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Jane Hall Gifford of Penacook, N.H., writes, "Reunion was great! KSC has the same smiles, friendliness, and caring as did KTC - true gifts."

Elsie Fife of Epsom, N.H., writes, "I still live a five-minute walk to the elementary school where I volunteer in kindergarten, first, and second grades for reading skills. Each spring I do a maple syrup-making project in my little patch of woods with 50 to 60 fourth graders. We tap trees, gather and boil sap in my backyard, and enjoy the results with pancakes, ice cream sundaes, or sugar on snow. All fits in with their studies of New Hampshire."


Jill Knight Wyman has graciously agreed to be our class secretary. Jill and Paul live at Heritage Heights, a retirement community in Concord, N.H. Their three daughters live in Concord and one son lives in Boylston, Mass. They are fortunate to have family close by. Jill taught school in Concord and in the Oyster River school district. They were also connected with St. Paul's School for more than 20 years.

Elsie Bowes Brenner writes, "Daughter Virginia is now living in Utah after many years in San Antonio. We attended granddaughter Elizabeth's high school graduation. Granddaughter Christina is in 7th grade. Daughter Sandra lives in Floresville, Texas. Grandson Christopher is a senior in high school. We are very proud that they are excellent students. Bruce and I celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary in September. We are anticipating a reunion visit to all our friends in Europe whom we had the pleasure of knowing when we lived in Ireland for many years. Meanwhile, we spend lots of time traveling in our RV here in the states and also at our condo on Maui."

Betty Sowers Coogan writes that their triplet daughters are married. Tracy lives in South Carolina and is head of a radiology department at Myrtle Beach. Betty and Jack (Arthur) '49 visit her when they want beach time. Lucy is a massage therapist in Waynesboro, Va., and owns her own business. Susan is a homemaker with two teenagers. Arthur Coogan III graduated from Keene State in 1986 and went to Pensacola, Fla., to begin his training as a pilot. He was a helicopter pilot for 15 years and is in Naples, Italy. He will complete 20 years of service in two years and will retire. Betty and Jack enjoy traveling to visit their children and five grandchildren. They continue to be active in their church, the choir, and with a senior group.

Dorothy Thompson Henderson retired in 1988 and lives in Rockland, Maine. She has a split-level home with a beautiful ocean view. Her son Peter is the equipment manager for the Boston Bruins. Daughter Mary lives in Lincolnville, Maine, and just finished her CNA course. Dottie's son Mark passed away after a heart attack at age 39. His wife and daughter live in Harrison, Maine. Dottie enjoys reading, sewing, and activities at her church.

Pauline Bullard Brown writes that her wrist hasn't healed one hundred percent and it may never be better. She broke every bone in her wrist and she and Clayton missed their trip to Florida and a trip to Missouri. They planned to be home in June for the graduations of two grandchildren and a niece and nephew. They hope to get to Islesboro, off the coast of Maine, and will "dog-sit" while their daughter Mary is off to Scotland.

Beverly Proctor Boyea shared family information. Her daughter Jennifer Brown drove her from Naples, Fla., to Bear, Del., where she stayed till Memorial Day, and then to Ocean City, Md., for the summer. Bev's son Dean and his wife live in Hightstown, N.J. She keeps busy making a variety of baskets. She says being a widow is difficult since Fred passed away in 2002.

Nina Krochmal Witham and Bob '53 returned to York Beach, Maine, just in time to enjoy several snowstorms. Nina thinks it would have been better to stay in Florida. While in Florida, they spent time with June '52 and Dick Chambers '52. They attended a state fair in Tampa, but said it did not compare to the fairs held each fall in New England.

A nice picture of Marion Russell Austin appeared in the Keene newspaper. She is a member of the Troy Heritage Commission that planned an open house tour in May.

Cecil Nash was honored at a luncheon with the Cheshire County Retired Educators Executive Board and at the 40th Anniversary Party for his 21 years as treasurer. The anniversary committee members were Shirley Curtis Heise '59, Norma Morissette Mallat '52, Ann Morissette Williams '71, and Norma Wright Walker '51. Everyone will miss Cecil and his hard work.

Barbara Sullivan Brooks prepared this summer for all the Fresh Air Children from New York. She has worked as a volunteer with this group for many years. Her husband Robert passed away in July 2004. She has personally published a book, Barbara's Story, about her life from 1929 to 1947. It was three years in the making. She and her son Bob have taken space with an antique group in Bristol and are enjoying sales and cleaning out the cellar at the same time.

