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Class Notes

Our condolences to the family of Alice Gates Wright, who died at age 93 on January 31, 2011, following a brief illness. She lived in her own apartment in Carrollton, TX, until two weeks prior to her death. She always valued her close friendships with many of her classmates over the years.

IN MEMORIAM: Olive Gray '41
March 15, 2011

IN MEMORIAM: Thelma Louise Hawkins '41
June 14, 2010

IN MEMORIAM: Eleanor Johnson '41
June 1, 2011

IN MEMORIAM: Alice Louise Gates Wright '41
January 31, 2011


Peggy Smith Campbell writes: "Hello, classmates. Since it's much easier to communicate by e-mail, would you send me your addresses? It's much easier to keep in touch and enables me to do it regularly. I'm living alone (having lost two spouses) in my home on the St. Johns River in Palatka, FL. (The bass capitol of the world!) I am 30 miles from St. Augustine and the beaches, 40 miles from Gainesville, and 50 miles from Jacksonville. All five of my children are close by. It's beautiful here in Florida this time of year. I try to walk or ride my bike a couple of miles at least three times a week to keep the old body parts from falling apart and rusting! I talked recently to Ruth "Bunny" Berry Dodge '39, who, until this past year, was spending the winters in Florida with her husband, Cap. She and Cap are now at Havenwood Retirement Home in Concord, NH, along with John and Barbara Freese. Bunny was a couple classes ahead of us, and I believe she's had her 92nd birthday. If you have news about our remaining class members, it would be nice to hear from you. I think all of us would like to see some class notes. I would love to hear from you and promise to respond. By the way, aren't we proud of the strides our college is making?"


News from Caroline Pregent: "It's a great year. Most of our classmates will be celebrating a 90th birthday. Who could have imagined this back in 1943? Last weekend, our daughter, Nora, hosted my celebration. Friends and relatives gathered at the College Camp for a good time. The camp is our favorite place to have a party. I also celebrated with a lunch at the Pub Restaurant in Keene with several members of the Alumni Office staff.

"Norma Walker '51, the leader of our Golden Circle, was chosen to receive a 2011 Outstanding Women of New Hampshire award. She certainly deserves this. Lois Moore Querin e-mails me regularly. She and Ned are both having health problems, but they are able to continue life in their Florida home. Louise Whitten Perkins is now getting settled in her new home at Heritage Heights in Concord. We'll miss her, but she's happy there. We spent countless hours volunteering at the Alumni Center. I hope to see you all soon!"

Polly Croteau is proud of her grandchildren, who are happy teaching: Amy Croteau Watts at Harvard and her husband, Mike, at MIT.

IN MEMORIAM: Robert C. Gilman '43
December 9, 2010


A pretty Barbara Boudreau Bissonnette, in her red outfit, joined the Golden Circle alumni and guests for lunch in Dunedin, FL. It's so nice she decided to be part of the group.

IN MEMORIAM: Ruth A. Patterson DeJeet '44
February 8, 2010

IN MEMORIAM: Hazel P. Marlow '44
January 23, 2011


IN MEMORIAM: Carolyn Jeffery '45
June 6, 2011


Shirley Ring Green and her husband, Max, celebrated 65 years of marriage on January 20, 2011.

IN MEMORIAM: Millicent Williams Caton '46
January 20, 2011

IN MEMORIAM: Alberta Johnson Wood '46
March 14, 2011


Ruth Blodgett Washburn will be off to Canada to visit relatives. Then she'll travel to East Longmeadow, MA, for the rest of the summer. Ruth also plans to stop by the Alumni Center in Keene to start making plans for her 65th class reunion in 2012.

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