have two other children: Ryan, 31, and Abby, 28.

I received a very nice note from Gayle Gibbons Puente who lives in Emmett, Idaho, with her husband, Jess. She is still in touch with Martha Methot and Marsha Demers. Gayle has found her niche as a Spanish-English bilingual assistant and also has invested in rental property of duplexes. Her husband enjoys designing landscapes for their properties. Gayle is very interested in family history and has received certificates from the Connecticut and Idaho Society of Mayflower Descendants and is constantly researching her lineage, stepping back to the daughters of the king, through Marie Selle of Quebec. Keep up the great work, Gayle!

Nancy Piotrowski Hanagan and her husband, Dan, are retired and spend their winter months in Dunedin, Fla.

Many more from the class of '71 are in Florida (or warmer climate areas) for the winter months. Please keep us updated on your whereabouts. No, we will not search you out - just keeping your classmates informed of your retirement years!

Claire (Reynolds) and Beaver Jutras have moved to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire to be closer to their daughters and grandchildren. What a beautiful place to retire!"


IN MEMORIAM: Gerald R. Silvestro '73, 2004


From Jane Capuccio Stauffer: I spoke to Jane McHenry the other day. She teaches in Massachusetts at Beverly High School. I am right next door at Danvers High School. We almost can't believe it, but we are finishing our 33rd year in teaching, and it has been that long since we graduated. I know many from our class are doing the same thing.

Nancy Richmond Kelso writes that she and Sandy Chapman teach together at Manchester (New Hampshire) Central High and get to chat every day - similar to when they lived next door to each other in Huntress Hall.

Judy Hessler Blood says she is presently living and teaching in upstate New York. Her husband, Dancer, is the coach of Cornell women's softball, which brought them from New Hampshire to New York.

Dave Dupont writes that he recently saw Tom and Diane (Brunton) Wheeler. They are living in the lakes region of New Hampshire. Diane is still teaching, and Tom is self-employed.

I also stumbled across Mike Brissette. He's works in Concord at Jefferson Financial. He's been dabbling in real estate for years and is doing well. What a shock running into him at a breakfast diner on the west side of Manchester in April.

I've kept in touch with Marie (Driscoll) Frash over the last few years. She's a busy-body, bopping all over the place ... a true world traveler. She motorcycles a lot as well and is proud of it. Between traveling, their business in Indiana, and spending the winters in Florida, she and her husband, Bob, are amazing.

Rich Colbert reports that 'I played golf with my good friend Bob Peach '73 last week. We met at Foxwoods for some gambling and played golf the next day - all I can say is that the golf was more profitable. Recently, I heard from Frank DiDonato '73. He had read in a recent class notes column that I worked for the state of Connecticut, where Frank also works. We are hoping to meet soon and talk over old times. I was trying to put together a large group of us old TKE guys for the reunion weekend but things just didn't materialize - maybe next year.'

Let your classmates know how you are doing. We would love to hear from you."


From Lin Van Allen: "My son, Ethan Selby, transferred to Keene State this year for its film studies and theatre programs and performed in Keene State's production of Agamemnon in March. I had the pleasure of becoming reacquainted with John Linder '75, his sister Mary, and Peter Thomas '77. In good weather I catch glimpses of Todd Silegy '75 teaching on the playing fields of Peterborough's middle school when I walk to my nursing job across the street. I recently played my oboe with the KSC Chamber Orchestra in April. (Community members can join the group if there is an empty chair!)"

Sanford (Sandy) Shapiro writes: "Robert 'Bobby' Carter died in Traralgon, Australia this past December. He and I traveled over to Victoria, Australia, in 1976. He wound up staying there and had a storied career in education. Bob was married and leaves a wife and teenage son in Australia. As far as I know, he remained in elementary education the entire time, teaching a variety of subjects, including art. He was also a well-respected and deeply cared for principal during his time in Traralgon. Bobby was a great guy and a loyal friend. He was also an integral part of the KSC soccer team of the early 1970s. He also leaves a brother Richard from the Manchester, Conn., area, where Bobby was raised."

IN MEMORIAM: Robert Carter '75, December 2006, Traralgon, Australia


From Philip Bellingham: "Hello '76s. Hope all is well with our class. I was in Orlando for the Christmas holidays. Florida is OK in small doses. Disney World and all that goes along with it is still a lot of fun. Some people just always like to keep the good times rolling. I even found Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville at the Universal Theme Park. That is definitely a hoot.

Reunion weekend is this year June 1-3. It's always a good time. The College is growing by leaps and bounds academically and facility wise. The new Science Center building is my favorite. I would say that Keene State has all its bases covered when it comes to learning about the arts, humanities, sciences, and professions. So, if you are interested in seeing all the progress and having some fun, see you at Reunion Weekend."

IN MEMORIAM: Nancy Daniels '76, December 25, 2006, Lebanon, New Hampshire


IN MEMORIAM: Patricia Bergeron '77, December 26, 2006, Keene, New Hampshire

IN MEMORIAM: William W. Pearce '77, April 14, 2007


James R. Hodder writes: "I graduated from Suffolk University Law School on May 20, 2007."

From Donna McKenna: "Our daughter, Colleen, begins her freshman year at Keene State, majoring in biology education."


Edward and Diane (Hellstrom) Gawlinski are proud to announce that their daughter, Allison, graduated with the class of 2007 of the United States Air Force Academy with a B.S. in history and a commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force on May 30, 2007. Allison married Brett DeSimone on June 23. Allison and Brett will move to Montana for Allison's first duty station at Malmstrom Air Force Base.

Amy Lindeman Gouger '79, who is an avid golfer, writes that she had her second hole in one on Dec. 16, 2006, at Holly Ridge Golf Course, in Sandwich, Mass. Amy and her husband, Chip, are celebrating their 10th anniversary by taking a golfing vacation to Bermuda this spring.

Deborah Georgevits writes that her daughter Stephanie will graduate from Keene State this year.

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