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Claudia Istel of South Acworth, N.H., writes, "I'm still teaching math at Fall Mountain Regional High School in Langdon, N.H., and enjoying it. I'm co-advisor of National Honor Society and serve on the district Professional Development Committee."

IN MEMORIAM: William R. Matson '80 died May 16, 2002, in Keene. A resident of Troy, N.H., Bill graduated with his son, William T. Matson, from KSC. He was a 30-year veteran of the Marine Corps, was a drill instructor at Paris Island, and was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart during the Korean War. He held numerous leadership positions in the New Hampshire Democratic Party, the Cheshire County Commission, and Troy committees. He was the town's oldest and longest-serving fireman.


Deborah Gline Allen of Derry, N.H., has been appointed editor of "The Education Connection," a national newsletter for Christian educators in the United Church of Christ.

Audrey French Renaud writes, "I've been working with AmeriCorps for almost two years now. This year I tutor English/reading/writing and ESL, and assist with the voice class at Walla Walla Community College. I also volunteer 10 hours a week at the Adult Day Center with Alzheimer patients and assist the Rebekah Lodge three to four hours a week with their yard sale. We have been in Washington three years in May 2002. I don't regret leaving New Hampshire...there are so many artsy and music opportunities out here that I never had in the Northeast. I've been in three musicals and one play, and have done solo work with the Walla Walla Choral Society. There's more music on the horizon! My daughter, Hannah, and three grandchildren are in New Hampshire and I miss them. My husband, Dave Dohse, just graduated from Walla Walla College in College Place, Wash., with his teaching certification. It took him 25 years from the time he started school until he reached his goal. Our advice: NEVER GIVE UP! I'll be going for my master's in teaching next year, for English, reading and writing, with an amendment for ESL, and a minor in music. To those who weren't sure-yes, I'm alive and kicking! Hello, and write. I'm in the alumni book."


IN MEMORIAM: Susan Anathan Weintraub '82 died April 23, 2002, in Avon, Conn. She received her master's degree at KSC and was an amateur photographer and a volunteer with the Haitian Health Foundation.


Robert Dietl says "Hello, everyone" from Satellite Beach, Fla. He's an engineer with Northrop Grumman Aerospace in Mel-bourne, Fla.


Jody Barstein Dietch of Orange, Conn., is purchasing manager at Matlaw's Food Products in West Haven, Conn. She writes, "In addition to being purchasing manager at Matlaw's, I am co-owner of a 150-child day care center in Milford, Conn. I have two boys, Howie, 9, and Michael, 4."

Kevin Twombly works in an Emergency Operations Center and lives with his family in Stuart, Fla. He writes, "Married in 1985 to a tooth fairy (dental hygienist) from Maine, met in Jensen Beach, Fla. Daughter Nathalie born March 1986, drowned in April 1987. Daughter Katie born January 1989, son Peter born July 1990, son Bryan born April 1993. Blonde, brown, and redhead, they are happy, exciting, nonstop, enjoying camping, fishing, beaches, and Honey-Nut Cheerios. They want to see snow. Can you imagine that? If they had only seen the winter of 1979 and three inches of snow on September 3!! Eeeeeks! I've written enough notes in 10 years of nursing and emergency medicine, it's time to leave the phone, watch, and pager home and go camping on Monadnock. I want to come back and be an RA again. Well, perhaps I'll just read the newsletter. Have fun every day."


David Gorman says classmates can reach him at PO Box 369, Chatham, MA 02633.

Here's an update from David Jordan: "After graduation, I relocated to Fairfield, Conn. I married Karen (Lil K) Levinson '84 in 1989. We now have two beautiful children, Kara 9 and Jake 7, and live on Canoe Brook Lake in Trumbull, CT. Karen has taken a break from New England Consulting Group as the director of new business and public relations to devote her time to raising the kids. Although she wouldn't admit this for anything, she does miss the excitement of work. After 8 years as head coach of Weston High School girls' gymnastic team, Karen is now coaching for the YMCA and continues to teach dance in Westport.

