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Mary Reinhardt Saulnier and Mike Saulnier '91 wrote: "We moved to Port Saint Lucie, Fla., in 2001, and besides the yearly hurricanes, the weather is beautiful. I never thought I would live down south, but it is the best thing we could have ever done for ourselves. Our quality of life is so much better and we are a more active family now than we ever have been. Our daughter, Sarah, is now 10 years old and our son, Aaron, is 6. Mike works for IBA, a construction consulting firm in Vero Beach. As for myself, after staying home for two years with my children, I started volunteering at my daughter's school. After a while, I got a job as an ESE paraprofessional. I worked with kids with learning disabilities and behavioral problems for about two years. Last year I took the big plunge and became a 1st grade teacher. There is such a shortage of teachers in Florida because it's a transient state. Because the population in our city is exploding, I was able to get a nontraditional teaching certificate. I am starting my second year and absolutely love it. We have stayed in contact with Frank Jennings and his wife, Jennifer Carey Jennings, and have visited them in Swansea, Mass. They've been down to Florida for visits. They have two boys, Joshua,11, and Andy, 5.

From Jim Ferry and Kelly Coultrap Ferry: "Kelly gave birth to our fourth child, Leo James, on Aug. 23, 2006. His siblings are Victoria, Hannah, and James. Jim is the head basketball coach at Long Island University and Kelly is a regional manager for Bright Horizons Family Solutions. We live in Merrick, Long Island, New York."

From Frank Dolan: "Hope everyone is doing well. I am proud to announce that my family has grown. My wife, Kim, and I had a baby boy on May 7, 2006. He was six pounds, 15 ounces, and 20 inches long. We have also moved to Harrington Park, N.J. Our daughter, Jolie, is very excited to be a big sister and can't wait to teach him all that she has learned already. I would love to hear from everyone. Anybody living in the New Jersey or New York City area? Send me an e-mail at"

From Deirdre Kirk Raeside: "Hey, s'me, fashion plate, now in Miami as a real estate management maven with husband, Charlie, and son, Finn, 8. Get in touch to visit Florida sunshine! I'm also on the Web at, but I would love to hear from Stephanie Cleansa, Lilly, Diana, my sociology study group gals, those on the Montreal senior class trip (whoo-hoo!), and anyone who remembers the good times of dorms or fraternity basements, off-campus life, the Colonial Theatre, "MV," summer school, or our senior year. Florida life is good. Hope you're all well!"

Kerry Fosher earned her Ph.D. in anthropology at Syracuse University.


Kelly Salter-Braverman and Steve Braverman of Medford, Mass., welcome their second child, Sarah, born Feb. 3, 2006. She joins her big brother Ben, 3.

Wendy Lombardo married Bill Hartman Oct. 7, 2005, on the shores of Avery Point, Conn. Wendy is employed at the Arcadia University Center for Education Abroad, and Bill is employed by Magna Steyr. Following a dive trip to Puerto Rico, the couple lives in Jamesville, N.Y.


Erin Nugent earned her Ph.D. in sociology at Trinity College in Ireland.

Eric R. Thayer writes: "Just received a promotion as a civilian government employee of the Air Force. That entailed a move from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Great Falls, Mont., where I now live. I always drop by Keene State when I'm in the area, but it does look totally different than when I attended."

Joseph Tuplin writes: "It has been many years since graduation and a number of changes have taken place in my life. For the past three years I worked full-time for the Massachusetts Army National Guard, managing their emergency operations center. After 22 years of full- and part-time duty in the guard, I decided I needed a change of pace. Today I find myself in Kunduz, Afghanistan, working for DynCorp International.

The mission here is a good one; we are helping the Afghanis rebuild their police departments and structure. We have several mentor teams that assist the Afghani instructors at the training camp on our site. Our teams also go out to meet with local police in the region. While our area isn't a hot spot for Taliban resistance, we still send the mentors out with armed security teams to keep them safe. I'm the operations manager for the security teams.

I'll be in Afghanistan for a year and will be returning to New Hampshire for good around November 2008. My family is doing well. My step-daughter, Brittany, graduated from Hesser College with honors with an associates' degree. My step-son, Patrick, is a junior in high school and is playing football both for the school and the winter arena league. My daughter, Meganne, who turned 9 this year, is enjoying the 4th grade and as much soccer as she can stand.

