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Class Notes

Mary Ellen Fifield enjoys gardening, painting, cooking, and baking. She keeps up with church and civic activities. Her grandson graduated from Keene State this year. Another granddaughter is at Plymouth and two others attend universities in New Mexico.

Walter Bucklin writes: "After leaving Keene State, I had teaching positions in New Hampshire and Barre, Vermont. While we were in Barre, our oldest son Charles was diagnosed with asthma and his doctor recommended we move to a warmer climate. I accepted a position as a DCJ coordinator at Manatee County High in Bradenton, Florida. I eventually retired as the director of the Vocational Center. During this time I earned a master's degree and a specialist in education degree. I also served as an instructor for the Air Force reserves. In the meantime, we invested in some land and a cabin in Murphy, North Carolina, where we hide. Our three children graduated from college, and everyone is doing OK. All the best."


A note from Norma Wright Walker: "Once again, reunion brought Nina Krochmal Witham and her husband Bob '53, to campus. On Sunday, Barbara Sullivan Brooks, Pauline Bullard Brown, and Del Langille joined Nina and Norma. Del drove from Nashua every day.

"Richard Rogers, Stan Johnson, Del Langille, Joan Greeley Simpson, Barbara Sullivan Brooks, Pauline Bullard Brown, and Jeanne Leonard Deschenes are on the reservation list for the first Golden Circle luncheon of the season at Makris.

"We'll be celebrating our 60th in 2011 so put the first weekend in June on your calendar. A planning committee will be meeting soon, and you'll hear more from us in the near future. I hope you can be with us. It's a chance for us to gather and share some time together. Please think about it!"


From Claire Waterhouse Simensen: "Here are a few thoughts about reunion 2010. I want to thank all the members of the class of '52 who contributed to the bench for Don Carle. Wish you could have been there to see his reaction! He was so thankful to be remembered by us as well as his other KSC friends.

"As usual, it is such a pleasure to be so warmly welcomed by Dr. Helen Giles-Gee and other faculty, staff, and students. At the dedication of our Alumni Center, the relationship between the College and the city was stressed - both by our president and the mayor of Keene. Having one of our oldest and youngest grads cut the ribbon emphasized the many thousands of alumni who will enjoy the benefits of this beautiful new building for years to come. I'm sure most of you remember Fred Barry. I had him for freshman English. Part of the center is dedicated to him. While touring the building, we were given raffle tickets at different locations. Many nice prizes were donated. We had a small number present from our class, but Grace MacNevin Chandler and I were winners! We both received beautiful Vera Bradley gifts.

"Remember that in two years (2012) we will be celebrating our 60th reunion. Can you believe it? It's usually the first weekend in June. Save the date. Hope many of us will be well enough to attend."

Winnie Langtry writes: "Our third trip back to Biloxi, Mississippi, was our largest group yet. Twenty-nine individuals came from many walks of life. We all learned to do new things. One house was almost completed; it needed paint inside and out. Siding and railings were placed on a home that had been raised up. We served 75 to 125 people daily at the soup kitchen; meals included breakfast and dinner. A new dormitory for volunteers was our great joy. This was built with money from a grant for that purpose. The new Mica center was opened so homeless people can have a mailbox, a place for employers looking for workers to leave phone messages, a place to take showers, and somewhere to do laundry twice a week.

"A few homes may not get built. There is no money to start from scratch. We helped with funds to purchase supplies and materials. I was blessed to be able to take $640 in memory of my husband, Bob Langtry, from churches and family. I also had other funds given to me to help where it was needed. One woman, who had suffered from a stroke, was behind on her electric bill; we were able to help her get caught up. Don't be surprised to hear that we are returning in 18 months to fill whatever needs arise by then."

Irene DiMeco Parent writes: "This year's 57th reunion was a special year. The events were wonderful - from the opening of the new Alumni Center Friday night to the closing at the President's Brunch on Sunday. Don Carle wrote of the bench dedication in his honor, 'I received a tremendous, wonderful surprise.' The bench, presented by our class, will be placed outside the new center in honor of Don's interest and service to Keene State. Don replied, 'To the class of '52 and all those who participated, I thank you very much. You have no idea how much this means to me.' Congratulations, Don, from all your friends. You certainly deserve this honor.

"Only a handful of classmates were at reunion, but it was good to see everyone. We had a great time. From our class there were Don Carle and his wife, Charlotte; Claire Waterhouse Simensen; Norma Morrisette Mallat and her husband, Bob; Winnie Langtry; Grace MacNevin Chandler; and Bruce and I.

"Morton Bradley and his wife, Mable, could not make it this year. He and Mable are planning on a grand circle tour to Poland and the cities of Eastern Europe, including Budapest, Prague, and Berlin.

"The Golden Circle met at the Putnam Science Center. Norma Wright Walker '51 welcomed us as we were directed to our meeting room. It's a huge center. Following the meeting, several of us took the first of many tours through the Putnam Center that day. We were amazed at the size and almost overwhelmed. I remember taking chemistry in a small basement room when I was in college; now this building has all the related sciences with some of the most modern technology available. Faculty and students are pared in teams and work on projects far beyond my wildest ideas. The Golden Circle alumni can be proud of the opportunities available for generations to come.

"Dr. Giles Gee spoke and told us of the exciting things happening on campus. She spoke of all the students wanting to attend the College. In years past, students wanted to come to Keene because it was far enough from home to have independence, yet near enough to go home too. Now students are applying to Keene State because of the wonderful opportunities and higher standards the College offers.