Margaret Harrigan, Joy Clough Webster, and William Remick joined Norma Wright Walker and other KSC alumni for lunch at the Cabot's Inn, Lancaster, N.H. Margaret Guilmette '56 made the arrangements for the Golden Circle gathering.

A letter arrived from Rita Hayes Evans saying her husband, Arnold, had heart and hip surgery. They were planning a trip to Myrtle Beach in the fall.

Present at a Wright Reunion in Hancock were Sarah Weston Hutchins '57, Marion Weston Frazier '63, and Norma Walker. Richard Rogers was unable to attend due to hip surgery.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Paula Wenzel Juris. Paula's contagious laughter will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

Several classmates gathered for a turkey buffet luncheon at Hart's Turkey Farm. Always good to see Elaine Schmidt Chesley, Charles Plimpton, Richard Rogers, Margaret Harrigan, and James McShane, with his wife, Jeanne '54.

Wenona Schoolcraft was in an auto accident in January 2005 and had to deal with many medical problems. Winnie is selling her home in Keene and plans to move to a retirement home with a friend in another state. She will be missed by us here in New Hampshire.

Joan Greeley Simpson and Forest enjoyed a seven-day cruise to Alaska. They took several land tours and the train to Denali.

Beverly Proctor Boyer of Naples, Fla., and Ocean City, N.J., writes, "Since my husband's passing in 2002 I keep busy working on baskets and knitting fun fur scarves, plus nine grandchildren keep me busy."

IN MEMORIAM: Paula Wenzel Juris '51 passed away June 29, 2005, in Merrimack, N.H. She taught distributive education in high school, junior high school, and elementary school, retiring from Main Dunstable School in Nashua N.H., in 1996.


Joyce O. Wick of Vernon, Conn., writes, "Dear friends, Paul L. Wick, my husband of nearly 43 years, passed away on March 6, 2005, leaving me, our two children, and four grandchildren. Our son Barry lives in Orlando, Fla., with wife Suki, a son, and a daughter. His brother, Allan, lives in East Hampton, Calif., with his wife, Patricia, and two sons. They've been a great source of loving and care at this time."

Received a nice note from Morton Bradley - apparently he is keeping busy in his retirement years with doing missionary work in Mexico. To quote Mort, "Our youth director and I spent months planning a mission trip to Mexico for the last week of July. We signed up 13 youths and nine adults. We arrived in Mexico four days after hurricane Emily had torn through our work area. It made shambles out of shanties and the tidal wave washed away whole islands off the coast. We've seen hurricanes, but in this area homes are made of corrugated paper and tin roofs. We saw utter destruction! We worked in a coastal fishing village where many buildings were gone with no trace. We put the public school and library back together. It wasn't the work we had expected, but it was the work that was most needed. Our multi-generational team worked very well. This mission is one where Mable and I have worked numerous times in past years, most recently 11 years ago. I was happy to prove that I was still up to it. I can't recommend the climate in Mexico for late July - the heat and the mosquitoes! "Such wonderful work, Mort. You and your team are to be commended.

From Claire Waterhouse Simensen: This past April I had the chance to attend my KSC roommate's 75th surprise birthday celebration. Shirley Coffin Grover and I had lunch in Keene a little more than a year ago, but she was still so surprised to see me! Her sons, Clem & Chris Houle and their wives planned it all. I did enjoy meeting them and other family members and friends. The weather warnings almost kept me home - heavy rains and flooding. She lives in Gilsum about two hours from here. However, the weather wasn't quite as bad as predicted and I'm glad I made the trip. We talked about lots of you as we recalled our time together in college. We hope to get together more often now.

In June our class won the attendance award at the Golden Circle meeting in Concord. We had four members present: Lila Murphy, Alan Stevens, Charlie Mitchell, and myself. Second year in a row. A few classes had three members, but we won! Wish more of you could join us. Thanks, Norma, for the prizes. You do such a great job for all these functions. In August Irene and Bruce Parent had a small gathering at their home in Ashburnham, Mass. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time reminiscing and catching up on what we've all been up to. Don and Charlotte '53 Carle, Norma and Bob Mallat '58, and I were able to attend. Some of the others they invited were not free on that date. Heard from Lila Murphy recently. She keeps busy with family and friends. She had seen Dick and June Chambers while they were here from Florida. Sorry I did not get to see them this year. Believe their son was getting married in August and then they were heading back.

By the time you read this we should be planning for our 55th reunion in 2007. I suggested to Irene that we try to plan a get-together in the summer and get as many classmates as possible to start the ball rolling. We'll be looking for suggestions as to what you'd like to do on reunion weekend. That's all for this issue. Peace to all.


