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From Bill Doolan: I thought that I should send a class note since I have been asking you to send material for a year now. This has been a busy time for the Doolans. In August Pat (Pat Reed '62) and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary at York Beach, Maine, with family and friends. We got a chance to spend some quality time with our two kids and three grandchildren. (Editor's note: See Bill's account of their trip to Mississippi to provide relief for workers in the Gulf Coast in this issue.)

Carmen Citro wrote: I only taught school for three years, then my own babies started coming faster than I could keep up with (three in three years and a fourth a couple of years after). Great kids, three girls, one boy. Three grandchildren. In 1976, I became an Allstate Insurance Agent with good economic results. It also allowed my husband to continue as a teacher because now we could afford all those kids! He continued teaching for 38 years; when he retired, I basically did, too. All those kids paid off - two of them became my office partners and took over the business, allowing us to travel and enjoy summers at our lake property! Can't claim foresight but what a galactic maneuver on our part - Tony died of pancreatic cancer July 27, 2004, at the age of 65. I'm still reeling from this and trying to find my direction in life without him. I spend my summers in Vermont and winters in Florida with lots of visits from the family at both locations, so I do have the living rights to the best of both worlds! I am in contact with Carol Mosher Kobelski and Nancy Messer Sandahl almost daily through emails and chat. I have not been back to Keene since I graduated. I did receive (after complaining to the Alumni-Powers-That-Be) my 1964 KSC yearbook in 1995! It was then that I discovered that my name was nowhere to be found under president of the student council. David Brown, who was vice-president, had stepped up to the plate in January 1964 when I left to do my student teaching. There was a full-page picture of him as president and not one little iota about me! I was elected to that post, had done double duty (since I lived off-campus that year in Westmoreland) and had developed ulcers, (three days in the hospital over Christmas vacation) for the love of that job, and, lo and behold, no mention! Two years ago in the Keene State class notes, they mentioned the name of a gal as the first lady president of the student council. Hello...I had been that 20 years before! And that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

From Nancy Sandahl: I had some pictures of some of the quilts my classes have done with me at the reunion. One was honored on June 1 and hangs proudly at the Flume/Gorge Visitor Center in Franconia Notch. The kids and I recently received a Declaration from the State of New Hampshire House of Representatives that said, "Let it be known that the New Hampshire House of Representatives publicly does recognize and does grant its hearty and sincere congratulations to Mrs. Nancy Sandahl and the 5th Grade Students at the Mont Vernon Village School in recognition of their creativity in making the 'Old Man of the Mountain in the State of NH' quilt now on display at the Flume Gorge for residents and visitors to enjoy. And be it further known that the New Hampshire House of Representatives, by virtue of the Speaker's signature inscribed below, also does duly extend its highest accolades and plaudits.

Signed by the Speaker of the House, W. Douglas Leamman, Jr." If you have a chance to get to the Flume this summer or fall do try to see the quilt. It is beautiful!

Kenneth R. Morris of Wilton Manors, Fla., says, "Three years to next retirement. Looking forward to making a tri to China, Japan, and return to Korea. I was stationed in Pusan 1969 to 1970. I taught English conversation and was basically adopted by a Korean family."


From Richard E. Doyle: Our 40th reunion in June was attended by Barbara Loughlin Doyle and me, Ed and Joy Rogers Brookshire, Whitey and Glada Dearborn, Joan Arnold and Dennis Joy '64, Ed and Paula Sutherland. Despite a unique, one-of-a-kind class directory published in hopes of drumming up interest, this turnout was par for the course for our class. However, we all had a good time, reminisced about bygone days and the joys of retirement. Everything else discussed was strictly for those in attendance and not to be published!

These folks didn't make the class directory, so I am including them in this issue's class notes column. John and Nancy Bean Eastman write from Warner, N.H., that they are both retired. Nancy seems to be a professional volunteer. John still coaches track and field. They went to their third Olympics in Athens last year.

Pat Schulte Hoar writes from San Mateo, Fla., that she will retire this year from being an office manager at a tax preparer. She has been retired from teaching after a 23-year career. Pat enjoys golf, bridge, gardening, loafing, and Red Hat. Pat has traveled to Florida, Maine, Hawaii, Minnesota, and Nevada. She and Joe have been married for 30 years and have two children, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

John Knowles writes from Saratoga, Fla., that he is an account manager for Meadow Business Systems, with no plans to retire. He and his family went to Costa Rica last December. John likes to go to spring training games, do landscaping, reading, traveling, golf, and oil painting.

Louise Pederzani Pear writes from Moodus, Conn., that she retired three years ago after teaching for 36 years. She enjoys babysitting her granddaughter, quilting, scrapbooking, camping in their trailer, and downsizing. Louise and her family have traveled to NASCAR races in North Carolina and New Hampshire.

Joan Dauphin Buck writes from Peterborough, N.H., that she has been a retired elementary school counselor for five years. She recently traveled to Hawaii and enjoys gardening and Cape Cod.

Cathy Fuhrel Gilbert writes from Keene that she retired in 2000. She has traveled to Williamsburg, Va., New Smyrna Beach, Fla., and St. Maarten. Cathy is now reading, cooking, and caring for her elderly parents.

Judy Holmes Cook writes from Bradenton, Fla., that she is semi-retired but does long term subbing. She has traveled to Hawaii, Canadian Rockies, and eastern USA. Judy enjoys reading and travel.

Aphrodite Vergas Tagalakis writes, "I retired in June 2004 after teaching in Manchester, N.H., for 34 years. My husband also retired last year. We love retirement! We are traveling and also spending time with our three grandchildren."


New class secretary Nancy Coutts looks forward to hearing from classmates before the big 40th class reunion in June 2006.

Edith McNeal Risher of Bridge City, Texas, writes, "I still work for the state of Texas in income assistance. I received an employee of the quarter award last year and also received an award for working with Special Olympics."


IN MEMORIAM: Marian Bentley Mason '67 died June 2, 2005, in Freeport, Maine. She earned a degree from Lesley College in 1935 and spent most of her life in Keene. She taught for 36 years, retiring in 1980.

IN MEMORIAM: Kathryn Reid Thane '67 passed away April 28, 2005, in San Luis Obispo, Calif. She earned a master's degree from Fitchburg State College and began teaching kindergarten in Boston. She worked at Walter Reed Medical Center during WWII. She taught from 1955 until the 1980s.


Ronn Cabaniol, a teacher with more than 30 years of experience, accepted a fellowship for early retirement from the private Berkshire School in Sheffield, Mass., earlier this year. Ronn, who also has taught English at Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington, Vt., and in the Avon, Conn., public schools, has been a drama critic for the Bennington Banner and, until recently, was a track and field coach for Berkshire School. He couldn't bring himself to leave teaching yet, and will teach sixth- and ninth-grade humanities classes at the Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public School.


Sharon L. Brown of Middletown, R.I., writes, "Thirty-six years and I still love what KSC trained me to do - teach! Travels to Maine, Florida, and Alaska allow me to indulge another passion - photography."

John and Nancy Burns '70 Morey live in Merrimack, N.H. John writes, "Our son, Devin, completed his junior year spring semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His major is Spanish and international affairs at the University of New Hampshire."

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