"KSC is inaugurating a nursing program. Dr. Giles Gee recognized that nursing students took courses at the College in the past, but there are new developments on the way. Please let us know what you are doing - keep in touch!"


Gilbert and Mary Bulley have enjoyed 25 years in retirement in Naples, Florida.

IN MEMORIAM: Mildred E. Turner '53, M.Ed. '87
June 23, 2010
Concord, NH


Mary Marcotte Gline wrote: "I am the bearer of sad news. Our dear classmate, Milly Ingalls Kittredge, passed away on April 1, 2010. In 2009, Milly went through many chemo treatments for cancer. She completed them and was making a good recovery. But at the end of March, she was admitted to the Concord Hospital. While there, she had a massive heart attack that took her life. A memorial service was held at the First Baptist Church in Bradford, New Hampshire, on April 12, 2010. Frank, myself, and Anita Stokes, attended the service and a nice luncheon that followed. The three of us had good visits with Milly's husband, Everett, and their three daughters and one son. Ev and Milly have two grandchildren. Milly will be greatly missed."

From Minot H. Parker: "2010 is a great year. I had an interesting and fun trip to Argentina in February and missed the Santiago earthquake by 12 hours. Dove shooting in Argentina was exciting. In June and July we took a cruise from Athens to Istanbul with stops in Corinth, Santorini, Mykonos, Delos, and Rhodes. That's all folks."


Lee Marston Duncan is a busy lady and loving her life. She winters in Florida and spends time with family and friends the rest of the year.

Barbara Lamphere Boe spent two weeks in China as a math education delegate with People to People Citizen Ambassador Program, visiting Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai universities. She even taught first-graders in English.

Mary Mock Minkler is volunteering in the third grade for two teachers at Maniscalco Elementary School at least two days a week. She has also done some traveling.

From Cynthia Randall Faust: "We recently lost another one of our classmates: Margie Walker Briggs of Franklin, New Hampshire, died peacefully, surrounded by her family, on August 24. Margie taught in Franklin for 26 years and was active in many community programs. She and her husband, Ed, spent many years camping in Biddeford, Maine, in the summer. Margie was the organizer for our group of girls who get together every October for lunch in Concord. She was full of fun and loved to make sure we all kept in touch over the years. We will miss her.

"My husband, John, and I attended the dedication of the new Alumni Center. It was a lovely ceremony and is a beautiful building. Be sure and stop in when you are in area. You will be amazed. We also attended the Golden Circle lunch at Hart's Turkey Farm in July. Our class of 1957 had nine members there, the largest in attendance. Those present were, Gene and Connie Ross, Norma Alexander Syphers, Phyllis Manseau Dowd, Freda Spiro, Lee Marston Duncan, Sonja Benson Hannah, Vincent Riel, and myself. The food was great, and Norma Walker '51 did a wonderful job as hostess. The next Golden Circle lunch was in the new Alumni Center on campus. There was a large crowd in attendance and tours of the building were offered.

"Since most of us are retired now and have a little more time on our hands than in the past, send any news of you, your family, travels, or experiences. We have a wonderful class when we get together, but it has always been difficult to get news. Won't you take a few minutes to update us? Send notes to or directly to me."

IN MEMORIAM: Marjorie Walker Briggs '57
August 24, 2010
Portland, ME


Judy and Al Marshall moved to a new home in February. They are enjoying life. Their oldest granddaughter is at Quinnipiac University. They have five grandchildren, with the youngest at 7 years.


From Carol Gatcomb Riel: "One year has gone by since our 50th reunion. It was so nice to see people. This past June, Elaine Stahl Hawthorne and her sister, Connie '58, spent the weekend at KSC. Elaine's husband, Don, passed away in February. He taught at the high schools in Exeter and Hanover for 20 years. He then opened and operated a business in Hanover. Elaine and Don have three daughters and four grandchildren. Their oldest granddaughter graduated from Keene State.

"Last summer, my husband Vin '57 and I enjoyed a fantastic Mediterranean cruise. We enjoy a lot of traveling. In September we're going on the Grand Norwegian Coastal Voyage. We have four children and eight grandchildren. Our oldest granddaughter graduated from KSC in 2009. This past winter we traveled from our winter home in Palm City, Florida, on our annual visit to Davenport to visit Mike and Phyllis White '58. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June. Mike lectures part-time at Disney's Animal Kingdom aviary."

Larry Coles writes: "It's road-racing season, so I have a race nearly every weekend. I'm also playing hockey. I still have an old leather helmet worn by the KTC hockey team in 1951-52. It looks like the protective headgear that boxers' sparring partners used to wear and probably belongs in an athletic museum. Hockey shin pads then were like what baseball catchers wore. I just finished my second term as a selectman in Harwich. I'm also busy organizing a ceremony on Cape Cod to observe the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. At reunion last year, I made a point of visiting the veterans' memorial on campus. When I first attended KTC, there were still WWII vets on the G.I. Bill going to college."

Carl Britton retired early due to constant migraine pain. Any traveling he and his wife, Marilyn '57, do is limited.

IN MEMORIAM: Donald Hawthorne '59
February 12, 2010
Hanover, NH

IN MEMORIAM: Roger F. Wilson '59, M.Ed. '65
July 3, 2010
Lebanon, NH

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