IN MEMORIAM: Barrett Waling '53 died May 22, 2005, in Keene. He served in the U.S. Army and was a teacher in Barre, Vt., and Keene, where he taught at the middle school for 20 years. He was owner of Barrett Waling Ceramic Tile and an avid model train enthusiast. He is survived by his wife, Dr. Ann Britt Waling, former dean of professional and graduate studies at Keene State.


From June Hesse Haymon: I volunteered to become class secretary when I received Keene State Today after our 50th reunion and nothing was written up about our fantastic reunion. I will give you the run down through my eyes. It was good to see so many former classmates. At our class meeting each of us gave a review of our lives up to date. What a diversified bunch! All were very productive and had accomplished so much. The highlight of the reunion was the marching of the classes to the outdoor tent set up on the commons. How many times, when we were students (the event took place before we left for the summer break), did we chuckle at the aged group proudly marching with their classes. Now we were that group! As we approached the tent, we were asked to step aside so all the other classes could pass and go to their assigned tables. Then, we each were given a medallion hung on a red and white ribbon. We became members of the Golden Circle Club. As the class of honor, we marched in last to the applause of all those present. What a thrill and nice warm feeling. Mrs. Ruth Keddy was our guest and sat at my table. I was happy to reminisce with her about the sports teams and the red and white team competitions. We were saddened to hear of her passing several weeks later. My pals Joy Johnson Falkenham and Shirley Witham Hyde brought back so many memories, especially of Huntress and the third floor. Joy had been my bridesmaid at my wedding in New York and Shirley had also been there in 1955.

There were pictures galore for our class and others in the Student Union. Fifty years changed a lot of us but there was that same twinkle in the eye and extending of hands in friendship. I had written a book about my four years at Keene titled, Homerun! She Won the Game! Many members bought a copy and the money was donated to our scholarship fund for the college. I said it was the best four years of my life and I meant it.

These are the members who attended the reunion:
Betsy Severance White, Lois Flint Plimpton, Joy Johnson Falkenham, Shirley Witham Hyde, Louise Mongeron Toomey, Valerie Cornwell Sweet, Jane Kingsbury Corrigan, Carol Luscombe Greenwood, Patricia Gormley Hall, Ralph Rudy Werninger, Dorothy Bushnell Burden, Carolyn Lees Fleming, Bette Rundlett, Carolyn Ramsay Baston, Jean Waterhouse E. Saladino, Carolyn Coughlin Hoben Beecher, Bill Parker, Mary McGuirk Clark, Marjorie Haines Helmbrecht, Sal Grassio, Beverley Blasenak Slocum, Patricia McMahon Clark, Harold Hapgood, Marie Bergeron Drogue, Jim Carew, Lola Tanner Burns, Ralph E. Fuller, June Hesse Haymon, Gordon Durnford, Jessie Evangelou, Rod Boivin, and Howard Smith.

Any news you have for our class, send it to me and I'll help to keep our class in the news. Let me hear from you.


IN MEMORIAM: Kendall McCormack '55 died March 30, 2005, in Keene. He served in the U.S. Army and was an English teacher at Peterborough and Conval high schools for 30 years. He was also an adjunct teacher at Hesser College.


James W. and Doris W. '57 Smith spend six months in Port Orange, Fla, and six months in Burlington, Mass., and are "still able to sit up and take nourishment," James says.

From Mary Ann Pellerin: Milly Ingalls Kittredge sent sad news via Mary Marcotte Gline. Loretta "Rett" Soucy Burnham passed away on August 5, 2005, after a brief illness. On July 10, "Rett" sent me a quick update stating that she and Jack had moved back to Wolfeboro so that they could be nearer their three children and families. She was looking forward to our 50th; had gone to Jack's 50th this past June. She exclaimed, "KSC campus is just wonderful! Some areas still have a familiar look and feel and bring back fond memories." We will miss her greatly.

Mary Gline is now a great-grandmother! Reagan Elizabeth Hoy was born on June 16, 2005 - her great-grandparents' 49th wedding anniversary! She really knows how to please Mary and Frank.

Minot Parker and Mary celebrated their 53rd Keene High School Reunion at the College Camp on Wilson Pond. We're hoping to have an event held there for our 50th.

