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IN MEMORIAM: Ruby Whittemore Keegan '40 died Dec. 11, 2005, in Franklin, N.H. She taught high school English in Littleton, Tamworth, and Goffstown, N.H., and was librarian at Tilton-Northfield High School. Later she established and ran libraries in Franklin elementary schools and was a substitute teacher.


Charlotte Reed Webber of Walnut Creek, Calif., writes: "Still enjoying life in my retirement community, population over 10,000 people. We enjoy 36 holes of golf, a movie theater, three swimming pools, lawn bowling, three clubhouses, etc. A great place to live. We even have our own library. I particularly enjoy lawn bowling and walking for exercise, and swimming in summer, and card games, especially bridge."


Priscilla Sargent writes: "In June 2005, Margery Paulsen Hilton and I went on a 14-day tour and cruise to Alaska. Marvelous. I highly recommend it."

IN MEMORIAM: Pauline Murtha Jacobs '44 died Jan. 6, 2006, in Ocala, Fla. She taught in Plainfield and Dublin, and was the first reading specialist in the Keene school system, where she worked for 19 years until her retirement in 1981.

IN MEMORIAM: Ella Barton Reney '44 died Sept. 22, 2005, in Grantham, N.H. She taught in Grantham and West Lebanon before becoming a program director at WCNL radio and writer for the weekly Argus Champion, both in Newport.


Polly Fisher Bailey writes: "It was great seeing Carolyn, Vesta, Nancy, Lois, Myrtie, and Connie at Reunion."

Barbara Clark Stone of Red Bluff, Calif., writes: "For a year I have been undergoing chemotherapy for a tumor which metastasized. The condition has improved and in January we drove to Yuma to visit friends with whom we used to camp."


IN MEMORIAM: Jeni Klementowicz Bennett '46 died Oct. 12, 2005.


Ellie Smith Butler writes: "Barbara Bohuslov Peterson is now living in Parkland, Fla., with her son Nord, and despite some loss of mobility she manages well.

"Jean Harding Maxwell tells me she is busy with family and friends, while keeping fit with water aerobics.

"From California, Carolyn 'Jo' Turner Davis e-mails that she is well, enjoying visits from family and friends from back east. She volunteers at the school library and helps her grandchildren with their homework.

"Calls or e-mails from others in our class with news for the next issue of KSC Today will be most welcome."

Marjorie "Maggi" Parker wrote of her experience on a river ship. "A river ship is the best answer to cruising if one is not a good sailor. Cousin Hazel and I boarded our river ship, The Bizet, in Vienna, then sailed up the Danube, Main, and Rhine rivers for 14 days to Amsterdam. One can also board in Amsterdam for Vienna. These river ships have all the creature comforts of big ocean liners, like a stateroom with private bath, great food, excellent service by young English-speaking Slovaks, a large lounge and bar with live entertainment every night, and, best of all, a new historic site every day when the ship docks. I could hardly keep up with all that was offered. I'm planning the next cruise from Hungary to the Black Sea." Maggi ended with a P.S., "See you in '08."

IN MEMORIAM: Margaret "Peggy" Clark Helyar '48 passed away after a brief illness January 12, 2006. She lived in West Brattleboro, Vt., and was Class Secretary for her class. Ellie Smith Butler writes: "With deep sadness, I am writing our class notes for Peggy Clark Helyar who passed away after a brief illness on January 12. Peggy, in her customary way, had planned ahead, asked me to cover the Class Notes for her, and mailed me a packet with all her KSC materials, which I received the day before she passed away. We have lost a very special person who was devoted to KSC and lived its motto - 'Enter to learn; go forth to serve.' Our sympathy goes to her family and many friends."


From Ellie Hughgill Muldoon:
"Received my first Christmas card from Bette and Charlie Manos. I figured they must be going away over the Christmas holiday, and I was correct. They celebrated Christmas and their 55th wedding anniversary with a cruise to the Western Caribbean followed by a couple of months in Florida. Still doing a lot of traveling, they had a tour of some major Eastern European cities in October.

"Ray Dundas has, I believe, reached the age of 86. He called me from his home in Maine, after receiving my last letter, to let me know he's older than Eleanor Mason. He says that he still plays the sax for his own amusement. Paula takes out her hearing aids and goes to bed when Ray takes out the sax! Ken Swift also called after my last letter and we had a nice chat. He's finally left the classroom and now drives people to appointments.

"We had a good turnout at the last reunion: Norma Davis, Wanda Brooks, Edythe Dexter, Mary Osborne, Phyllis Clement, Bart van Wie, Sherm and Marge Lovering, Phyllis Curtiss, Flora Calef (but I couldn't find you, Flora) and me. When it came time to march to the luncheon, all these people disappeared and left little old me marching alone carrying the big old '49 sign. (I hope you're all feeling guilty!) We were sad saying goodbye to Dr. Y and Mary-Lou, but we have high hopes that they'll return to visit with us at future reunions. Since then, a few of us have seen Dr. Helen Giles-Gee and we're impressed with her vision and energy.

"Johnny and Betty Burkhardt celebrated their 60th anniversary. John got a pacemaker in April. They were sorry they couldn't get to Reunion but they had to attend a memorial service.

"Norma Paul Davis has had a difficult year. She has congestive heart failure and severe osteoporosis, which caused her to have a compression fracture. I think the high point of her year was being taken to Dartmouth-Hitchcock by helicopter and having the sights pointed out to her as they flew from Keene.

"The last Golden Circle of the year at Lilly's-on-the-Pond in Rindge, N.H., saw a good representation from the Class of '49: Wanda Brooks, Lil Hubbard Brigham, Shirley LaBounty Burt, Norma Davis, Phyllis Curtiss, Mary O K, and me. Mike Maher told the gathering that he was sitting with his girlfriends from the Class of '49. (We had a large committee while planning for our 50th reunion and we regaled Mike with tales of our "wild" escapades while on campus.)

"Some of the people you might have recognized at Lilly's were Don '52 and Charlotte '53 Carle, Bruce and Irene DiMeco Parent '52 , Al and Breezy Moseley '46 , Ruth Blodgett '47 , Isabel Emond '47 , our bursar Clara Giovannangeli, Judy Kalich, Kay MacLean, Mike Maher '72 , and Norma Walker '51 , who puts it all together.

"We've lost several classmates or dear ones this year. Sallie Ramsay Hesketh died in February, Shirley LaBounty Burt's husband, Bud, died during the winter. In May, Jean Read Hebert's husband, Bob died after a long illness. At about the same time, Nat Smith's friend, Mary Jones, died suddenly. Then, in June, Lil Hubbard Brigham's daughter died of cancer. Our sympathies go to all these families.

"Does anyone remember Sally Gilman who was with us for freshman year? She and Ginny Lee were roommates. I saw her for the first time in 59 years at Bob Hebert's funeral, and she's still beautiful."

IN MEMORIAM: Sallie Ramsay Hesketh '49 died in Feb., 2006.

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