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On February 28, Winnie and Nelson Edoff, Jill and Paul Wyman, along with Joan and Forest Simpson joined Dr. and Mrs. Yarosewick for lunch. The Edoffs and Simpsons went to the KSC gathering at Fort Meyers, Fla.

Reunion 2002 found Del Langille, Betsy Walker Staples, Barbara Garland Woods, Bob and Nina Krochmal Witham, Norma Wright Walker, along with Claude Leavitt and his wife, Marian Brown Leavitt, who was celebrating her 50th. It was a great weekend, especially seeing so many familiar alumni from 1952.

Howard Pickwick '52 said he had visited Bob Ferry recently. Bob is enjoying retirement. Also heard at Reunion that Bill Resnick and Paul Wyman (Jill's husband) were having health problems, which we hope are now in the past.


From Claire Simensen: Having just returned from our 50th, I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful weekend it was. The college alumni staff did such a wonderful job. We were treated royally. Everything was so well organized. The many events where we were honored, the spectacular decorations, the warm welcome, etc. The only thing that would have made it better would have been YOUR presence. We did have about 35 class members in attendance - some for the first time and some who had not been back in 40 years. What a change in the campus! You would not recognize much.

Our class banquet at the college camp was a great success - regardless of the thunderstorm that tried to put a damper on things. We still dedicated the flagpole from inside. Dr. Y accepted our gift and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the singing of "God Bless America" led by our one and only Dick Chambers. Just like old times!

Please notice that Irene Parent has agreed to help with our class notes. You can now send your information to either of us. I believe she got some news from those in attendance, but we really would like to hear from those who couldn't be with us. Let us know what's going on in your lives. We missed you and would really like to get an update. I hope all of you who attended enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. I know I will have such happy memories for a long time. Enjoy your medallions, and I hope to see some of you at future Golden Circle meetings.

IN MEMORIAM: Clementine Follansbee Cloutier '52 died in March 2002.


I made my yearly trip to New Hampshire. I visited Helen Noyes Amazeen '37, '65 B.Ed. and Esther Hussey Prescott '37. Both are well and happy. My 5th- to 7th-grade teacher died recently, Kathryn Walsh Currier '36, '55 B.Ed. I visited the graves of Betty Field Stevens and Margie Stevens Prina. Both are resting comfortably in beautiful graves in Brentwood, N.H.

I am beginning to lose my eyesight. Is there someone available to help out with Class Notes?

From Ann Lessard: "On June 1, a few of us (Joe Hall, Dave Staples, Damon Russell, Ann Basset Lessard) gathered at Alumni Day and wondered where the rest of you were. But we hardly wasted a minute before we began discussing the Big 50th in 2005. Here is what we talked about:

1. A Gift (Scholarship? Tangible something on campus? Sculpture?). Could each of us pledge over three years? Alumni Office would keep track of it; it's tax-deductible; make it out to the Class of '55 Fund. What do you think? E-mail Damon at or me at

2. A Celebration. We booked the new, lovely College Camp for a 5 p.m., catered barbecue on Friday night. What else should we do? A memory book? A party on Saturday night?

3. Info. Come join us next year at Alumni Day. We'll meet behind the registration desk at 10 a.m. and see how we're progressing. We need your help and input, even though you can't believe it'll be 50 years!"


Louette Danner Bartol retired in 1997 after 37 years teaching - 30 of them at Sun Prairie High School, Sun Prairie, Wis.

We extend our sympathy to Bette LeClair Stockwell on the death of her husband, David Stockwell, on June 1, 2002. Also on June 1, we were saddened to hear that Leo F. Redfern, former president of Keene State College, died in a car accident on his way to the KSC Alumni Reunion.

The Reunion weekend was very well attended by classmates of '52 for their 50th Reunion. Also 1957 for their 45th and 1977 for their 25th. In the parade of classes, our 1956 class was represented by Joyce Campbell Smith and Mary Marcotte Gline. David Costin and Margaret Ramsay took part in other Reunion activities.

A reminder to classmates: Send in your donation for our class gift to the College. Please write "1956 Class Gift" on your check, so it will go into our account for this gift. Thank you.