Connie Bailey Mason wrote: "It's been a long 50 years. I do hope to make it to the '06 reunion. Had a chance to reconnect with Nancy Angwin Richards last summer along with other Concord High School female classmates celebrating our 70th B-days. My life has taken me off to many different interesting places far away from New Hampshire. Al and I have four married children, with 12 grandchildren, ages 11-25. We celebrated our 50th anniversary this June. He and I now lead productive, busy lives as working Floridians. I will be starting school as a part-timer again soon, an hourly Title 1 reading teacher. I retired from full-time teaching in '01. Fortunately, we both enjoy good health, are active in church activities, travel to visit family who are scattered all over." Her address is: 4431 Sunrise Dr. SO, St Petersburg FL 33705.

Kent F. Bailey forwarded his new address: 14 E. Harbor Circle, East Falmouth, MA 02536

Ann Hansis Flynn wrote, "I think I want to go [to our 50th]. Try to get Max Glenday, Ella Frederick and Maddy Lessieur."

Are you reserving the weekend of June 2-4, 2006, for our 50th Reunion celebration? You'd better - or you'll miss out on the chance to meet one another, reminisce, and have a wonderful time.

On Oct. 8, 2005, classmates Mary Gline, Joyce Smith, Margaret Ramsay, Dave Costin, Nancy and Ray Richard, and Cliff Bovin met with Kay MacLean, our Keene coordinator of the event. They've put together our itinerary for the weekend.

Friday night, June 2 - Mixer
Saturday noon, June 3 - Alumni Luncheon. Receive 50-year medallions.

Saturday afternoon, June 3 - College Camp Barbecue. This will be held late in the afternoon so we can dress casually and chat informally.

Mary Gline writes that staying at Pondside dorm works well for classmates wishing to be in the same area. There will be a shuttle available for on-campus events. Imagine that - a shuttle at KSC! Thank you, Mary and classmates named above. Your efforts are much appreciated.

The same goes to Anita Stokes. She writes, "There really isn't anything new with me. I still live in Suncook with my cats Rosie, Izzie, and Baby in the home where I grew up. Summers are spent at Northwood Lake. There I entertain Dotty Binmore Greene and husband Scotty, Milly Ingalls Kittredge and husband Everett, and Mary Marcotte Gline and husband Frank, usually in July. We have been getting together for several years, but nobody remembers the year we started this mini-reunion. It has been at least 10 years and is a good time to catch up on everyone's news. I do volunteer work at the food pantry in town. I have been working there about seven years and find it rewarding. I work with really nice people, so the experience is very pleasant. I plan to attend our 50th Reunion, God willing. I hope there will be a good turnout. I'm looking forward to seeing everybody."

You'll be hearing soon about our Class Gift and further information regarding the reunion. Lock the dates in your calendar NOW. Those of you in Florida, keep in mind the reunion there in Phillipi Park on Feb. 26. If you can't make it to Keene in June, February's reunion would be appropriate. Yes indeed, 2006 promises to be a fantastic reunion year!"

IN MEMORIAM: Loretta "Rett" Soucy Burnham '56 died Aug. 5, 2005, in Wolfeboro, N.H. She was a member of the Newman Club for four years at KSC. She was a second-grade teacher at Tuftonboro School for 20 years, retiring in 1994, and had previously taught in one of New Hampshire's last one-room schoolhouses in Stoddard and in a two-room schoolhouse in Washington. She was married to John "Jack" Burnham '55 for 50 years.


Mary Mock Minkler of San Antonio, Fla., writes, "In April I traveled to the French Riviera and Paris."


Pauline Shea writes, "Mort and I were driving though Milford, N.H., in August and, at the spur of the moment, decided to look up Rollie Hardwick '57. He wasn't home but called us the next morning. It was nice to reconnect after all these years - almost 50 to be exact. He caught us up on his family and happenings. He is an avid tennis player, is on his second marriage, has three children, and sounded wonderful. We went to Newport Beach, Calif., for a week to see our youngest daughter and then were off to Italy for 17 days in October, then to Sarasota, Fla., to our condo until May. Florida has been such a wonderful place for Mort to recuperate. He has done remarkably well."

Harold Nugent of Gainesville, Fla., was appointed chaplain to the USS Fulton AS-11 Association. Harold served aboard this submarine tender as navigation quartermaster from 1951 to 1954. The USS Fulton and 12 submarines comprise Submarine Squadron 10, with home port at New London, Conn. The squadron was assigned to patrolling the waters of Iceland during the Korean War since Russia used this passage to reach the North Sea. The USS Fulton was decommissioned in 1991 as one of the oldest ships in the U.S. Navy. The USS Fulton AS-11 Association has an active membership of over 200 and holds regular reunions. The chaplain's duties include writing a column, The Chaplain's Corner, in the group's quarterly newsletter.

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