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From Nancy (Kingsbury) Deisroth: "Hooray! I have received my master's degree at last - a mere 47 years after graduation from Keene State - an M.A. in creative writing from Wilkes University, Pennsylvania. For my thesis, I wrote a historical novel centered in the Pennsylvania coal mining region of 1860, but it also involves a good deal of New England history. While in the program, I was awarded the yearlong Provincetown Arts magazine internship, which has been an interesting and satisfying adventure. I continue to work part-time as a freelance copy editor, and now I can look up from my computer and gaze at my new diploma! All best to everyone."


From Dorothy Bean Simpson: "Helen Munn Stuefloten in Hanalie, Hawaii, has authored a children's book, "There's a Giant in the Garden," illustrated by Patricia Janguay. The setting for Helen's story is in Kilaues, Island of Kauai, Hawaii, at the Sculpture Park and Hardwood Plantation of the beautiful Na '?ina Kai Botanical Gardens. Within these gardens is a children's garden called Under the Rainbow. Helen's story features a class trip to the children's garden where they see a 16-foot-tall bronze sculpture-fountain depicting Jack and the Beanstalk and more. Look up Great work Helen!

Wintering in Florida were Don and Barbara Greenough Mackey, Bob and Grace Saulnier, Charles and Jackie Haywood Jepson. Also, living or visiting around the south are Nancy Kidder Howe, Larry and Nancy Hancock Cross, and Ruth Smith Jeffords. Visiting the South American countries of Peru, Chile, and Argentina were Roger and Dotti Bean Simpson. Where do you go? Let us know. We care!"

Dorothy Kinaci writes: "Upon returning to New England in 1982 after spending 20 years teaching abroad, I have decided to move to California. My youngest daughter, Filiz, and her family live there. Other news: Suzan Kinaci's ('83) son, Andrew, is a freshman at Princeton."

Susan J. Freeman writes: "I'm still in a classroom of second graders, who smile and giggle daily. Delightful."


IN MEMORIAM: Carlene W. Menard '62, June 2, 2007, Keene, New Hampshire


From Bill Doolan: "Lou Tremblay and his wife are proud to announce their first grandchild, a grandson who arrived at 9 pounds, 5 ounces. Lou is still actively involved in his second career as a vertebrate paleontologist. He will be in North Dakota for seven weeks this summer with the Marmarth Research Foundation working on a dinosaur dig. In his spare time, he does volunteer work in the paleontology lab at Yale. Lou and his wife also have found time to travel to Florida, Hawaii, Alaska, and Nevada."


Carol Lanza Sierk writes from Attica, N.Y., that she is a widow and a minister, who enjoys her two children and two grandchildren. Her interests include foreign travel, scrap booking, and her grandchildren. Carol took her second trip to Israel in December 2005 when it was safe to travel.

Mary McDuffie and Art Nadeau of Hartford, Vt., are now retired. They traveled to Alaska last summer to visit their daughter and her family in Anchorage. They enjoyed prospecting for gold while they were there as well as many other activities. They have two grown children and three grandchildren.


From Nancy Coutts: "I hope this spring of 2007 finds you all healthier, wealthier, and wiser. This past year - our 40th reunion anniversary - has produced a lot of fruit in the form of reconnecting with our classmates. A few months ago, I finally heard from Cynthia Fraser Graves. I called her old address phone number about the reunion but hit a brick wall. However, thanks to Keene State Today, she obtained my address, and we reconnected in letters and by phone. She is still in Kennebunk, Maine, and will have a book published in April 2007 called Never Count Crow: Love and Loss in Kennebunk, Maine. We plan to visit soon, and I will keep you posted on this great event. Meanwhile, you can reach Cindy at or

As some of you know, Dan Lein and I ended up at graduate school together at the University of Connecticut, circa 1969-72. Our majors were theatre, of course! We met at a reunion for theatre majors and promised not wait another 30 years to get together.

As some of you know, 2009 is the 100th anniversary of Keene State College, and events have already occurred. One of these was an original play written about the founding of Keene State, then Keene Normal School. Keene State's new president, Dr. Giles-Gee, was even an actress in this production! More information about upcoming events for this momentous time will be advertised in Keene State Today.

I have a project I would like to pursue: compiling a directory of past and present faculty at Keene State. Also, I would like to see about skits reenacting events in the '60s ('50s, '40s, etc.) as an event during the anniversary year 2009.

Please stay tuned and phone or write letters, messages, or ideas, to me or other alumni. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you. Be cool to your school and rock on with reconnections to your schoolmates and faculty. Thank you all and God bless."

Richard and Cynthia Merrill write: "We enjoyed seeing so many of our classmates at our 40th reunion. A great job was done by the committee."

IN MEMORIAM: Richard M. Guyer '66, March 4, 2007, Georges Mills, New Hampshire


From Judith Rudas: "I retired to Florida and work part-time in a chiropractor's office."


From Melody Witcher, formerly of the Kearsarge Regional School District and currently a visiting teacher for the Manchester, N.H., school district: "For years I traveled to Jamaica on my February vacation with a suitcase filled with extra schools supplies. I would always have a special wrapped gift for the teachers (tea bags, perfume, magazine, etc.) I would then visit a local Jamaican school, empty my suitcase, and read a story. The schools were always so appreciative of these supplies. Benefits are so great. The smiles on their faces - who could know that a small suitcase filled with supplies could bring so much joy? I would then have an empty suitcase to fill with my memories of Jamaica. I encourage all who are traveling to gather supplies. Family and friends can help fill your suitcase. So many folks travel to all parts of the United States and other parts of the world on vacations. I know that educators have an inborn gift for giving. I would enjoy hearing from folks who decide to pack a 'suitcase of learning.' My e-mail address is: Thank you."

Karl H. Bickford III writes: "I retired from teaching at Manchester High School West after 35 years in 2003."

IN MEMORIAM: John Carton Sr. '68, December 24, 2006, Claremont, New Hampshire

IN MEMORIAM: Richard W. DeLancey '68, March 15, 2007, Orlando, Florida


From Barbara A. Hamilton: "Hi, everyone. Happy spring! I just returned from a week at a Sandals Resort celebrating the "big 60." It was a fantastic place, and we had a wonderful vacation. I received a postcard from Barry Osborne from Ireland, where he went to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. He reports he has a couple more years to work because he is still having a great deal of fun at his job. His oldest child is a third-year student at McGill and his youngest is a freshman in high school. I am off to California this week to help my daughter, Bethany, and her husband pack up to move East. It's an exciting time for all of us.

Judy (Whitcomb) Bastille writes: "At least once a season, we ride to Chester Railroad Station in my dad's 1920 Stanley Steamer to meet the Green Mountain Flyer.

After eight years of teaching at the elementary level and having two children, I have been an instructional assistant in reading programs at Pack Street School in Springfield, Vt., for the last 21 years. My husband, John '73, worked at Bryant Grinder for 29 years and is now at Vermont Medical in Bellows Falls, Vt."

From Louis Brooks: "I retired in June 2005 and I am now vice president of the Boyertown-Oley Retired School Employees Association. My wife, Jo Ann, and I own a condo in Naples, Fla. I was elected to the Board of Directors last year and now find myself president of the Fairways at PAR Two Homeowners Association. Both these organizations keep me busy along with helping to take care of two grandchildren and housekeeping and cooking as my wife is still working as a supervisor at Harleysville Insurance Company. Our children are all married and have provided us with seven wonderful grandchildren."

IN MEMORIAM: Muriel Ivanov-Rinov '69, March 3, 2007, Westmoreland, New Hampshire

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