Currently I own and operate Jordan Construction, a full-service contracting firm that specializes in large, high-end residential remodeling and home building projects in lower Fairfield County. Our projects generally exceed $1 million dollars, and we were featured on the cover of Remodeling in February 1999. In addition, I own and operate Mill River Properties, which owns and manages rental properties. In our free time (what's left after soccer, yard work, errands, etc.), we like to hang out on the lake, ride bicycles, and race around Long Island sound in our speedboat.

We regularly see Martha Root Fagan, Karen Rosenberg McMahon, Brian (Costello) McMahon, Carol O'Kane O'Connor, Heidi Deirs Speigel, and our financial advisor Keith (Fuzz) Joy. My sister, Ruth Jordan '85, is now living in Santa Monica, Calif., and works as a consultant for a computer imaging company. An exercise fanatic, she can often be found cruising around on her roller blades. Congratulations on the purchase of her new home!"

Catherine R. Elder writes, "I loved the picture of the Kappa Gamma Reunion in the spring issue! It brought back great memories of college and the fun I had with the ladies pictured. I am currently working for Chubb & Son in Warren, N.J. Anyone in the New Jersey area? For those of you who contacted me to assure that I was okay after 9/11, thanks. I was very grateful not to be working there at the time. I would love to hear from my Kappa sisters of the past. Please email me at


Jill Weiner Kaplan is a special education teacher in Marlborough, Conn. She finished her 6th-year degree in educational leadership and is looking for a position as principal, vice principal, or special education director.


Dearest Class Members of 1987,

First, know that if any of you has anything to do with a certain Dan Hooper and Scott Farnsworth, be careful, as an evil witch has put a nasty hex on those two major no-shows! (Hint: don't let them tell you it's poison ivy on their skin!) But if you have anything to do with the following people - the good fairies of Keene have sprinkled magic pixie dust on them and those who contact them will have happiness to spare. These are the great ones – Michelle Ayer, Camille Parodi, Pamela Smith Dyer, Kathy Thomas Feenstra, Peter French, Ellen Rowney, Lisa Corrette Livingstone, Babben Kulbacki, Mary O'Hanlon Dolan, Jan Girvan Rounds, Renee Villane Ulcickas, Jack Webb, Joanne Stepanian, Jeanmarie Martin Foise, Anne Lawlor Camillieri, Louis Murray, Nina Castellion, and at least a few others who did not sign the sheet (sorry if I missed you in this list).

And also our three adopted sisters and one brother! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us not have the 20th Reunion that these four had. They were the only ones from their class to come - but they were a scream! So we have invited them to be in our class for our 20th. Thanks to our 1982 classmates Janine Pontillo Lane, Lisa Friberg, Tami Stefanik Goodwin, and Les Beaugart (an Alpha brother with a memory, much to my chagrin!)

So let us talk about the 15th - you know, your Reunion with the College that provided you an education that led you to a job that led you to the car to go out with your friends so you could meet the love of your dreams who led you down the aisle that led you to the maternity ward that led you to your house, where you are sitting in your back yard reading this ridiculous letter? OR...the College that led you to your friends who led you to that great city that led you to that incredible experience that led you to the life you are living now? And if neither of those scenarios works, didn't you receive some mailings that looked halfway interesting? - like, oh yeah, I did serve time in Keene some time ago and, as I recall, it was pretty fun? Well, too late now, as the Reunion is over, but there is always the 20th!

We did allow for some excuses, like small kiddies still using up the Saturday passes, and that it may seem a bit drab to be 30-something and come back to a Reunion and talk about being 30-something. But I have to tell you, the people who were at the Reunion were anything but drab. They were happening! Some brought kiddies and others left them at home, but all had a good time being back on campus. It really does look great, I'm telling you. The hairy, scary science building-there is real stuff going on in there - work on cures for all kinds of diseases and on new energy sources. Really! Speaking of diseases (can I be held for libel?) a group stopped by Penuche's (how the hell do you spell the name of this place?) and believe it or not, they have a proper front door and windows! Now another brave group stopped by the Phi Mu Delta house. Believe it or not, that place is still standing. Do builders know of the magical sticking power of beer-soaked boards? We are talking how many years and how many parties and how many beers have been spilled on those floors, and they are still standing?