I'm still in touch with the old Bellevue guys, but I would love to hear from others who I've lost touch with. I can be reached by e-mail: Stay safe all!"

Matt LaPan e-mails: "I've been teaching and coaching for more than 10 years in Warrensburg, N.Y. My wife and I have three great children: Karleigh, Katelynn, and Joseph. Hope all is well with my Phi Mu Delta brothers and my Tau Phi Xi friends. DAWG!!"


Leslie A. Loberant, M.D., and Edwin B. King II, M.D. '91, happily announced the birth of their second child, Adam Loberant King. He arrived on June 9, 2006, in Pittsburgh, Pa. He and his sister Maya, 5, are healthy and wonderful.


Charles Olson and his wife, Kimberly, announced the birth of their first child, Chilali Nikita, on Sept. 11, 2006. Charlie is the corporate security and safety manager for NEC Electronics America in Santa Clara, Calif., and he and his wife work part-time at Squaw Valley as ski instructors. He moved to San Francisco in 1997 after two years in New York City while Kimberly completed her dietetic internship. Charlie can be reached at


From Kerry Gallagher Burns: "I recently became involved in a new venture of the Rhode Island Family Court, helping to organize and establish a mental health clinic within the juvenile justice system. The purpose of the clinic is to assess children who have come to the attention of the court for issues that might be affecting their functioning, such as issues at home, abuse or neglect, substance abuse or other mental health issues. It's quite a change going from the world of nonprofit therapy to the justice system. I am very involved in fund-raising and advocacy for cystic fibrosis as my son, Finnegan, born June, 3, 2004, has this disorder. I am also active in the Ocean State Parrot Head Club and recently returned from a national parrot head convention in Key West."

Holly Poirier Hanecak is the aquatics director at Northwest Connecticut YMCA in Winsted. She is married and has a son, Lucas, 2. She writes: "Hey, just wanted to say hello to everyone, would love to hear from you. I am busy with work and being a mother to a 2-year-old boy."

Heather Lukens Forari writes: "I'm still living in Arizona and loving it. I'm now a stay-at-home mom with three kids: Katie, 8, Jason, 5, and Sammy, 1. While I'm happy that I've managed to keep in touch with a few people, I always love to hear from more! Drop me a note at"

Michelle Baribeau Garesche writes: "Women's rugby alums had a rejuvenating victory over the students in our second annual alumni game on the Sunday of Homecoming Weekend as well as a great time with some of the old gals. Stella even played. If you once answered to a name like Barbie, Parkay, Piggy, Floyd, Kermit, or Plow, we want to see you there next year! Contact me at or Karen Friend at"


From Karen Holmes Reinhold: "Hello, all! We are so thankful to be back in New England. Everything seems to be finally falling into place for us. I am tutoring in the evenings, and I'm currently the president of the MOMS Club in Manchester. It's been rewarding to have friends with kids the same ages as Lukas and Mikah (now 6 and 2) and other moms to identify with! Mark is starting his third year at NECC and has created an online astronomy course that is very near and dear to him. With our families just an hour or two away now, we get to see each other quite often. I've been able to get to the Yankee games as well, which I did miss when we lived in the south. (Sorry, Sandi!) I wish I had been able to get to the reunion to celebrate 10 years since graduation. We had a busy summer, starting in May with the wedding of Sandra DeButts '96 and Timothy Griffin. We took advantage of the house on the Cape and did some sightseeing in New Hampshire to places that we hadn't yet ventured. I hope to hear from some of my old friends now, please write me at"


From Matt Orefice: "I recently produced a documentary about Roma (Gypsies) in Eastern Europe, called Human Heart Explodes, based a bit on my Peace Corps experience. We are entering it in the festival circuit and look forward to seeing you at a screening. See more information, the trailer, or the schedule at

Janelle Pinunsky is acting director of The Meadows, a memory support center at Seabury's Life Care Community in Bloomfield, Conn. It is a residence for 58 men and women, some with dementia and Alzheimer's. Janelle earned her bachelor's degree in physical education and her master's degree in gerontology at Saint Joseph College."


Melissa Lindmark Eiben writes: "My husband, Adrian '98, and I celebrated the birth of our first child, Andrew Harry Eiben, on Oct. 10, 2005. We are currently living in Hudson, Mass. Adrian is a marketing project manager at Bose Corporation in Stow, while I recently left my job as an HR business partner at Genzyme Corporation to stay at home with our son."

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