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Class Notes

From Bethany Mancuso Imbusch: "I just received my spring 2010 issue of Keene State Today. I always look eagerly to the notes of '91 to see if I can learn of any news from old friends. It's usually bare, so I thought I would share my news. It's hard to believe we graduated nearly 19 years ago already. I was a work-study student and was often found lifeguarding at the KSC pool, working in the library, or working in the student union.

"I graduated with a degree in elementary education, then married Stephen Imbusch, who also attended KSC as a foreign exchange student in 1988 from Limerick, Ireland. We moved to Ireland for four years while Steve taught woodshop, and I learned and taught the Montessori Method for educating young children. Stephen also made Irish Harps in a shed behind his grandfather's house during those years.

"We moved back to Rhode Island the summer of '97, and Stephen got a teaching job at Walpole High School in Walpole, Massachusetts. I worked at the Ocean State Montessori School in East Providence, Rhode Island. We now live in Barrington, Rhode Island, where our three sons attend public school. Luke is 17, Ciaran is 14, and Sean just turned 7. Stephen earned a master's degree in administration from Rhode Island College in 2002 and became an assistant principal at Walpole High School the same year. This year, Stephen became the principal at Walpole High School. I continue to be a Montessori substitute teacher; my hope is to get back into teaching elementary education as I love all children!

"I keep in touch with Tina Haller Blinn and Randy and Alison LaCasse. I would love to hear from other classmates."

From Tara Van Haelen Smith: "Mel Smith '90 and I have had quite a busy year. I went back to school for my MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) degree, which is an accelerated degree program. I just finished and will be teaching High School Spanish in Canton, Connecticut. Mel and I have been married for 19 years, and we have two children - Alyssa, age 13, and Ethan, age 9. Mel is still working at the Connecticut State Library (16 years) and was recently featured on the TV series Who Do You Think You Are? He helped Matthew Broderick find his relatives. You can imagine the excitement."

IN MEMORIAM: Mary Kelly Sohm '91
February 22, 2011


Karen Biglin Piersa recently published a children's book called, The Wishing Shell. Karen currently lives in a coastal town with her family and continues her work in counseling, education/special education, and teaching.


News from class secretary Erin Delude George: "Have just come off another year of successful writing with the publishing of two poetry chapbooks, Dandelion Dance and Insideout. I also finally got to the writing website, I'm looking forward to a productive and passionate 2011!"

IN MEMORIAM: Carol A. Camden '95
February 13, 2011


IN MEMORIAM: A. Roy Vezina '96
April 5, 2011


IN MEMORIAM: Michael B. DeMaio '97
December 15, 2010


Class secretary Lisa Harvey writes: "I taught abroad in Spain for a couple of years and have been back for a while. I got married last October. I teach third grade in Manchester."

Heather Gansel sends news: "There's a lot going on here in southwestern Connecticut. For the past four years, I've owned a personal training and sports chiropractic business called CORE - the Center for Fitness and Chiropractic Care. The business combines my passion for fitness and my experience with sports and athletics. My practice thrives in our studio in Stamford. As a chiropractic doctor, I oversee our specialty clinics as well as individual fitness programs. I also personally train all of the fund-raising tri-athletes for the Kids in Crisis: KIC IT Triathlon, a local organization. I also serve on its board. At the end of April, CORE exhibited at the Fairfield County Women's Expo. It was a great local event and an opportunity to showcase our fitness philosophy, skilled trainers, and diverse programs."


Roxana "Roxy" Fera, a student from Romania and KSC soccer player, writes: "I'm hoping to reconnect with classmates due to my long-term absence from the United States and my inability to attend the recent 10-year reunion. I'm in China teaching at a university in Hangzhou, near Shanghai. If you would like to reconnect, please e-mail me at or use my Skype ID: roxana.fera (UK location). I look forward to getting back in touch. The world has become a small place - a global village indeed."

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