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Class Notes

News from Priscilla Holmes Roberts: "Time flies when you are having fun! In 2010 my fun included attending our 60th class reunion with Marjorie Partington Soucy and Arlene Parker Tatro. We were joined by Richard Tremblay and his wife, Connie '57; Frank Blackington and his wife, Rosella; and Vincent Russell for a special meal. Marjorie, Arlene, and I enjoyed the dedication of the new $500,000 Alumni Center during Alumni Weekend. Then in October we came to the Colonial Theatre in Keene to see the premiere of Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve: The First 100 Years of Keene State College. During the summer the three of us could be found at Golden Circle luncheons in Concord, Meredith, and Westmoreland. The events were organized by Norma Wright Walker '51. A cruise to Bermuda with a high school classmate helped to round out my fun year."

IN MEMORIAM: Donald Dexter '50
February 26, 2009
Ocala, FL

IN MEMORIAM: Gloria White '50
February 1, 2010
Walpole, MA


Norma Wright Walker writes: "Mark the date for our 60th reunion June 3, 4, and 5, 2011. Your reunion committee, including Del Langille, Polly Bullard Brown, Elaine Schmidt Chelsey, Barbara Sullivan Brooks, and me have met, and we are planning a couple of events just for us. We hope that all of you will join us for this big reunion. It's always nice to have classmates at the Golden Circle luncheons. Joan Greely Simpson and her husband, Forest, and Dorothy and Stan Johnson joined other alumni at Stuart and John's Pancake House in Westmoreland, NH. Nina Krochmal Witham and Bob '53 always try to make it for Warren's Lobster House. Pauline Bullard Brown and Clayton enjoyed a delicious lunch at J. P. Stevens in Rindge. Patricia Parent O'Donnell has organized a Golden Circle luncheon in Clearwater, FL, in February. We have many classmates and other alumni who are snowbirds or live near by. She sends a cheery hello to her classmates."

Joy Clough Webster moved back to Pittsburgh, NH.

Martha Bassett Sargent and her husband, Dick, went to Sandown for an annual family reunion last summer. They also went to their grandson's wedding in Wisconsin. It was special because the whole family was there. Their granddaughter, who teaches in South Korea, came to be a bridesmaid. They also visited their son in Colorado.

Ruby LaPointe Brannen is going through treatments to help with some back problems. Your classmates send their best to you, Ruby, and hope you're better.

IN MEMORIAM: Robert D. Barton '51
October 20, 2010
Goffstown NH

IN MEMORIAM: Claude Leavitt '51
January 12, 2011
Sebastian, FL


News from Winnie Langtry: "The Golden Circle dinner at the new Alumni Center was attended by almost 100 guests. This was the first meal served for us in the Alumni Center, and it was wonderful. The room was attractively decorated and arranged. Don Carl, Bruce and Irene Parent, Norma and Bob Mallat '58, and Norma's sister, Anne, and I all sat together. I was pleased to take Dorothy Carruthers '40 with me to the luncheon. She wore a red Scottie dog pin that was given to her at her graduation dinner 70 years ago. We enjoyed seeing so many friends there but would like to see even more. The Keene State campus is growing by leaps and bounds. It looks more beautiful than ever, and the parking lot behind the Alumni Center is accessible. Our 60th reunion is in 2012. Wouldn't it be great if we could all be there? The alumni memories booklet, 1916-59, is in print and for sale. It's interesting; don't miss it the next time you come. You can call the Alumni Office for information on purchasing one. They are only $10, and well worth it. My condolences go to the family of Morton Bradley. He had a massive heart attack delivering shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child on November 18, 2010. He died serving God. He was of strong faith and did missionary work in Mexico for years. He'll be remembered fondly."

Claire Waterhouse Simenson writes: "I attended the September Golden Circle gathering at Warren's in Kittery, ME. I was sorry none of our classmates were there, but I sat with Nina '51 and Bob '53 Witham. We had a nice visit. Mary Conroy and her husband, Mick, were unable to attend this year because Mick was scheduled for eye surgery. He's doing well. Mary and I have seen each other a few times at our grandchildren's athletic events. I celebrated my 80th birthday in November 2010. My family hosted a surprise party and established a scholarship in my name at the local Dollars for Scholars chapter. What an honor for me! I have talked to Barbara McNally a few times. I also hear from Virginia Brown Leach via e-mail. She's still in the state of Washington. I'm sending everyone best wishes. Remember, we can't print news from the class of '52 if we do not hear from you!"

Don Carle and his wife, Charlotte, went to the Golden Circle in Rindge at J. P. Stevens Restaurant. They had a great time. Don was the only one from our class there. He keeps in touch with Dick Lord, who lives in southern Connecticut and lost his wife, Lou Levette. Please accept our sympathy, Dick. We remember Lou as a nice person and great swimmer. Don also keeps in touch with Murray Ramsey, who, with his wife, Margaret, come to most KSC functions. Don saw Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve: The First 100 Years of Keene State College. He thought it was interesting and well done. Don invites everyone to attend the many activities, concerts, lectures, and sports on campus.

IN MEMORIAM: Morton Frederic Bradley '52
November 18, 2010
Jackson, MS

IN MEMORIAM: Shirley I. Coffin Grover '52
September 25, 2010
Gilsum, NH


IN MEMORIAM: E. Paul Tousignant '55
January 18, 2011
Concord, NH


A granite bench was donated in memory of Mildred Ingalls Kittredge outside the Bradford Historical Society that was inscribed with the following: "Though autumn come, then winter snow, warm memories of Milly will never go. Her smile, her charm, and most, her wit. Remember, when on her bench you sit."


Anne Brown is a busy grandma to 13 children from preschool to tenth grade. She also meets with other retired teachers.

Cynthia Grover is in Florida through April. She's healthy at 76!

IN MEMORIAM: Janice Sable '57
August 18, 2010
Summerfield, FL


Mary Nelson returned from a safari in Kenya and Tanzania. It was wonderful experience. She writes, "Seeing the animals co-exist in the wild makes you wonder why humans don't mimic the behavior and find peace!"

Robert Bellavance sold his 36-foot sailboat and 22-foot trailer. Life has changed since his daughter died. He and his wife are now caring for their grandson, who is in college.

Richard Sederstrom retired in 2004 from the Concord, MA, public schools. He plays tennis and visits his children in Boston and Marblehead, MA; Chicago; and Sao Paul, Brazil. They're great spots to visit!

Mort and Pauline Shea had a great trip to the National Parks in June 2010. Pauline's tennis teammates won the Upper Valley Tennis Finals in August. They are living in Florida through April.

IN MEMORIAM: Harold E. Nugent '58
October 14, 2010
Gainesville, FL


Class secretary Carol Riel writes: "How great it is to see familiar faces at our Golden Circle meetings. The class of '59 has been represented by Gordon Bean and his wife, Sandy; Ed Main and his wife, Catherine; John Cunningham and his wife, Carol; Bob Williams and his wife, Mary Ann; Elaine Stahl Hawthorne; Sandy Burnett Nelson; and me and my husband, Vin. We hope more of you will come and join us. A note from Mike White tells us he had a knee replacement in October 2010. He's back at work at the Animal Kingdom. He and his wife, Phyllis '60, enjoy a quick getaway to St. Pete Beach each summer. Please send an update so we can keep in touch."

IN MEMORIAM: Carol Dispenza '59
September 29, 2010
Georgetown, MA

IN MEMORIAM: Richard H. Tripp '59
September 6, 2010
Largo, FL

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