Well, you missed a good weekend with really nice people. I said it after the 10th and I repeat it after the 15th - we really did go to school with some great people. So, what did we come up with while we were there?

NUMBER ONE - addresses and email addresses. If you could send the Alumni Office or one of the class secretaries (look above for addresses) your current mail and email addresses, it would be great to find out where people are and make some connections. For instance, there's a group starting a Boston alumni chapter. They have met, and some great business and personal bonds have been formed.

NUMBER TWO - finances. Wait. Listen. We are challenging our great class to get 95 percent participation in class giving over the next five years, you know, for our 20th. It DOES NOT have to be a lot - $10, $50, $100, whatever. Just give it each year. Just be sure to mark it as "1987 Class Gift." We can build up a sizable gift and then decide what we want to do with it. It is our responsibility to give back. If you are wondering about the school and all it is doing, visit it. You will be proud to call yourself an alum of Keene State College.

Finally, I have to thank a few who made the weekend fun. Nina Castellion jumped on this project early last September and quickly got ideas going and mailings out. We reconnected through this Reunion and I am truly grateful. Mike Maher and Stephanie Nicholson, as well as the Alumni Office, undertake this huge project every year with smiles on their faces and only our enjoyment as their mission. Thank you!!!
So here is your homework - get your addresses in to us or the College, start making a contribution, and make a concerted effort to return for the 20th. BUT PLEASE, if nothing else, stay in touch! You'll be dusted with the happy dust, unlike Farnsworth and Hooper.

Yours truly,

Sam McKinlay


From Jeff LaValley: Greetings every-one. There's not much news from our classmates to fill this column, though I am happy to share that Bob and Kris Zarychta Earle are living in Columbia, Conn., with their children, Cameron, 7, and Johanna, two and a half. Bob is still with Fleet while Kris works part-time at ING. You can email the Earles at:

As for myself, the left coast continues to offer great weather, as well as enjoyable working conditions as assistant director of annual giving at Pomona College. There are always terrific pro-fessional development opportun-ities. Recently I served as sponsorship chair for the Western States Annual Giving Conference, one of the most comprehensive conferences for annual giving professionals. Additionally, I have been elected to serve as student relations chair on the board of directors of the Southern California Annual Giving Professionals Network.

Please do remember, this is your column, and your class secretaries would like to hear from many more of you! Whether you're sharing news about your growing families, professional or civic accomplishments, or other activities or making a request to contact classmates, we appreciate and look forward to hearing from you! (Okay, to be honest, we just like seeing anything other than bills in our mailboxes.) Electronic mail works just as well, so drop us a note!

Since there is room to ramble on, here's a plug for our 15th Reunion, in 2003. Now is not too early to start planning. First, mark your calendars for May 30-31 and June 1, 2003, for Reunion weekend. Next, if you are interested in helping us plan events for the weekend, or fundraising for our class gift, please contact me at the address above. A few other folks, including Kim Sweeney Samson, Kevin Hooper, and Eric Weinraub, have already said they'd be happy to assist.

If you haven't been back to Keene since graduation, you must know Reunion weekend is a terrific time to do so. It is a perfect time to reunite, reminisce, and rekindle old friendships, as well as develop new ones. The Alumni Office and Advancement Office staff always go out of their way to make the weekend a memorable one filled with myriad events. Believe me, you won't be disappointed. Oh yes, and plan on bringing the kids! There will be plenty to do for everyone. Details will be forthcoming in early spring.

Until then, do plan to be back in Keene in 2003, and join the Class of '88 15th Reunion celebrations. We look forward to seeing you!


IN MEMORIAM: Guy N. Brown Jr. '89 is deceased. He had been a resident of Nashua, N.H.

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