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Class Notes

Dorothy Young Carruthers writes: "According to the pictures in the 1940 Kronicle, there were 60 of us who graduated in June 1940. Edith Wirling Lovering and I were the only two alumnae who came for our 70th anniversary on June 5. We enjoyed the day visiting and attended the Golden Circle meeting. President Giles-Gee spoke about the current curriculum at the College, the rating of KTC among educational institutions, and future plans for upcoming attendees. We participated in the Parade of Classes and rode in a golf cart. A guide took us through the newly opened Alumni Center, where there are conference rooms, offices, lounges, a call center, and granite floors that are heated in the cold months. Since graduation I taught for eight years (four as principal) and then worked in insurance for 36 years and at the gate at the Hopkinton Fair for 25 years. There were 10 replies in response to the anniversary letter I sent out. The following are notes from your classmates."

Gertrude Clark Putnam taught for 43 years, taking additional courses at three other colleges. She now lives in Alstead, New Hampshire.

Esther Perry Warren taught for 41 years in New Hampshire, Oklahoma, London, and Japan. She now lives in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Edith Wirling Lovering retired from the Cooperative Extension Service of Rockingham County. Her daughter Janet teaches at Portsmouth High. She lives in Greenland, New Hampshire.

Bertha Owen Dorwal taught for many years in specialized teaching around the Manchester area. She lives in Columbus, North Carolina.

Phyllis Sherman Clukay wishes she could be at KTC reunions. She lives in Athol, Massachusetts.

Betty Doe Jaderborg taught at Kansas Air Force Base after one year in New Hampshire. She became a pilot for Civil Air Patrol in WWII. Later she wrote books and items for newspapers. She lives in Chicago and summers in Maine.

Marion Dennis Thorell taught for 20 years. Her daughter Gail teaches in Concord. Marion lives in Bedford, New Hampshire.

Kay Hidden Bourgalt taught for 30 years in the Northfield area. She now lives in Fremont, New Hampshire.

Betty Baird Brown taught in New Hampshire and many other states where her husband (a minister) preached. They were tour guides to the Holy Land and Hawaii. She lives in California.

Beryle Thompson Thyng taught for one year, then married and followed her military husband. She lives with her daughter in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.


Barbara Jeffery Stimson is taking a bone builders class three days a week to stay agile and active at age 90. She recommends this program to all seniors.


IN MEMORIAM: Filomenia F. Pitraszkiewicz Sieczkowski '42
July 26, 2010
Ware, MA

IN MEMORIAM: Charlotte Reed Webber '42
January 4, 2010
Walnut Creek, CA


Gloria Corriveau Scott and her husband are settled in to a six-room townhouse in Texas. They both drive and are independent.

From Caroline Nichols Pregent: "Mary Farman Bergeron and I chat on the phone frequently. She is having treatments for her macular degeneration at Dartmouth.

"Louise Whitten Perkins and I continue to help at the Alumni Center. Louise had a busy summer. Her son, Rick, was home from Afghanistan. They had a family gathering at Lake Massasecum.

"Lois Moore Querin sends me humorous e-mails. She has a pacemaker and is doing fine. Rita Sughrue e-mails too. She keeps busy and is in good health.

"Marjorie Howe Herlin surprised me in her last letter. She's going to see her daughters in The Village, Florida. In April, she'll return with them to Meredith, New Hampshire. Let's hope Marge can join us at the Golden Circle luncheons.

"In August, the Golden Circle held the first lunch and meeting in Centennial Hall at the KSC Alumni Center. A large and friendly group attended. We are proud and happy to meet in our new home.

"Cliff and I have a new great-grandson, Jack Taylor Flynn. Cliff has been tended a small garden this summer. With so much hot weather, it hasn't produced much. I welcome news by mail or e-mail. I am even on Facebook now."


Constance Fullam is living in beautiful upstate New York. She is still active and enjoys traveling, golf, hiking, and dancing. Her family is close by.


Nancy Scripture Ashford attended the wedding of her only granddaughter in Deering, New Hampshire, on August 14. She married Peter Morris '04.

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