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Priscilla Holmes Roberts of Claremont, N.H., and Delray Beach, Fla., writes: "I enjoyed a cruise to Alaska with KSC friend Joan Simpson '51 and her husband, Forest, in August."


From Pauline Bullard Brown:
"Lois Wadliegh Kaminsky lives in Coventry, Conn. She has lived alone with her two German shepherd dogs since her husband died. Lois has two sons who live nearby and are a comfort to her. She still substitutes at a school several days a week. Always good to hear from Lois.

"Nina Krochmal Witham and Jim McShane joined Norma Wright Walker at Warren's Lobster House in Kittery, Maine, with 27 other alumni and guests.

"A letter arrived from Dan Butler who now lives in Florida saying he is unable to attend our 55th reunion in June. He, like the rest of us, finds it difficult to recognize classmates and alums. The years have changed us all in many ways.

"Homer 'Doc' Chase writes from North Carolina that he has kept track of the flooding problems in the Keene area through the Internet. He remembers another flood when he was a student at KTC and had to make a detour to return to campus. Doc and Fay are not traveling quite as much due to the price of gas, but are both well and hope to get to Maine in the summer.

"Our classmates seem to have the 'moving fever.' Bevalie Bonardi Bouchard has returned to Alaska to live with her children. She is delighted to be back with friends she made while teaching there. Paula Burt Dundas and Charlotte Finch Peterson have moved to Maine. Winnie Schoolcraft is off to Missouri to live with a friend. Ruth Gline Peck has a new address in Maine. Marilynn and Vern Dube have relocated in a different part of Kentucky. Pat and C. J. Thompson have left the San Jose area to go to Watsonville, Calif. Joy Clough Webster now lives in Holderness, N.H., and Joan Stoughton Fay is a resident of Connecticut."

From Jill Knight Wyman:
"Joan Greeley Simpson and Forest headed to Florida in January. They recently spent time with Barbara Sullivan Brooks. They also had a great seven-day cruise to Alaska. She and her husband say it is a beautiful state and it was a special cruise

"Polly Bullard Brown writes that she and her husband have gone to Florida, will spend a month at a park, and explore more areas. From there they will go to Missouri to visit friends. She hopes to see many classmates next summer in Keene.

"Dottie Thompson Henderson wrote that she talked with Pat Cogswell in Woburn, Mass. She lives in a condo and bought a piano and has started lessons. Dottie says even with all her health problems, she still enjoys living on the ocean in Maine.

"Nelson Edoff writes that he will spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with his daughter in New York. Nelson had a hip replacement a few months ago and is doing well."

Dottie Henderson writes: "Still hoping for a gathering in Augusta, Maine."


From Irene DiMeco Parent:
"Just a brief note on the gathering of the Golden Circle held at KSC at Homecoming in the fall. It was a fun group of 34, and the class of '52 had these people in attendance - Norma Morissette Mallat and her sister Anne Williams '71, Charlotte and Don Carle, and Bruce and I. We all won prizes. That was fun. As usual, Norma Wright Walker '51 and her entourage did a wonderful job with the whole affair and made everyone feel welcome. She also had flowers for the birthday people. We had the pleasure of meeting the new KSC president, Dr. Helen Giles-Gee, who spoke briefly and with great enthusiasm on how pleased she was to be there and happy to see such spirit from both the students and alumni on campus."

From Claire Waterhouse Simensen: "Does the time really pass faster as we age or does it just seem that way? Maybe if we heard from more of you with news, these deadlines would not seem to come due so soon.

"Did get to the Golden Circle meeting in November at Lilly's in Rindge, N.H. Saw Don Carle and Charlotte, Bruce and Irene Parent who usually do make that one. A pleasant surprise was Rachel Osborne Kidder who had come with her sister Mary '49 . There is never enough time to visit and catch up on everyone's doings, but I seem to recall that Rachel is going to send us an update.

"Had a short note from June and Dick Chambers. Did not get to see them this summer. They had a wedding and were busy. They survived the hurricanes this past year. Good news, as there was so much damage reported.

"Heard from my roommate, Shirley Coffin Grover, recently. She had some health problems, but is doing quite well. She is so lucky to have both sons and their wives close by. They are able to help her as she is not driving now.

"By the time you read this we will be trying to make plans for our 55th reunion in the spring of 2007. Hope some of you will be willing to help with the planning. Again, we can't do it alone! Your input and attendance are so important. Contact Irene or me with your ideas and suggestions.

"Remember: We have to hear from you or the Class of '52 will have a blank space. Have a great day!"


Esther L. Copp of Port Orange, Fla., writes: "Five great-grandchildren. I'm living in my own apartment in the home of Dexter and Linda Copp, plus Megan, one of my 13 grandchildren. Walking daily with my poodle, Daisy, and doing okay."

