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Class Notes

Margaret Rhoades Bost invited classmate Norma Walker, Mary Marcotte Gline '56 with her husband Frank, and Arlene Parker Tatro '50 for lunch at her home in Acworth, along with other friends. Margaret and Norma went through their Kronicle '51 catching up on news of classmates. It was a beautiful day to share a delicious meal made by Margaret.

From Norma Walker: "My first exciting news is that I have seen our beautiful OWL that was our last class gift to the college. It will be dedicated at Homecoming.
[Ed. note: For more on the Class of 1951 owl, see the story in this issue.]
"This summer has attracted several of our classmates. Margaret Rhoades Bost joined us for the first time at the Common Man in Claremont. Her sister Ellie came with her.
"Always special to see Charlie Plimpton when the Golden Circle meets at Hart's Turkey Farm. He admitted that he has finally retired from the NHCTC in Laconia. Charlie and Moe Bowler '50 enjoyed catching up on memories of their Keene Teachers days and their lives today.
"It was so good to have Nina Krochmal Witham (with Bob) at Warren's Lobster House. She had taken a bad fall in her driveway and has been dealing with hours of PT ever since. Nina is as cheerful as ever.
"Our class sends their sympathy to the family of Nelson Edoff who passed away recently. Our class keeps getting smaller each year.
"Patricia Parent O'Donnell keeps in contact with me with letters and items with owls on them. She knows I like owls.
"Just want to say thank you to those of you who have had the opportunity to join us at the Golden Circle luncheons. They are Richard Rogers, Stanley Johnson, Joan Greeley Simpson, Elaine Schmidt Chesley, Ruth "Bicky" Bickford Peck, Margaret Rhoades Bost, and Nina Krochmal Witham. There may be others at the next couple of luncheons.
"In October I'm going with my son and his family to Parris Island to my granddaughter's graduation from marine boot camp. She will then be off to MP School in Missouri. I pray all will continue to go well for her and all those who are training to protect us."

IN MEMORIAM: Nelson Edoff '51
July 12, 2011


Claire Simensen writes: "The 2011 Reunion was great, with good weather and good friends. Our class only had a few: Don and Charlotte Carle '53, Irene and Bruce Parent, Norma and Bob Mallat '58, and me. I hope the rest of you are planning to join us in 2012 for our 60th. We had a chance to see what the 50th and 60th classes did for their special years. It inspired us to get working on ours. We appreciate any suggestions you have. Norma Walker '51 always makes us feel welcome at the Golden Circle meetings before the awards luncheons. It was special for me because two of the people (one my brother-inlaw) who received awards were from my hometown of Salem, which was a small community in those days. The president's brunch on Sunday was a good way to end the weekend. The food was delicious too! It was a pleasure to hear President Giles-Gee speak about the campus. She is such a vivacious person and a wonderful ambassador for our college!"

Peggy Carr Ambose sent a nice note to Norma Walker '51 saying she missed the Keene State gatherings in Lancaster. She did say she isn't driving any more. Peggy is looking forward to celebrating her 60th Reunion in 2012.

News from Irene Parent: "Thank you to the class of '52 for helping us honor Don Carle with the purchase of a bench and plaque in his name. The bench is placed in front of the Alumni Center. Drop by and see it next time you are at the College. Don was honored as an active alumnus, for his service as an alumni director, for his longterm involvement with college activities, and for his continued support of college athletics. Don was deeply touched and sends heartfelt thanks to his classmates. Congratulations, Don! We look forward to seeing everyone at next year's 60th!"

Irene also received a brief note from Evelyn Bruce Quimby about her retirement activities. She sings in the Silver Lining chorus and has made several appearances at local senior centers and various nursing homes. During these performances, they sing, dance, and make use of tamborines. Evelyn also sings in the Harmonizing Saints. They are accompanied by an accordion player, guitarist, and pianist. She said the sound is great. The audiences enjoy their performances.

The 1952 class secretaries would like to find the following classmates: Sally P. Barker, Osie B. Brown, Marian Bunce, Lorraine E. Fistole, Frank Holt, Esther B. La Pierre, Marjorie Leeds, Arvin Miller Jr., and Wilomena Reed. If you know anyone's whereabouts, please call.

Don Carle writes: "It was great to see everyone at reunion. We want to tell classmates that we are alive and well. Come to our 60th! It was good to see so many younger classes return to campus for the reunion. Classmates, please also make a special effort to get to games in your area; the kids are great and competitive. The KSC athletic realm has many teams for every season and schedules cover all New England. Next time you're there, take a few minutes to say hello to the coaches and the players."

Remember Reunion, June 1-3, 2012! Save the date and start getting in touch with classmates now!

IN MEMORIAM: Barbara J. McNally '52
May 5, 2011

IN MEMORIAM: Ronald C. Banner '52
June 2, 2011


From Norma Walker '51: "Beverley Blasenak Slocum sent some photos of Keene Teachers College students she found as she was cleaning her basement after it was flooded last spring. Bev said she meets with Dean Corrigan and his wife during the year.
"Ken Aldrich from Waterford, VT, and his wife joined the Golden Circle alumni at Makris in Concord last June. Hope to see him again at one of our luncheons.
"So good to have Priscilla Partington Sargent and Gloria Richardson Matthews when the alumni gathered at the Common Man in Claremont."


IN MEMORIAM: Carol Cable Caron '54
July 14, 2010


David Staples received the Granite State Award for outstanding public service at the KSC commencement ceremony on May 7. The University System of New Hampshire and Keene State presented the award to David in recognition of his contributions to the state.


IN MEMORIAM: Kenneth Hewitt '56
August 1, 2011


Remember Reunion, June 1-3, 2012! Save the date and start getting in touch with classmates now!


Bill Webb kept in touch with Ruth Jenish Wivagg '40, his first-grade teacher in Wilton, NH, who is 93 and now lives in Brighton, MA. He also attends wakes and funerals of many of his former students' family members throughout the year and gave the eulogy for two former students. He wrote 1,100 Christmas messages last year to hundreds of his former students, faculty members, and Keene graduates. He is in his 26th year as caregiver and is very active as a licensed lay minister in the Episcopal Church.

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