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Connie Harris writes: "Sarah R. Johnson '10 and I walked together for the Susan G. Komen Three-Day for the Cure in July. We were team Tough Warrior Princesses. Our team raised more than $108,000! What an accomplishment for 32 people! Sarah walked in honor and celebration of her mother, Mary, who has battled cancer twice. I walked for my neighbor, one of the captains of the team, and friends on the team. Sarah and I met on a training walk in April and started a casual conversation about life - where we live, work, and went to school. We developed an instant bond when we discovered we both graduated from KSC. Even with a 20-year graduation difference, a friendship can be born. We had our picture taken for Keene State Today!"


IN MEMORIAM: Benjamin DePecol '91
March 7, 2005


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Roger Wilkins writes: "Dannielle and I are proud to announce the arrival of our son Reid Scott Wilkins, born August 13th. I now join the ranks of all my college buds who are fathers - pretty good club to be a part of! Hope everyone is well."

Pamela Beaman writes: "I recently moved back into the house I grew up in - in Hinsdale, NH. My sister Becky and I run Hinsdale Gravel Company, where we sell and deliver wholesale sand and gravel products to business and residential customers. I also have a personal chef business called Pamela's Pantry, where I prepare meals for my clients in their homes to stock their fridge and freezer, and do special occasion events and dinner parties. I am excited to be attending a 4-day "Culinary Boot Camp" at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, soon, and am also in the midst of planning a trip to Ireland and Italy at the end of the summer with Alyssa Mullen.
"Alyssa lives in Waltham, MA, and works for WGBH in Boston as a Talent Acquisition and Development Manager, and recently completed her master's degree in human resources. Alyssa keeps in touch with Amy (Pietchel) Dion, who lives in Billerica, MA, with her husband, Peter, and son, Jeremy. I've recently had several opportunities to catch up with many of my Keene State friends and EPY Sisters (PC 27 and 28) both online though Facebook and in person. I hosted two gatherings at my house and also attended a birthday party for Donna (Sullivan) Green, who lives in Medway, MA, with her husband Sean Green and their son Mason (4). Several KSC and EPY girls were also in attendance.
"Lesley (Hill) Guzzetta lives in Trumbull, CT, with her husband, Don, and children, Cole (9) and Lyndsay (7). She's a stay-at-home mom, keeping busy getting the kids back and forth to activities and serving on the board of the PTA.
"Michelle Rawcliffe lives in North Providence, RI , and teaches PE and health. She also DJs as DJ Dizzy at various venues.
"Lynne (Sullivan) Fuller and her husband, Keith, live in Swanzey, NH, with their children, Nick (10) and Emma (8).
"Jennifer (Nowak) Campbell lives in Delmar, NY, with her husband, Jimmy, and their children, Abby (8), Ryan (6), and Molly (2).
"Pamela (Maxfield) Reynolds lives in Turners Falls, MA, with her husband, Jason, and their daughters, Catie and Jillian.
"Jen (Perry) Pugsley lives in Dorchester, MA, with her husband, Sean, and children, Sean, Maeve, and Brandon.
"Nicole Stolzenberg lives in Dover, NH, and works for Microsoft.
"I also keep in touch with Amy (Mackey) DiPiano '95 who lives in Salem, MA, with her husband, John, and their son, Nathan (2).
"This spring I got together with fellow 1994 classmates and the Huntress Hall crew from freshman year: Pamela Maxfield, Jennifer (Perretta) Bennett, Stephanie (Sapienza) Stephens, Carole Ouellette (who welcomed a new baby girl!), Jen Murphy, and Lori (Osbourne) Laliberte.
"It's so nice to see updates on friends from school. I hope more people will make a point to send in updates and pictures to Keene State Today!"


IN MEMORIAM: Jeffrey Soderberg '95
August 14, 2011


Remember Reunion, June 1-3, 2012! Save the date and start getting in touch with classmates now!

Christopher Ouellette and his wife, Amy Waterhouse Ouellette '98, have two daughters, Ewoyn (4) and Istra (2). Eowyn and Christopher wrote a children's book called Skunk Zoo. It came out last November on Dancing Skunk Media. They are getting great feedback. Even John Bemelmans Marciano (author of Madeline) said that he loved it. Christopher writes, "We are having a lot of fun on our book tour. I don't know if Eowyn knows what the word "famous" means, but people say it to her enough that she knows she's it, whatever it is."

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