From June Hesse Haymon: "Received an e-mail from Jesse Evangelou. He stated he moved to Wells, Maine, as of 2001. (I remember that's where Carol Cable Caron was a principal years ago.) His three grown children and two grandsons live there in Wells, also. Jesse has been getting together with Sal Grasso and Harold Hapgood for the past couple of years. His permanent mailing address is 361 Webhannet Drive, Wells, ME 04090, cell phone 207-641-7493. Give him a call and make him happy!

"This past December I got a card from Jean Waterhouse Saladina, 4943 Silkwood Drive, Sarasota, FL 34241. Some of KTC alumni got together at Lois Plimpton's house at Moody Beach, Fla. Lots of laughs, news, shared memories, according to Jean. They will be having a gathering for '52, '53, and '54 at Lois' house. The ones at Lois' house were Lois, Jean, and Carolyn Lees Fleming, Carolyn Hoban Beecher, Lola Tanner Burns, and June Tanzi Salvail '52 .

"I'm very busy with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. It's a great feeling being part of the Homeland Security and helping our country. Let me hear from you."


IN MEMORIAM: Richard F. Waldo '55 died Sept. 27, 2005, in Fort Myers, Fla. He served in the Korean War and was superintendent of N.H. School Administrative Unit 6 in Claremont, Cornish, and Unity for 24 years. He did graduate work at the universities of Vermont, Maine, and New York. He was married for 50 years to Janet Tremblay Waldo '55 .


Mary Mock Minkler of San Antonio, Fla., writes: "Doing volunteer work in school. I've been traveling this past year, with trips to France, Argentina, and Brazil. Will take a Rhine River cruise in 2006."

Cynthia J. Glover writes: "My husband, Charles M. Glover, died Dec. 15, 2005. My Florida condo still cannot be lived in after 16 months, since hurricane Jeanne!"

Richard Enderson of Rockville, Md., writes: "I am enjoying my retirement and my three grandsons, Kyle, 10, Andrew, 8, and Nicholas, 3."

From Cynthia Randall Faust:
"Last July, a group of friends gathered at Charles and Cynthia Parks Glover's summer residence on Lake Massasecum in Bradford, N.H., to celebrate the 70th birthday year for many in our group. We enjoyed lots of goodies, a special cake, and lots of gab. Since graduation, this group has gathered to 'catch-up' on our travels, our families, and just enjoy each other's company at least twice a year - in the summer, around Christmas, and some during their Florida winters. In attendance for the 70th were Connie Hawes Ross, Richard and Connie Collier Tremblay, Richard and Jean Ann Giovannangeli Pollack, Carl and Marilyn Allen Britton, Earle and Diana Tobias Quimby, Vincent and Carol Gatcomb Riel '59, Edward and Patricia Bourassa, and several others.

"In October, Jan Marvell Grant, Marge Walker Briggs, Mary Lou Stevens LaCoste, Joanne Doten Goodrich, Jan Rafter Adams, and Cynthia Randall Faust met in Keene at the new Olive Garden for lunch. Lots of conversation and catching up.

"During the conversation, Jan Adams, who lives in Milford, N.H., told of a trip to Hutchinson, Minn., last fall. When Jan's daughter and family moved to Chanhassen, Minn., in 2002, Jan discovered Hutchinson, Minn., was 40 miles west of their home. Don and Jan made two trips to Hutchinson to the McLeod County Historical Society and Museum. They met Don Schumacher who informed them that 2005 was the town's 150th anniversary. Hutchinson was founded by three brothers, the Hutchinson Singers from Milford, N.H., in 1855. So Jan took part in a dedication ceremony of the Hutchinson brothers' statue on Sept. 11, 2005. She read two letters - one from the Milford Historical Society and one from the Milford selectmen. With an attendance of 500 people on a very warm day, it was a very exciting time for Jan and the town of Hutchinson.

"When you send in your contribution for the class gift, please be sure to designate that it go to the 50th reunion gift. The committee met in August to talk further about our 50th reunion. You should have received a letter from Nils Peterson by the time this edition of Keene State Today is published."


From Dottie and Nelson '59 Megna: "We took a three-week tour of China last fall. There were 29 of us in the group. Our excellent guide answered our many questions and took good care of us. We spent four days in Beijing (Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Great Wall), then four days on a cruise down the Yangtze through the beautiful gorges. We visited the place where the terra cotta warriors were unearthed, spent a day on the Li River, then to Hong Kong (neon city) to end the tour. Interesting to see families with just one child. Two or more are allowed in rural farming areas. Many Chinese speak perfect English, which they begin in primary schools. Water supply is still a problem. We were told to drink only bottled water wherever we went."

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