I received this note from Sarah Bean Coen: "As snow fell outside, the following ‘girls' gathered at Cat ‘n' Fiddle in Concord for lunch – Marilyn Howe Houghton, Judy McCarthy, Helen Brach Horne, Phyllis Dowd, Mary Pickett Hopwood, Freda Spiro, June Drake Purington, Carol Boucher, and Sarah "Sally" Bean Coen. For some reason they always put us way in the back of the dining room. Can you guess why? Reminiscing was the name of the game."

Cynthia Park Glover writes, "We are now officially snow birds, I guess!" She and her husband, Charlie, spend May to October in Bradford, N.H., and November to April in Sebastian, Fla.

I am writing this the day after our 45th Reunion, so the memories are still fresh in my mind. It was a beautiful day, and a good time was had by all. There were 35 class members plus spouses and friends in attendance for most of the day's activities, with a large group staying for the evening dinner and dance.

Coming the greatest distances were Ann Callahan Brown from California, Bob Thompson from Arizona, and Dolly Waite Flynn from Florida. Classmates attending were Jan Rafter Adams, Earl Aldrich, Scott Althoff, Bill and Barbara Ryans Brackett, Dottie Crosby Bresciano, Ed and Margie Walker Briggs, Ann Callahan Brown, Paul Davidson, Phyllis Manseau Dowd, Lee Marston Duncan, Cynthia Randall Faust, Dolly Waite Flynn, Ralph Fuller, Joanne Doten Goodrich, Shirley Ingalls Gould, Janice Marvell Grant, Ken and Claire Dignam Heath, Barbara Lees Hewitt, Fred Hill, Marilyn Howe Houghton, Mary Lou Stevens LaCoste, Judy McCarthy, Fred Norris, Nils Peterson, Jean Ann Giovannangeli Pollock, Ferd Prevost, Vincent Riel, Gene and Connie Hawes Ross, Freda Spiro, Bob Thompson, and Connie Collias Tremblay.

Classmates had plenty of time throughout the day and evening to catch up on news and laugh over old times. Nils Peterson presided over our spirited class meeting. There was much discussion about our gift to the College for our 50th Reunion year. Judy Kalich, director of Advancement, visited our meeting and presented various suggestions for gifts. A committee was selected to review the alternatives and come up with a plan. Committee members are Cindy Faust, Ralph Fuller, Mary Lou LaCoste, Jean Ann Pollock, Vincent Riel, Gene and Connie Ross, and Connie Tremblay. A meeting will be held in the fall, followed by a letter to class members explaining the process. During lunch, donations were collected to purchase a brick in the class name for the Bricks for Books project, which includes building a courtyard behind the library and purchasing books; remaining money might be used as a base for our 50-year gift. Since the courtyard will be finished before our 50th Reunion, we felt we wanted to do this now.

Many thanks and much appreciation to Mary Lou LaCoste and Connie Tremblay for their hard work on this Reunion. Mary Lou set up a display of pictures and scrapbook memories and they both spent countless hours consulting with the caterer, going over lists, and making phone calls. KSC Reunions are all about renewing old friendships, getting to know classmates you didn't know in college days, and seeing the campus with all the new, modern buildings and facilities, but remembering how it was "back then." All of us who were there this year hope that in five years, you will be there, too.

On another note, watch for news about a four-day alumni cruise out of Miami on Feb. 24. Wouldn't it be fun to get a gang of '57ers to go?

IN MEMORIAM: Pierre Greenwood '57 died May 23, 2002, in El Paso, Tex.


Joan Woodhull Willey of Newport, N.H., is the proud winner of the 2002 Distinguished Citizen of the Year award from her local Chamber of Commerce. Joan is president of the Newport Senior Citizens, where she has been a volunteer since 1993 and a fundraiser for two years before that. She retired from teaching in 1990.

Bob Mallat reminds the Class of '58 that "in 2003, we celebrate 45 years since our graduation. Mark your calendars. Any suggestions for activities are welcome. Also suggestions for class gift." Contact Bob at 24 Jennison St., Keene, NH 03431.


David C. Leavitt and his wife, Lori, are enjoying retired life in a winter home in Nevada and summer home on Massasecum Lake, Bradford, N.H. They have children and grandchildren on both coasts in New Hampshire, California, and Oregon and would love to hear from old friends from KSC.

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